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//Articles Language definitions
$lang['article_summary'] = "Summary";
$lang['article_body'] = "Body";
$lang['article_title'] = "Title";
$lang['article_views'] = "Views";
$lang['article_comments'] = "Comments";
$lang['article_more'] = "Read More..";
$lang['article_add_link'] = "Add a new Article";
$lang['article_add_head'] = "Adding a new Article";
$lang['article_edit_head'] = "Editing an Article";
$lang['article_delete_head'] = "Deleting an Article";
$lang['article_previous'] = "Previous Articles";

//Photos Language definitions
$lang['photo_title'] = "Title of the Photo";
$lang['photo_description'] = "Description of the Photo";
$lang['photo_file'] = "Photo File to Upload";
$lang['photo_add_link'] = "Add a new Photo";
$lang['photo_add_head'] = "Adding a new Photo";
$lang['photo_edit_head'] = "Editing a Photo";
$lang['photo_delete_head'] = "Deleting a Photo";
$lang['photo_back_to_gall'] = "Go Back To The Gallery";

//Smilies Language definitions
$lang['smilie_code'] = "Code";
$lang['smilie_file'] = "File";
$lang['smilie_add_link'] = "Add a new Smilie";
$lang['smilie_add_head'] = "Adding a new Smilie";
$lang['smilie_edit_head'] = "Editing a Smilie";
$lang['smilie_delete_head'] = "Deleting a Smilie";

//IP banning language definitions
$lang['ban_ip'] = "Banned IP";
$lang['ban_unban'] = "Unban";
$lang['ip_address'] = "IP Address";
$lang['ban_ban'] = "Ban";

//Censor Language definitions
$lang['censor_word'] = "Bad Word";
$lang['censor_replace'] = "Replacement Word";
$lang['censor_add_link'] = "Add a new Bad Word";
$lang['censor_add_head'] = "Adding a new Bad Word";
$lang['censor_edit_head'] = "Editing a Bad Word";
$lang['censor_delete_head'] = "Deleting a Bad Word";

//Link Language Definitions
$lang['link_add_link'] = "Add a new Web Link";
$lang['link_add_head'] = "Adding a new Web Link";
$lang['link_edit_head'] = "Editing a Web Link";
$lang['link_delete_head'] = "Deleting a Web Link";
$lang['link_name'] = "Link Name";
$lang['link_url'] = "Link URL";
$lang['link_heading'] = "Web Links";

//Comment Language Definitions
$lang['comments'] = "Comments";
$lang['comment_name'] = "Name";
$lang['comment_web'] = "Website";
$lang['comment_title'] = "Title";
$lang['comment_body'] = "Comments";
$lang['comment_head'] = "Post Your Comments:";
$lang['comment_edit_head'] = "Editing a Comment";
$lang['comment_delete_head'] = "Deleting a Comment";

//Directive Language definitions
$lang['submit'] = "Submit";
$lang['go_back'] = "Go Back";

//Confirmation Messages Language definitions
$lang['db_problem'] = "There is a problem with the Database";
$lang['add_success'] = "The record was added to the Database succesfully";
$lang['edit_success'] = "The record was edited in the Database succesfully";
$lang['delete_success'] = "The record was deleted in the Database succesfully";
$lang['config_update_success'] = "The Configuration Settings were updated succesfully";
$lang['pass_no_match'] = "The two Passwords provided do not match!";
$lang['site_config'] = "Site Configuration";

//Site Configuration Language definitions
$lang['blog_name'] = "Blog Name";
$lang['num_articles'] = "Number of Articles in the Front Page";
$lang['num_previous'] = "Number of Previous Articles to Display";
$lang['num_thumbs'] = "Number of Thumbnails per Page in the Photo Gallery";
$lang['language'] = "Language";
$lang['theme'] = "Theme";
$lang['new_pass'] = "New Password";
$lang['new_pass_verify'] = "Verify New Password";

$lang['warn_pass_change'] = "<u><b>Important:</b></u><br>
                             Only fill the fields below if you intend to change your exisitng password.<br>
                            Otherwise leave them empty.";

//Admin Actions Language definitions
$lang['edit'] = "Edit";
$lang['delete'] = "Delete";

$lang['title'] = "Title";
$lang['name'] = "Name";

//Log in Language definitions
$lang['pass'] = "Password";
$lang['login'] = "Log in";

//Admin Titles Language definitions
$lang['article'] = "Article";
$lang['censor'] = "Bad Word";
$lang['smilie'] = "Smilie";
$lang['photo'] = "Photo";
$lang['link'] = "Web Link";

//Site Navigation Menu Language definitions
$lang['articles_archive'] = "Articles Archive";
$lang['photo_gallery'] = "Photo Gallery";
$lang['home'] = "Home";

//Admin Navigation Menu Language definitions
$lang['smilies'] = "Smilies";
$lang['censors'] = "Bad Words";
$lang['articles'] = "Articles";
$lang['photos'] = "Photos";
$lang['links'] = "Web Links";
$lang['config'] = "Configuration";

//Admin Welcome Message
$lang['admin_welcome'] = "<p>Welcome to your site's Administration Panel.</p>
                          <p>Here You will be able to do administrative 
                          tasks that will allow you to manage content of your
                          <p>Use the links below to manage respective sections.</p>";

//Admin Manage Links Definitions
$lang['manage_articles'] = "Manage Articles";
$lang['manage_photos'] = "Manage Photos";
$lang['manage_censors'] = "Manage Bad Words";
$lang['manage_smilies'] = "Manage Smilies";
$lang['manage_config'] = "Manage Site Configuration";
$lang['manage_links'] = "Manage Links";
$lang['manage_ip'] = "Manage Banned IP Addresses";

//Footer Language Definitions
$lang['copyright'] = "<a href=\"http://www.bongoland.net/projects/jarida/\">Jarida</a>,
                      developed by Haddad Said &copy; 2005";

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