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						Itshomi Framework Version 1.5.1

This is version 1.5.1 of the ItShomi Framework, released under the LGPL Open Source License, which grants you the right to use it for any open source project or for a commercial project if you just use the framework as a library (link against it, make calls to it from your code) or of course, if you are going to release your application's source code as well.

Although we hope it will be useful to you this software is open source and it is offered without guarantees of any kind and you use it at your own risk. See license for more details.

In Itshomi v1.5.1 the main changes are:

- The framework is simpler, and it is less like an application. It doesn't run or install on its own, only in the context of an application you start that makes use of the framework. You can start a new application using any of the samples as template, or if you have enough expertise on the use of the framework you can start from scratch.

- The folder imi/ and any reference to it has dissapeared. If you have an application that uses an older version of the framework that you want to upgrade to the latest release make sure you search for 'imi/' and replace all occurrences with '' (nothing or empty char).

- More samples and bug fixing.

- Support for the Zend framework.

- Easier to work with 3rd party libraries. 
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