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TYPE: mixed/null
VERSION: 2.0.0

  This parameter determines what lexer implementation can be used. The
  valid values are:
    Recommended, the lexer implementation will be auto-detected based on
    your PHP-version and configuration.
  <dt><em>string</em> lexer identifier</dt>
    This is a slim way of manually overridding the implementation.
    Currently recognized values are: DOMLex (the default PHP5
    and DirectLex (the default PHP4 implementation). Only use this if
    you know what you are doing: usually, the auto-detection will
    manage things for cases you aren't even aware of.
  <dt><em>object</em> lexer instance</dt>
    Super-advanced: you can specify your own, custom, implementation that
    implements the interface defined by <code>HTMLPurifier_Lexer</code>.
    I may remove this option simply because I don't expect anyone
    to use it.
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