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<h3><?php echo anchor('plugin/blacklist_number', 'Blacklist Number', array('title' => 'Go to Blacklist Number')); ?></h3>
<p>Got spammed? This tool will help you to block messages from unwanted phone number. </p>
<div class="note">Author & Idea : Azhari Harahap</div>
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<h3><?php echo anchor('plugin/server_alert', 'Server Alert', array('title' => 'Go to Server Alert')); ?></h3>
<p>Alert you (or someone else) whenever service on your server computer (can be local or remote) is down. 
This tool use <a target="_blank" href="http://php.net/manual/en/function.fsockopen.php">fsockopen</a> function to scan running service port. (<b>Note:</b> Make sure your firewall not block the port scan)</p>
<div class="note">Author & Idea : Azhari Harahap</div>
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<p>Any idea to create another plugin? feel free to contact me.</p>
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