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// العربية

$lang = array(
    "An error has occurred." =>
    "فشل إتمام الإضافة.",
    "All comments have been loaded." =>
    "فشل إتمام الإضافة..",
    "Loading..." =>
    "جاري التنفيذ...",
    "Your comment could not be added. Please try again later." =>
    "تعليقك لم يتم إضافته, حاول لاحقاً مرة أخرى.",
    "More comments are loading. If you are using the scrollbar, please release your mouse." =>
    "جاري إضافة السجلات الباقية, أنزل الفأرة إلى تحت لإضافة الباقي.",
    "Your comment has been added." =>
    "تم إضافة تعليقك بنجاح.",
    "writes..." =>
    "Posted on" =>
    "Website is not a valid URL." =>
    "الصفحة التي أضفتها غير تامة.",
    "Name and Comment fields are required." =>
    "يجب كتابة تعليق و الإسم.",
    "This comment has been flagged as spam and has been added to the moderation queue." =>
    "هذا التعليق لن يتم قبوله إلى بعد مراجعة المسؤول.",
    "Comment" =>
    "Name" =>
    "الإسم و البلد",
    "Website" =>
    "required" =>
    "يجب إملاءه",
    "Add Comment" =>
    "أضف التعليق",
    "Do not fill out this field." =>
    "الرجاء ترك هذا المربع .",
    "Only the most recent comments are showing. You need JavaScript to view them all." =>
    "لا يظهر لك سوى السجلات الجديدة, لرؤية الكل تحتاج لجافا سكريبت.",
    "Add it!" =>
    "أضف التعليق!",
    "Comments" =>
    "Log In" =>
    "Password" =>
    "كلمة السر",
    "All Ham" =>
    "جميع السجلات",
    "All Spam" =>
    "جميع السبام",
    "Recent Ham" =>
    "أجدد الآراء",
    "Recent Spam" =>
    "سبام جديد",
    "Delete All Spam" =>
    "إمحي جميع السبام",
    "Spam" =>
    "Ham" =>
    "Recent" =>
    "Logout" =>
    "View Guestbook" =>
    "عرض سجل الزوار",
    "Dashboard" =>
    "لوحة التحكم",
    "The comment has been deleted." =>
    "تم محيه",
    "All spam comments have been deleted." =>
    "تم محي جميع السبام.",
    "No comments to load." =>
    "تم محي جميع السبام.",
    "Incorrect password." =>
    "كلمة السر خاطئة.",
    "The comment has been reclassified." =>
    "تم ترتيب السجلات.",
    "Not Spam" =>
    "ليس سبام",
    "Delete" =>   
    "First" =>
    "Previous" =>
    "Next" =>
    "Last" =>
    " الأخير"
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