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This is a class for creating scientific and business charts.
To start extract the files with

    tar zxvf phplot-5.0rc2.tar.gz

and then point your browser to


There are some configuration settings that you will need to make
based on your setup.

1. File Type: Depending on the version of GD you are using,
   you may or may not be able to use GIF or PNG. That is
   set with the function.

        SetFileFormat("<filetype>") where <filetype> is png, gif, jpeg, ...

   or edit the file phplot.php and change the line

        var $file_format = "<filetype>";

2. TTF: If you have TTF installed then use (and read the docs)


   otherwise use


Everything else should be independent of what version you are using.
This has been tested with PHP3, PHP4, GD1.2 and GD 3.8.

To start please see doc/index.php. There you'll find examples, tests and
some introductory documents.


This is distributed with NO WARRANTY and under the terms of the GNU GPL
and PHP licenses. If you use it - a cookie or some credit would be nice.

You can get a copy of the GNU GPL at http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html
You can get a copy of the PHP License at http://www.php.net/license.html

See http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/phplot/ for the latest changes.
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