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<title>KISGB FAQ</title>


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	var q_li = new Array();

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	var cnt  = -1;

	function make_q (q_lbl,q,a) {

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		q_a[cnt]  = '[<a href="#questions">Top</a>]&nbsp;<a name="q'+q_lbl+'" id=a_name><b><em>'+q+'?</em></b></a><br>'+a+'<hr>';


	make_q(cnt++,"Why another guest book program","There are many guest book programs available for PHP.  They range from simple to complex, pretty to not so pretty, use an rdbms or not, etc.  I needed more control and flexibilty for my own sites.  This is my solution.");

	make_q(cnt++,"What systems will KISGB run under","KISGB should install and run under all versions of Windows and *nix.  Officially, I only used Linux and Windows for development.");

	make_q(cnt++,"How do I install KISGB","Refer to the file <b>install and/or upgrade</b> in the root directory.");

	make_q(cnt++,"Is it free","KISGB is released under the GPL license.  I only ask that you leave the footer.php in the application to give original credit.  A copy of the GPL is in the archive named copying");

	make_q(cnt++,"Where can I get the latest release","The latest production and/or beta releases can always be downloaded from the <a href='http://www.gaylenandmargie.com/phpwebsite'>KISGB Download Site</a>.");

	make_q(cnt++,"Where's the Administrator's Menu","Starting in v2.2, the Admin Menu is only displayed if the viewing IP address is the same as the computer that the system is stored on. You can, however, specifically call it by adding /admin.php to the url.  This, too, can be blocked, by a configuration setting. The two variables that control this security are $myIP and $lock_admin_to_myIP. In either event, the userid and password must still be matched.");

	make_q(cnt++,"I don't use frames.  I use tables.  How do I get KISGB to work within my table","No problem!  Starting in version 3.1, it is a snap (usually) to get KISGB to work.  First of all, in the user.prefs.php file, set the $root_document to the page that will call KISGB.  Then, inside of the &lt;td&gt; &lt;/td&gt; tag that will be the place where kisgb gets called, add the following line of code: &lt;? include(&quot;index.php&quot;);?&gt;.  So, your tag will look something like ths: &lt;td&gt;&lt;? include(&quot;index.php&quot;);?&gt; . That's it!  KISGB does the rest. Make sure that this document that you just added the code to gets called by the PHP engine.  The easiest way is to make sure that the document has an extension of php.  So, if the document was called guestbook, then make sure the full name is guestbook.php .  Version 3.1 is the first release that implements this and there are several sites using this code exactly as stated.  You may also have to remove some of your CSS code that is customized in KISGB instead.");

	make_q(cnt++,"I don't know the hex notation for colors. HELP!","No problem!  With the color selector module in the update config file, you just pass your mouse over the color wheel, click, and the hex is copied to the config file for you!");

	make_q(cnt++,"How do I add/delete smileys","You simply add/delete the smiley *.gif file (or whatever) to/from the smilies directory.  KISGB will automatically load only the smileys found in the smilies directory.");

	make_q(cnt++,"Can I allow more than 3 smileys to be added to the guest book","Of course!  Like most every other setting, this too is customizable.  In the Setting's file just adjust the <b>$max_smileys_allowed</b> setting to whatever number you desire.");

	make_q(cnt++,"What do all the config settings affect","To allow maximum control without knowing the specifics of the programs, the config file can be overwhelming at first glance!  A complete description of all the settings can be found <a href=\"config.explain.html\" target=_settings>here</a>.");

	make_q(cnt++,"How do I change the bad words filter","The file <b>filter.inc.php</b> contains the arrays for both the bad words and ip banning.  Simply add/delete lines to this file.");

	make_q(cnt++,"How do I add/delete ip's to/from being banned","The file <b>filter.inc.php</b> contains the arrays for both the bad words and ip banning.  Simply add/delete lines to this file.");

	make_q(cnt++,"I'm running under linux and I have chmod all files to 777, but I can't update the settings or guest book.  Why","You must also chmod the directory that those files reside in.  Make sure that you have chmod the entire kisgb directory.");

	make_q(cnt++,"Which files can be READ ONLY","The directory must be able to be written to.  In addition, the kisgb.csv.php file and the user.prefs.php file must have write access.  All other files can be set at read only.");

	make_q(cnt++,"Is English the only language available","NO! As of version 4.00 there are 18 languages currently supported.");

	make_q(cnt++,"When I try to download and I supply my e-mail address, the script rejects my e-mail. Why","There is some syntactical verification that I have built in.  It is not fool-proof, but it does help a little.");

	make_q(cnt++,"When I try to add a link to my message, it doesn't work. Why","Up until version 3.1, links were not allowed, for security reasons.  Since JavaScript can be placed in a link, There is potential risk there. However, in version 3.1 I have allowed this feature and it is controlled by the webmaster.");

	make_q(cnt++,"How do I view my private message","When you enter the message in the Sign Guest Book Screen, be SURE to enter a password that you will remember. Then, when you click on the [Private] link, you will be prompted to enter the password.  If it matches, then you will be able to review the message.");

	make_q(cnt++,"Why do my picture addresses keep adding my homepage URL before them","If an address (URL) is NOT prefaced with http://, then the browser automatically assumes that it is in the root directory of the page it is on.  So, let's say the root/home address of your site is www.mysite.com.  If you add a link to /someothersite.com, then the browser assumes that /someothersite.com is really http://www.mysite.com/someothersite.com.  Instead, you should store the link as http://someothersite.com.");

	make_q(cnt++,"How do I change the icons on the menu","The icons supplied with KISGB are for demonstration purposes.  You can substitute whatever images you prefer in the user.prefs.php file.  Or, you can choose to not use icons at all.");



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