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GalleryView - jQuery Content Gallery Plugin
Author: 		Jack Anderson

Version 2.1.1 - 2010-03-15
Small bug fix dealing with frame opacity

Version 2.1 - 2010-03-14
Made minor updates to ensure compatibility with jQuery 1.4.x
Heavily commented javascript code
Included README.txt with instructions on using plugin
Updated jQuery Timers plugin to version 1.3

Version 2.0 - 2009-05-05
Revised required HTML markup for GalleryView
Filmstrip frames are generated automatically (no need for two sets of images)
Moved majority of aesthetic styling to external CSS
Default aesthetics for gallery updated
Set GalleryView to wait until images finish loading before building itself
Added 'current' class to current filmstrip frame for user customization
Allowed for more user-defined styling in panels and filmstrip frames
Filmstrip can now be placed on left and right side of gallery, in addition to top and bottom
Panel images can now be scaled to fit within panel or zoomed & cropped to fill panel
Filmstrip images can now be scaled to fit within frame or zoomed & cropped to fill frame
Panel overlay backgrounds are now only added to those panels with overlays
'pause_on_hover' option now pauses when mouse hovers over filmstrip as well as panel
Added option to start gallery on any frame
Current frame pointer is now built with CSS and its size can be customized easily
Increased size of hitbox on panel-navigation buttons

Updated options:
	- filmstrip_position
		- new allowable values : 'top', 'right', 'bottom', 'left'
Removed options:
	- overlay_height
	- overlay_font_size
	- overlay_color
	- background_color
	- overlay_text_color
	- caption_text_color
	- border

New options:
	- show_panels (boolean)
	- show_filmstrip (boolean)
	- start_frame (integer)
	- pointer_size (integer)
	- panel_scale
		- allowable values : 'crop', 'nocrop'
	- frame_scale
		- allowable values : 'crop', 'nocrop'
	- frame_gap (integer)

Version 1.1 - 2009-04-05
Added feature allowing filmstrip w/o panels
Added feature allowing panels w/o filmstrip
Added feature allowing filmstrip placement above or below panels
Added new graphics for panel navigation
Anchored navigation buttons to edges of filmstrip, rather than gallery boundaries
New options:
	- filmstrip_position
		- allowable values : 'top', 'bottom'
	- overlay_position
		- allowable values : 'top', 'bottom'

Version 1.0.1 - 2009-03-30
Fixed bug allowing blank frames to display in filmstrip
Changed pointer graphic from GIF to PNG to allow for greater customization
Added 'overflow: hidden' to panels to prevent oversized content from breaking gallery
Disabled frame clicking during filmstrip animation
Changed pointer border from 4px to 2px

Version 1.0
2009-03-29 : Initial Release
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