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README for Jorp

You must have a database set up prior to installing Jorp. You can get this information 
from your web host. Once you have a database set up, you will need to find the following: 

	* MySQL database hostname
	* MySQL database name
	* MySQL database username
	* MySQL database password

Unzip the .tar.gz file and upload the contents to a directory on your website.

Navigate to http://yourwebsite.com/[name of jorp directory]/ and click on the install link.

Populate the fields with the MySQL information you gathered. Once submitted, a database.php 
file will be automatically filled out with your credentials and you will be able to log in.

The default username and password are "Administrator" and "password". These ARE case sensitive.

There are 3 user levels within the system.

	* Administrator
	* Manager
	* Developer

They all inherit the permissions of the level below them so only the Administrator accounts 
have full privileges. 

Please report all bugs, suggestions, etc. to hide@address.com

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