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inspired by maplint points of interest are reported if they lack a name tag

	CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW _tmp_points_of_interest AS
	SELECT node_id, MIN(v) as v
	FROM node_tags
	WHERE k='amenity' AND v IN ('place_of_worship', 'cinema', 'pharmacy', 'cafe', 'fast_food', 'pub', 'restaurant', 'school', 'university', 'hospital', 'library', 'theatre', 'courthouse', 'bank')
	GROUP BY node_id
", $db1);

	INSERT INTO _tmp_errors(error_type, object_type, object_id, description, last_checked) 
	SELECT $error_type, 'node', node_id, 'This node is tagged as ' || v || ' and therefore needs a name tag', NOW()
	FROM _tmp_points_of_interest b
	WHERE NOT EXISTS( SELECT * FROM node_tags nt WHERE nt.node_id=b.node_id AND nt.k='name' )
", $db1);

query("DROP VIEW _tmp_points_of_interest", $db1);

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