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Purpose       : IP2Location IP-COUNTRY [DB1] Demo Script Installation Guide
                (Microsoft Visual Basic.Net + MySQL Database)
Web Site      : http://www.ip2location.com
Email         : hide@address.com

 Software Requirements
1.	Microsoft Visual Basic.Net
2.	MySQL 4.0

  Installation Guide
1.	Copy ipcountry.aspx into a web directory.
2. 	Configure the web directory with IIS.
3.	Setup SQL Database in MySQL. See next section.
4.	Browse ipcountry.aspx using http protocol.
		example: http://localhost/ip2location/ipcountry.aspx
5.	Enter an IP address range between and and click submit.

 Setup Database (MySQL)
1.	Open command prompt.
2.	Set path to MySQL's bin path. (example: path = %path%; "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 4.1\bin").
3.	Enter 'MySql -u <UserID> -p<Password> -h <localhost> < MySql-Script.sql'

Any other problem and bugs please report at hide@address.com
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