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 **                  IntraMessenger - server          **
 **                                                   **
 **  Copyright:      (C) 2006 - 2011 THeUDS           **
 **  Web:            http://www.theuds.com            **
 **                  http://www.intramessenger.net    **
 **  Licence :       GPL (GNU Public License)         **
 **  http://opensource.org/licenses/gpl-license.php   **

 **       This file is part of IntraMessenger-server  **
 **                                                   **
 **  IntraMessenger is a free software.               **
 **  IntraMessenger is distributed in the hope that   **
 **  it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.     **
# [EN]
# Thanks for posts your update or new translation on the official forum :
# http://www.intramessenger.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=10
# and post it on the forum or send it by email : im-hide@address.com
# [FR]
# Merci de poster vos corrections ou nouvelles traductions sur le forum officiel :
# http://www.intramessenger.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=11
# et la poster sur le forum ou l'envoyer par email : im-hide@address.com
$charset = 'iso-8859-1';
$l_lang_name = "English";
//$left_font_family = 'verdana, arial, helvetica, geneva, sans-serif';
//$right_font_family = 'arial, helvetica, geneva, sans-serif';

# commun
$l_legende = "Legend";
$l_order_by = "Order by :";
$l_date_format_display = "m-d-Y";
$l_time_format_display = "g:i:s A";
$l_time_short_format_display = "g:i A";
$l_admin_bt_delete = "Delete";
$l_admin_bt_erase = "Erase";
$l_admin_bt_update = "Update";
$l_admin_bt_add = "Add";
$l_admin_bt_create = "Create";
$l_admin_bt_allow = "Allow";
$l_admin_bt_invalidate = "Disallow";
$l_admin_bt_search = "Search";
$l_admin_bt_empty = "Empty";
$l_language = "Language";
$l_country = "Country";
$l_time_zone = "Time zone";
$l_server = "Server";
$l_clic_for_message = "Click here to send a message to the user from Administrator";
$l_clic_on_user = "Click here to see user`s details";
$l_man = "Man";
$l_woman = "Woman";
$l_gender = "Gender";
$l_user_informations = "User information";
$l_email = "Email";
$l_phone = "Phone";
$l_display_col = "Display columns";
$l_display = "Display";
$l_hide = "Hide";
$l_configure = "Configure";
$l_captcha = "Copy this security code";
$l_rows_per_page = "Rows per page";
$l_KB = "KB"; // Kilo Bytes
$l_relation_option = "Relationship with option : ";
$l_days = "days";
$l_day_0 = "Monday";
$l_day_1 = "Tuesday";
$l_day_2 = "Wednesday";
$l_day_3 = "Thursday";
$l_day_4 = "Friday";
$l_day_5 = "Saturday";
$l_day_6 = "Sunday";

# Languages
$l_lng['FR'] = "french";
$l_lng['GB'] = "english"; // EN
$l_lng['UK'] = "english"; // EN
$l_lng['DE'] = "german"; // GE
$l_lng['BR'] = "portugues brazilian";
$l_lng['PT'] = "portugues";
$l_lng['ES'] = "spanish";
$l_lng['IT'] = "italiano";
$l_lng['FI'] = "finnish";
$l_lng['RO'] = "romanian";
$l_lng['TR'] = "turkish";
$l_lng['RS'] = "serbian";
$l_lng['RU'] = "russian";
$l_lng['NL'] = "Dutch";
//$l_lng[''] = "";

# level
$c_nb_level = 5;
$c_level[0] = "Administrator";
$c_level[1] = "Director";
$c_level[2] = "Manager";
$c_level[3] = "Employee";
$c_level[4] = "Guest";
// CEO, Director, Branch manager, Administrator, Supervisor, Center manager, Service manager, Project manager, Sector manager, Manager, Employee, Guest.

$l_start_cannot_authenticate = "Unable to authenticate"; 
$l_start_unknow_user = "unknown username";
$l_start_wait_valid = "account locked, please contact Administrator to unlock...";
$l_start_contact_admin_check = "contact your Administrator to confirm your PC change.";
$l_start_password = "incorrect password.";
$l_start_max_users = "Cannot startup : cannot add more users : maximum number of users reached.";
$l_start_no_find_iduser = "user name or id not found.";
$l_start_short_username = "Unable to authenticate : no username (nickname).";
$l_start_username_forbid = "Authentication refused : username (nickname) reserved (forbid).";
$l_start_username_forbid_by_admin = "Authentication refused : username (nickname) forbidden by Administrator.";
$l_start_version_missing = "Authentication refused : IM client version is older : you must update the client no newer version.";
$l_start_waiting_valid = "Locked user(s) waiting...";

# menu
$l_menu_list = "List";
$l_menu_index = "Index";
$l_menu_dash_board = "Dashboard";
$l_menu_currently = "Status";
$l_menu_list_sessions = "Current sessions";
$l_menu_conference = "Conferences";
$l_menu_list_users = "Users";
$l_menu_list_users_ip = "Same IP address";
$l_menu_list_users_double = "Same computer";
$l_menu_users_by_country = "Users by country";
$l_menu_list_contact = "Users contacts";
$l_menu_list_conference_list = "Conferences list";
$l_menu_list_group = "Groups";
$l_menu_list_group_list = "Groups list";
$l_menu_group_add_member = "Add member";
$l_menu_ban = "Ban control";
$l_menu_ban_user = "Users";
$l_menu_ban_ip = "IP address";
$l_menu_ban_pc = "Computers";
$l_menu_options = "Options";
$l_menu_avatars = "Avatars";
$l_menu_messagerie = "Send a Message";
$l_menu_statistics = "Statistics";
$l_menu_log = "Server log";
$l_menu_backup = "Backup database";
$l_menu_donate = "Donate";
$l_menu_donate_info = "All donations are welcomed";
$l_menu_need_change_admin_dir = "NOTICE! You must rename <B>/admin/</B> folder (before users can connect) !";
$l_menu_need_delete_install_dir = "It's Better to delete <B>/install/</B> folder (keep only when upgrading to a new version)";
$l_menu_maintenance_mode_on = "WARNING, maintenance mode is activated, users cannot communicate (and offline users cannot connect).";
$l_menu_need_htaccess = "NOTICE, you may better protect the Admin Control Panel (<acronym title='Admin Control Panel'>ACP</acronym>) with the use of htaccess security files!";
$l_menu_pass_root_empty = "WARNING!! Your configuration file contains settings (root with no password) that correspond to the default MySQL privileged account. Your MySQL server is running with this settings, is open to intrusion, and you really SHOULD FIX this security hole.";
$l_menu_need_reg = "It is better to add the settings in the im_setup.reg file (it's easier for users to setup)";
$l_menu_no_javascript = "JavaScript not active, click here to display the menu correctly";
$l_menu_no_javascript_info = "JavaScript not active, cannot display menu on top...";
$l_menu_customize = "Customize";
$l_menu_customize_info = "Request a customized version of the IntraMessenger Client";
$l_menu_bookmarks = "Bookmarks";
$l_menu_list_roles_list = "Roles list";

$l_pg_result = "Results";
$l_pg_show_result = "Showing results";
$l_pg_prev_page = "Previous page";
$l_pg_next_page = "Next page";
$l_pg_first = "First";
$l_pg_first_page = "First page";
$l_pg_last = "Last";
$l_pg_last_page = "Last page";
$l_pg_all = "All pages";
$l_pg_to = "to";
$l_pg_of = "of";

# index
$l_index_welcome = "Welcome to the Administration Control Panel (<acronym title='Admin Control Panel'>ACP</acronym>)";
$l_index_can_cfg = "You can configure options in file";
$l_index_can_lng = "as the language";
$l_index_actualy = "actually";
$l_index_chg = "by change";
$l_index_find_doc = "You can find the How to Install and Configure documentation in";
$l_index_chk_opt = "You can check options and configuration on";
$l_index_after_upd_chk = "After all updates, please check the configuration on the next to last menu item : ";
$l_index_waiting_valid = "Waiting for Admin to validate users";
$l_index_ready_users = "Ready users";
$l_index_today_creat_users = "Users Created Today";
$l_index_today_sessions = "Today's simultaneous sessions";
$l_index_last_valid_username = "Last registered user:";
$l_index_pending_avatars = "Pending avatars";
$l_index_records = "Records";
$l_index_full_list = "Complete list";
$l_index_users_per_day = "Users per day";
$l_index_created_users_per_day = "Created users per day";
$l_index_messages_per_day = "Messages per day";
$l_index_leave_users = "Users that left the server";
$l_index_soon_dashboard_here = "After the full installation is complete, and maintenance mode is disabled, the dashboard will be displayed here.";
$l_old_files_to_delete = "Old files still exist and should be deleted";
$l_index_shoutbox_pending = "Shoutbox message(s) waiting Approval";
$l_index_shoutbox_nb_msg = "Number of Messages"; // published
$l_index_shoutbox_nb_msg_wait = "Posts awaiting approval";
$l_index_shoutbox_nb_msg_rejects = "Rejected posts";
$l_index_shoutbox_nb_user_lock_rejects = "Locked users (unapproved)";
$l_index_shoutbox_nb_user_lock_votes = "Locked users (votes)";
$l_index_shoutbox_nb_votes = "Number of Votes";
$l_index_shoutbox_best_author = "Best author";
$l_index_users_pending_group = "Pending users joining groups";
$l_index_trend_7_days = "Last seven days trend (compared to 60 last days)";
$l_index_users_recent_activity = "Users with recent activity <SMALL>(30 days)</SMALL>";
$l_index_checking_version = "Checking for updates";
$l_index_server_up_to_date = "Server version is up to date";
$l_index_new_server_version_available = "New (server) version available!";
$l_index_cannot_check_version = "Cannot check (on internet) for upgrade (server)...";
$l_index_dashboard_empty = "After several days of use, the dashboard will display more information...";
$l_index_bookmarks_pending = "Bookmark(s) waiting approbation";
$l_index_most_connected = "Most connected";

# admin options screen
$l_admin_options_title = "Options list";
$l_admin_options_title_2 = "Advice";
$l_admin_options_update = "Update options";
$l_admin_options_bt_update = "Save options";
$l_admin_options_title_table_2 = "Optional startup splashscreen (internet usage)";
$l_admin_options_col_option = "Option";
$l_admin_options_col_value = "Value";
$l_admin_options_col_comment = "Comment";
$l_admin_options_col_description = "Description";
$l_admin_options_general_options = "General options";
$l_admin_options_general_options_short = "General";
$l_admin_options_maintenance_mode = "Maintenance mode : users cannot communicate (and offline users cannot connect)";
$l_admin_options_is_usernamePC = "Nickname forced to 'username' (if not activated : user can choose nickname).";
$l_admin_options_auto_add_user = "New users are automatically added.";
$l_admin_options_quick_register = "Quick registration required before automatically adding new users.";
$l_admin_options_need_admin_after_add = "Automatically added users must be validated by administrator.";
$l_admin_options_need_admin_if_chang_check = "Users changing their PC must be validated by Administrator.";
$l_admin_options_log_session_open = "Log sessions open.";
$l_admin_options_password_user = "Force users to use password.";
$l_admin_options_password_for_private_server = "If empty, server is public, if not, it's the password for PC authentication.";
$l_admin_options_nb_max_user = "Maximum registered users (0 : unlimited).";
$l_admin_options_nb_max_session = "Maximum sessions (users simultaneously connected) (0 : unlimited).";
$l_admin_options_nb_max_contact_by_user = "Maximum contacts by user (0 : unlimited).";
$l_admin_options_del_user_after_x_days_not_use = "Out-of-date accounts (delete by admin) if not used during x days.";
$l_admin_options_force_away = "Force 'away' status (replace 'online') when screensaver running.";
$l_admin_options_col_name_hide = "Hide the col : name/function";
$l_admin_options_col_name_default_active = "If not hidden, display the default col name/function.";
$l_admin_options_allow_invisible = "Allow users to be invisible (online hidden) for some contacts.";
$l_admin_options_can_change_contact_nickname = "Allow users to rename their contacts.";
$l_admin_options_lock_contact_list = "Lock access to manage contacts, list users, and alarms (for school)";
$l_admin_options_lock_options = "Lock access to manage users, options, and alarms (for school)";
$l_admin_options_lock_profile = "Lock access to manage their profile (for school)";
$l_admin_options_crypt_msg = "Encrypt messages (with high level security)";
$l_admin_options_log_messages = "Save (log) on server all messages (if uncrypted) : for school.";
$l_admin_options_censor_messages = "Censoring messages (if uncrypted) : <I>/common/config/censure.txt</I>";
$l_admin_options_site_url = "Website URL (address)";
$l_admin_options_site_title = "Website title";
$l_admin_options_missing_option = "Option(s) missing in";
$l_admin_options_conf_file = "configuration file";
$l_admin_options_flag_country = "Display the country flag of IP address (internet usage).";
$l_admin_options_legende_empty = "option not activated"; // (empty)
$l_admin_options_legende_not_empty = "option activated"; // (not empty)
$l_admin_options_legende_up2u = "Up to you";
$l_admin_options_special_options = "Special options";
$l_admin_options_special_modes = "Special modes";
$l_admin_options_normal_mode = "Everyone sees only their own (validated) contacts.";
$l_admin_options_opencommunity = "Everybody can see everybody, without adding to their contact list (e.g. : school, internet cafe...).";
$l_admin_options_groupcommunity = "Everybody can see everybody (only) of they are in the SAME GROUP(s).";
$l_admin_options_opengroupcommunity = "Everybody can see everybody, display by groups.";
$l_admin_options_statistics = "To store and display (in admin area) usage statistics.";
$l_admin_options_info_1 = "If both empty, no splashscreen on client startup";
$l_admin_options_info_2 = "You may activate one (or more) of this options";
$l_admin_options_info_2b = "You may activate one of this options";
$l_admin_options_info_3 = "Cannot log and encrypt message (choose only one option)!";
$l_admin_options_info_4 = "Cannot use 2 mods simultaneously : group and open community!";
$l_admin_options_info_5 = "Don't need to activate this option";
$l_admin_options_info_6 = "Manage banned nickname list in file";
$l_admin_options_info_7 = "This option enables you to be registered on";
$l_admin_options_info_8 = "This option does NOT enable you to be registered on";
$l_admin_options_info_9 = "Activated : check configuration for options:";
$l_admin_options_info_book = "internet IntraMessenger public servers directory";
$l_admin_options_info_10 = "External authentication";
$l_admin_options_info_11 = "ONLY ONE! Thanks for clearing/updating the configuration!";
$l_admin_options_info_12 = "Do not activate both of this options";
$l_admin_options_info_13 = "Red displayed options - manually updatable only in the configuration file.";
$l_admin_options_check_new_msg_every = "Interval beetween check for new message arrival (10 to 60 seconds).";
$l_admin_options_full_check = "Check for waiting contacts every 3 minutes only.";
$l_admin_options_minimum_length_of_username = "Minimum length of username (nickname).";
$l_admin_options_minimum_length_of_password = "Minimum length of user password.";
$l_admin_options_max_pwd_error_lock = "Maximum number of password consecutive try errors before server locks user account";
$l_admin_options_user_history_messages = "Allow users to history (log/save) messages.";
$l_admin_option_allow_conference = "Allow users to create multi-user conferences.";
$l_admin_option_send_offline = "Allow users to send message to offline contacts.";
$l_admin_options_allow_smiley = "Allow to send smileys (display by pictures).";
$l_admin_options_allow_change_email_phone = "Allow users to change their phone number and email address.";
$l_admin_options_allow_change_function_name = "Allow users to change their name/function (name/function behind username).";
$l_admin_options_allow_change_avatar = "Allow users to change their avatar (picture).";
$l_admin_options_allow_use_proxy = "Allow users to use proxy server.";
$l_admin_extern_url_to_register = "URL (address) to register (forum, CMS...) for external authentication";
$l_admin_extern_url_password_forget = "URL (address) to get back forgotten password (by external authentication)";
$l_admin_extern_url_change_password = "URL (address) to change password (by external authentication)";
$l_admin_options_autentification = "Authentication";
$l_admin_options_security_options = "Security options";
$l_admin_options_security = "Security";
$l_admin_options_admin_options = "Admin options";
$l_admin_options_force_update_by_server = "Force clients to update from server.";
$l_admin_options_force_update_by_internet = "Force clients to update from official internet server.";
$l_admin_options_user_restrictions_options = "Users restrictions options";
$l_admin_options_user_restrictions_options_short = "Users restrictions";
$l_admin_options_hierachic_management = "Enable hierarchical management, display level col (in admin area).";
$l_admin_authentication_extern = "External authentication (login + password) by";
$l_admin_options_public_see_options = "Options list is public";
$l_admin_options_public_see_users = "Users list is public";
$l_admin_options_public_upload_avatar = "Everybody can upload their own avatars";
$l_admin_options_admin_email = "Administrator email address";
$l_admin_options_admin_phone = "Administrator phone number";
$l_admin_options_public_folder = "Public folder (display options, users...)";
$l_admin_options_scroll_text = "Scrolling information message (temporary)";
$l_admin_options_uppercase_space_nickname = "Allow uppercase and space in nickname.";
$l_admin_options_allow_email_notifier = "Allow users to use email notifier.";
$l_admin_options_force_email_server = "Force incoming mail server address (for email notifier)";
$l_admin_options_enterprise_server = "Enterprise mode : get installed software versions and can stop/reboot computers";
$l_admin_options_allow_rating = "Allow users to rate their contacts (and see average if 'PUBLIC').";
$l_admin_options_proxy_address = "Force proxy server address.";
$l_admin_options_proxy_port_number = "Force proxy server port number.";
$l_admin_options_max_simultaneous_ip_addresses = "Maximum simultaneous IP addresses (0 : unlimited)";
#$l_admin_options_group_for_admin_messages = "Allow (admin) manage groups, only to send admin messages";
$l_admin_options_group_for_sbx_and_admin_messages = "Allow (admin) to manage groups for ShoutBox and send admin messages";
$l_admin_options_group_for_admin_messages_2 = "use only if _SPECIAL_MODE_GROUP_COMMUNITY is empty";
$l_admin_options_cannot_access_to = "but no access to";
$l_admin_options_auth_if_not_same = "If one of the four is different from IntraMessenger, complete everyone";
$l_admin_options_pass_register_book = "Password to register on";
$l_admin_options_auto_corrected = "option(s) were automatically corrected.";
$l_admin_options_pass_need_digit_and_letter = "Password must contain : letters AND numbers (at least one of each).";
$l_admin_options_pass_need_upper_and_lower = "Password must contain : uppercase and lowercase letters (at least one of each).";
$l_admin_options_pass_need_special_character = "Password must contain : special characters (at least one).";
$l_admin_options_group_for_shoutbox = "Allow (admin) to manage groups - only for shoutboxes";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_title_short = "Shoutbox";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_title_long = "Shoutbox (logbook)";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_refresh_delay = "Refresh delay (10 to 180 seconds)";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_store_days = "Duration (days) for storing messages (before expiring).";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_store_max = "Maximum number of messages stored (keeping only the most recent)";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_day_user_quota = "Daily messages quota per user (0: unlimited).";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_week_user_quota = "Weekly messages quota per user (0: unlimited). Requires MySQL 5.";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_need_approval = "Messages require approval before publication.";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_approval_queue = "Limit queue approval.";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_approval_queue_user = "Limit queue approval by user.";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_lock_user_approval = "Number of rejects to prevent user from sending other messages (0: unlimited)";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_can_vote = "Allowed to vote";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_day_votes_quota = "Daily votes quota per user (0: unlimited)";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_week_votes_quota = "Weekly votes quota per user (0: unlimited)";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_remove_msg_votes = "Number of negative votes activating the automatic message deletion (0: unlimited)";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_lock_user_votes = "Number of votes to prevent user from sending other messages (0: unlimited)";
$l_admin_options_shoutbox_public = "Shoutbox content is public";
$l_admin_options_other_options = "Other";
$l_admin_options_other_options_options = "Other options";
$l_admin_options_group_user_can_join = "Users can join public groups (request for official groups).";
$l_admin_options_may_change_option = "You may change following options";
$l_admin_options_servers_status = "Servers/services list and their respective status";
$l_admin_options_check_version_internet = "Check on internet for new (server) version"; // Check for updates automatically
$l_admin_options_show_option_name = "Display options name";
$l_admin_options_new = "New option";
$l_admin_options_check_now = "Check now";
$l_admin_options_book_password = "After saving this password, the following options will be automatically updated";
$l_admin_options_time_zones = "Display time zones differences";
$l_admin_options_bookmarks = "Share bookmarks";
$l_admin_options_bookmarks_can_vote = "Allowed to vote for bookmarks";
$l_admin_options_bookmarks_public = "Bookmarks public";
$l_admin_options_bookmarks_need_approval = "Bookmarks require approval before publication";
$l_admin_options_unread_message_validity = "Unread message validity (days) (0: unlimited)";
$l_admin_options_lock_duration = "Account lockout duration (minutes, 0: unlimited)";
$l_admin_options_profile_first_register = "Fill out profile information on first login";
$l_admin_options_roles_to_override_permissions = "Roles to override permissions";
$l_admin_options_wait_startup_if_server_hs = "If server unavailable on startup, client still wait (without warn)";
$l_admin_options_restore_options = "Restore previous configuration";
$l_admin_options_doc_title = "Documentation";
$l_admin_options_doc_list = "Server list of options";
$l_admin_options_doc_view = "Visual impact on the client"; 

#admin users list screen
$l_admin_users_title = "Users list";
$l_admin_users_col_user = "User";
$l_admin_users_col_function = "Name/function";
$l_admin_users_col_level = "Level";
$l_admin_users_col_etat = "Status";
$l_admin_users_col_etat_wait = "Waiting 'status'";
$l_admin_users_col_creat = "Added";
$l_admin_users_col_last = "Last";
$l_admin_users_col_action = "Action";
$l_admin_users_col_password = "Password";
$l_admin_users_col_activity = "Activity";
$l_admin_users_col_version = "Version";
$l_admin_users_col_pc = "Computer";
$l_admin_users_col_mac_adr = "MAC address";
$l_admin_users_col_screen = "Resolution";
$l_admin_users_col_emailclient = "E-mail client";
$l_admin_users_col_browser = "Web browser";
$l_admin_users_col_ooo = "OOo";
$l_admin_users_info_wait_valid = "Waiting admin validation"; // Standby of validation
$l_admin_users_info_change_ok = "Computer change validated";
$l_admin_users_info_valid = "Validated";
$l_admin_users_info_leave = "Leave server";
$l_admin_users_order_login = "login";
$l_admin_users_order_function = "name/function";
$l_admin_users_order_state = "status";
$l_admin_users_order_creat = "added date";
$l_admin_users_order_last = "last using date";
$l_admin_users_order_last_activity = "last activity";
$l_admin_users_order_level = "level";
$l_admin_users_order_role = "role";
$l_admin_users_add_new = "Add new user";
$l_admin_users_cannot_add = "Cannot Add : maximum number of users reached!";
$l_admin_users_to_add_more_1 = "To add more, modify option : <I>_MAX_NB_USER</I>.";
$l_admin_users_to_add_more_2 = "To add manually, you need to empty this option.";
$l_admin_users_no_add_1 = "Useless addition";
$l_admin_users_no_add_2 = "The option (<I>_ALLOW_AUTO_ADD_NEW_USER_ON_SERVER</I>) to automatically add<BR/> new users is already activated.";
$l_admin_users_out_of_date = "Out-of-date accounts";
$l_admin_users_no_out_of_date = "No out-of-date accounts";
$l_admin_users_for_out_of_date_1 = "Accounts are out-of-date if unused during";
$l_admin_users_for_out_of_date_2 = "days (in option list)";
$l_admin_users_info_level = "Caution : users can request addition of contact only to lower or equal level users !";
$l_admin_users_info_nm_function = "NOTE : even col name/function hidden, name/function still displays in contacts list management";
$l_admin_users_searching = "Searching for user...";
$l_admin_users_no_found = "No user found";
$l_admin_users_send_admin_message = "Send message from Administrator";
$l_admin_users_nb_connect = "Connections (days)";
$l_admin_users_admin = "Administrator";
$l_admin_users_admin_alert = "Get alert messages";
$l_admin_users_not_admin = "Not an administrator";
$l_admin_users_hide_from_other = "Hidden from others";
$l_admin_users_auto_add_user_for_ext_auth = "Do not empty this option (essential for external authentication) !";
$l_admin_users_ban_user = "Ban this username";
$l_admin_users_ban_ip = "Ban this IP address";
$l_admin_users_ban_pc = "Ban this computer";
$l_admin_users_pc_banned = "Banned computer";
$l_admin_users_user_banned = "Banned username";
$l_admin_users_ip_banned = "Banned IP address";
$l_admin_users_pc_title = "Computer list";
$l_admin_users_how_to_ban_pc = "Use this button to ban a computer<BR/>(in details)";
$l_admin_users_participation = "Participation/presence rate";
$l_admin_users_reputation = "Rating"; // popularity // Reputation
$l_admin_users_state_on = "On";
$l_admin_users_state_off = "Off";
$l_admin_users_state_sleep = "Sleeping (or bug)";
$l_admin_users_rating = "Highest score";
$l_admin_users_empty = "Actually no user...";
$l_admin_received = "received";
$l_admin_sent = "sent";

#admin contacts list screen
$l_admin_contact_title = "Contacts list";
$l_admin_contact_col_contact = "Contacts";
$l_admin_contact_col_state = "Status";
$l_admin_contact_col_action = "Action";
$l_admin_contact_bt_forbid = "Forbid";
$l_admin_contact_info_wait_valid = "Not validated";
$l_admin_contact_info_ok = "Validated";
$l_admin_contact_info_vip = "Privileged";
$l_admin_contact_info_hidden = "Hiden online status (invisible)";
$l_admin_contact_info_refused = "Definitely refused ";
$l_admin_contact_add_contact = "Add new contacts";
$l_admin_contact_auto_add = "(automatically added)";
$l_admin_contact_no_add_1 = "Useless addition";
$l_admin_contact_no_add_2 = "The option (<I>_LOCK_USER_CONTACT_LIST</I>) to lock<BR/> new users contact add isn't activated.";
$l_admin_contact_no_add_3 = "To add manually, you need to activate this option.";
$l_admin_contact_cannot_use = "Cannot use contact list : option _SPECIAL_MODE_GROUP_COMMUNITY is activated.";
$l_admin_contact_average_1 = "Average";
$l_admin_contact_average_2 = "Active contacts by user";
$l_admin_contact_total = "Total";
$l_admin_contact_bt_avatar = "Choose an avatar";
$l_admin_contacts = "Contact(s)";
$l_admin_contact_empty = "Actually no contact...";

#admin sessions list screen
$l_admin_session_title = "Sessions list";
$l_admin_session_title_2 = "Current sessions";
$l_admin_session_at = "at";
$l_admin_session_col_state = "Status";
$l_admin_session_col_user = "User";
$l_admin_session_col_function = "Name/function";
$l_admin_session_col_ip = "IP address";
$l_admin_session_col_begin = "Begin";
$l_admin_session_col_last = "Last";
$l_admin_session_col_version = "Version";
$l_admin_session_info_not_connect = "Not connected";
$l_admin_session_info_online = "Available"; // Online
$l_admin_session_info_away = "Away";
$l_admin_session_info_busy = "Occupied";
$l_admin_session_info_do_not_disturb = "Do not disturb";
$l_admin_session_order_user = "User";
$l_admin_session_order_state = "Status";
$l_admin_session_no_session = "No Sessions";
$l_admin_session_col_time = "Time";

#admin messenger screen
$l_admin_mess_title = "Administrator messenger";
$l_admin_mess_title_2 = "Send a Message (as the administrator)";
$l_admin_mess_title_3 = "Unread Admin Messages";
$l_admin_mess_title_4 = "Choose an image to send (.png, .jpg, .gif)";
$l_admin_mess_message = "Message";
$l_admin_mess_to = "Recipient(s)";
$l_admin_mess_only = "Only";
$l_admin_mess_all_connected = "All connected users";
$l_admin_mess_all = "All users (offline users include)";
$l_admin_mess_group = "All members of the group";
$l_admin_mess_group_connected = "All connected members of group";
$l_admin_mess_bt_send = "Send";
$l_admin_mess_nb_send = "message(s) have been sent";
$l_admin_mess_bt_refresh = "Refresh";
$l_admin_mess_time = "Time";
$l_admin_mess_no_wait = "No unread messages...";
$l_admin_mess_dir = "Images folder";
$l_admin_mess_select = "Select";
$l_admin_mess_title_5 = "Send a Request";
$l_admin_mess_order = "Request";
$l_admin_mess_stop_pc = "Shutdown computer";
$l_admin_mess_boot_pc = "Reboot computer";
$l_admin_mess_boot_im = "Reboot IM";
$l_admin_mess_cannot_order = "Cannot use : option _ENTERPRISE_SERVER is not activated";

#admin group manage
$l_admin_group_title = "User Groups";
$l_admin_group_title_2 = "Manage User Groups";
$l_admin_group_no_group = "No Groups";
$l_admin_group_no_user_group = "No Group Members";
$l_admin_group_col_group = "Group";
$l_admin_group_creat_group = "Create new group";
$l_admin_group_rename_group = "Rename group";
$l_admin_group_title_add_to_group = "Add members to groups";
$l_admin_group_new_name = "New name";
$l_admin_group_add_to_group = "Add to group";
$l_admin_group_order_group = "Group";
$l_admin_group_cannot_use_1 = "Cannot use groups : option _SPECIAL_MODE_GROUP_COMMUNITY is not activated (WARNING! - contacts list will be disabled).";
$l_admin_group_cannot_use_2 = "Nevertheless, users can add themselfves to groups in their contacts list.";
$l_admin_group_members = "Members";
$l_admin_group_public = "Public";
$l_admin_group_official = "Official";
$l_admin_group_private = "Private";
$l_admin_group_public_legende = "users can directly join group.";
$l_admin_group_official_legende = "users can request to join group (validated by admin).";
$l_admin_group_private_legende = "users cannot see group and cannot join.";

#admin statistics screen
$l_admin_stats_title = "Statistics";
$l_admin_stats_col_date = "Date";
$l_admin_stats_col_nb_msg = "Messages";
$l_admin_stats_col_nb_creat = "Created users";
$l_admin_stats_col_nb_session = "Simultaneous Sessions";
$l_admin_stats_col_nb_users = "Users";
$l_admin_stats_no_stats = "No Statistics";
$l_admin_stats_option_not = "Option not activated";
$l_admin_stats_rate = "of max value";
$l_admin_stats_by_day = "View by day";
$l_admin_stats_by_week = "View by week";
$l_admin_stats_by_month = "View by month";
$l_admin_stats_by_year = "View by year";
$l_admin_stats_average = "average";
$l_admin_stats_day_of_week = "By day of week";
$l_admin_stats_latest = "Latest";
$l_admin_stats_click_drag_to_zoom = "Click and drag in the plot area to zoom in";
$l_admin_stats_click_to_show_hide = "Click on legend to display/hide";
$l_admin_stats_empty = "Need to use more days to get statistics...";

#admin conference screen
$l_admin_conference_title = "Conferences";
$l_admin_conference_cannot_use_1 = "Cannot use : option _ALLOW_CONFERENCE is not activated.";
$l_admin_conference_col_creator = "Creator";
$l_admin_conference_col_partaker = "Partakers";
$l_admin_conference_no_conference = "No Conferences";

#admin change avatar screen
$l_admin_avatar_title = "Change avatar/picture";
$l_admin_avatar_title_2 = "Select another avatar (or picture)";
$l_admin_avatar_title_3 = "Add another avatar (or picture) to the list";
$l_admin_avatar_title_4 = "Select avatar (or picture) to delete";
$l_admin_avatar_title_5 = "Pending avatars (wait for Admin validation)";
$l_admin_avatar_title_6 = "Unacceptable avatar list (e.g. dimensions)";
$l_admin_avatar_bt_download = "Download more avatars";
$l_admin_avatar_info_1 = "Put pictures (or avatars) in folder";

#admin htaccess create
$l_admin_htaccess_1 = "Files <I>.htaccess</I> and <I>.htpasswd</I> allow you to protect you admin folder";
$l_admin_htaccess_2 = "(<I>.htaccess</I> contains the security policy and <I>.htpasswd</I> contains the userid and password).";
$l_admin_htaccess_3 = "Use the create button to create a default user (must update afterwards!)";
$l_admin_htaccess_4 = "To (try to) delete them, click on ";
$l_admin_htaccess_create_files = "Create files <I>.htaccess</I> and <I>.htpasswd</I>";
$l_admin_htaccess_warning = "WARNING, delete this two files before update server address/url (or ACP folder).";

#admin log screen
$l_admin_log_title = "Display server logs";
$l_admin_log_title_admin = "Display admin server logs";
$l_admin_log_select = "Select log server to display";
$l_admin_log_hack = "Hack attempt";
$l_admin_log_error_log = "Error log";
$l_admin_log_type_error = "Error";
$l_admin_log_type_warning = "Warning/forbidden";
$l_admin_log_type_info = "Information";
$l_admin_log_type_monitor = "Monitor";
$l_admin_log_session_open = "Sessions open";
$l_admin_log_password_errors = "Password errors";
$l_admin_log_lock_user_password = "Locked users for password errors";
$l_admin_log_check_change = "Config change";
$l_admin_log_change_nickname = "User change nickname";
$l_admin_log_upload_avatar = "Avatars upload";
$l_admin_log_username_unknown = "Unknown users";
$l_admin_log_reject_username = "User nickname is prohibited";
$l_admin_log_reject_ip = "IP addresses IP banned";
$l_admin_log_reject_pc = "Computer banned";
$l_admin_log_reject_max_same_ip = "Max same IP address usage";
$l_admin_log_reject_max_same_pc = "Max simultaneous usage of a single PC";
$l_admin_log_reject_max_users = "Reject : maximum number of registered users reached";
$l_admin_log_server_full = "Rejected : Server Full";
$l_admin_log_no_ip_address = "No IP address";
$l_admin_log_version_to_old = "Version too old";
$l_admin_log_private_password = "Private password error";
$l_admin_log_user_create = "Created users";
$l_admin_log_user_allow = "Users allowed";
$l_admin_log_user_disallow = "Users disallowed";
$l_admin_log_user_delete = "Users deleted";
$l_admin_log_user_avatar_valid = "Pending validation of avatars";
$l_admin_log_send_order = "Requests Sent";
$l_admin_log_send_message = "Admin messages sent";
$l_admin_log_ban_ip_address = "Banned ip addresses";
$l_admin_log_unban_ip_address = "Unbanned ip addresses";
$l_admin_log_ban_username = "Banned usernames";
$l_admin_log_unban_username = "Ubanned usernames";
$l_admin_log_ban_computer = "Banned computers";
$l_admin_log_unban_computer = "Unbanned computers";
$l_admin_log_user_admin_alert_get = "User gets Admin Alerts";
$l_admin_log_user_admin_alert_not_get = "User stops getting Admin Alerts";
$l_admin_log_one_user_two_pc = "A user is simultaneously on two computers";
$l_admin_log_shoutbox_delete_message = "Deleting message from shoutbox";
$l_admin_log_server_status = "Server status updated";
$l_admin_log_bookmark_delete = "Deleting bookmark";
$l_admin_log_empty = "Actually no server logs";
$l_admin_log_options_update = "Options updated";

#admin check config
$l_admin_check_title = "Check configuration (after all updates)";
$l_admin_check_conf_file = "Configuration file";
$l_admin_check_not_found = "Not found !";
$l_admin_check_found = "found";
$l_admin_check_on = "on";
$l_admin_check_off = "off";
$l_admin_check_before_upgrade = "Before Upgrading";
$l_admin_check_read_last = "read last";
$l_admin_check_last_options = "Check last options";
$l_admin_check_new_options_are = "All new options are";
$l_admin_check_in_conf_file = "in configuration file";
$l_admin_check_mysql = "Check MySQL server connection";
$l_admin_check_connect_server = "Connection to server";
$l_admin_check_failed = "failed";
$l_admin_check_cannot_continue = "Cannot continue tests without";
$l_admin_check_language_file = "language file";
$l_admin_check_connect_to_server = "connection to server";
$l_admin_check_connect_to_database  = "connection to database";
$l_admin_check_missing_option = "missing option";
$l_admin_check_all_tables = "all tables in database";
$l_admin_check_version = "MySQL version";
$l_admin_check_connect_database = "Connection to database";
$l_admin_check_option_missing = "Option missing in file";
$l_admin_check_tables_list = "Check tables list";
$l_admin_check_table = "Table";
$l_admin_check_tables_ok = "All tables exist";
$l_admin_check_use = "Use";
$l_admin_check_in_admin = "in MySQL admin (e.g. PHPMyAdmin)";
$l_admin_check_to_create_table = "to create tables";
$l_admin_check_tables_structure = "Check tables structure";
$l_admin_check_tables_structure_are = "All existing tables structures are";
$l_admin_check_col = "col"; // column
$l_admin_check_for_structure = "to update table structure";
$l_admin_check_update_now = "Update now";
$l_admin_check_conf_not_ok = "Configuration : NOT correct : you must update configuration !";
$l_admin_check_folders = "Check folders";
$l_admin_check_folder = "Folder";
$l_admin_check_not_writeable = "not writeable";
$l_admin_check_history = "Please read version history in file";
$l_admin_check_conf_ok = "Configuration/Update is OK";
$l_admin_check_can_go = "You can proceed to the";
$l_admin_check_admin_panel = "Admin Panel";
$l_admin_check_optimize_tables = "Optimize tables";
$l_admin_check_tables_are_optimized = "All tables have been optimized";
$l_admin_check_system_info = "System Information";
$l_admin_check_incomplete = "incomplete";

#admin save database
$l_admin_save_title = "Backup database";
$l_admin_save_bt_now = "Backup now";
$l_admin_save_selet_to_restore = "Select backup to restore";
$l_admin_save_bt_restore = "Restore";
$l_admin_save_list = "Backups list";
$l_admin_save_not_in_maintenance = "Cannot restore : maintenance mode enabled.";
$l_admin_save_cannot_use = "Cannot use";
$l_admin_save_do_not_use = "Do not use";

#admin ban control
$l_admin_ban_users = "Usernames ban";
$l_admin_ban_ip = "IP address ban";
$l_admin_ban_pc = "Computers ban";
$l_admin_ban_add_user = "Add a username to ban";
$l_admin_ban_add_ip = "Add an IP address to ban";
$l_admin_ban_add_pc = "Add a computer to ban ";
$l_admin_ban_dont_need_file = "NOTICE, the file zzz is no longer necessary, replaced here, do not forget to delete it."; // do not change "zzz" !!!
$l_admin_ban_import_delete = "Import and (try to) delete the file";

$l_install_check_files = "Check files";
$l_install_file = "File";
$l_install_bt_next = "Continue";
$l_install_step = "Step";
$l_install_check_cannot_continue = "Cannot continue install without";
$l_install_not_in_maintenance_mode = "Your server is not in maintenance mode <SMALL>(<I>_MAINTENANCE_MODE</I> in configuration file)</SMALL>";
$l_install_warning = "Can be dangerous to apply upgrade <B>now</B>.";

$l_home_not_configured = "Instant messenger server not configured yet...";
$l_home_welcome = "Welcome to Your Instant Messenger Server";
$l_home_thanks_to_first = "Thanks to first";
$l_home_here_register = "Click here to register";
$l_home_register = "register";
$l_home_download_execute = "Download and execute";
$l_home_before_install = "<B>BEFORE</B> installing,<BR/> see below for easy setup and avoid the last step.";
$l_home_download_install = "Download IntraMessenger (setup/install)";
$l_home_or = "or";
$l_home_download_zip = "Download IntraMessenger (zip version)";
$l_home_on_startup_config_url = "On IntraMessenger startup, configure the address (<I>URL</I>)";
$l_home_replace = "Replace";
$l_home_by_ip_address = " by server IP address to connect <blink>from ANOTHER computer</blink>";

#admin display
$l_admin_display_title = "Display";
$l_admin_display_options = "Display options";
$l_admin_display_menu = "Menu";
$l_menu_top = "Display menu on top";
$l_menu_left = "Display menu on left";
$l_menu_right = "Display menu on right";
$l_menu_full = "Display full menu";
$l_menu_not_full = "Display needed menu";
$l_admin_display_style = "Styles";
$l_admin_display_style_select = "Select style";
$l_admin_display_background_color = "Background color";
$l_admin_display_color_select = "Select color";
$l_color_blue = "Blue";
$l_color_green = "Green";
$l_color_pink = "Pink";
$l_color_red = "Red";
$l_color_yellow = "Yellow";

$l_admin_shoutbox_empty = "The shoutbox is currently empty";
$l_admin_shoutbox_cannot = "Access to shoutbox is currently not activated";
$l_admin_shoutbox_valid_messages = "Validate all pending messages";
$l_admin_shoutbox_average = "Rated";

#Servers status
$l_admin_servers_title = "Servers status";
$l_admin_servers_list = "Servers/services list";
$l_admin_servers_col_server = "Server";
$l_admin_servers_creat = "Add new server";
$l_admin_servers_list_empty = "No Server";
$l_admin_servers_status_0 = "Out of service";
$l_admin_servers_status_1 = "Not Fully Functional";
$l_admin_servers_status_2 = "Available";
$l_admin_servers_cannot = "Cannot use : option _SERVERS_STATUS is not activated.";

$l_admin_bookmarks_title = "Bookmarks";
$l_admin_bookmarks_cannot = "Cannot use : option _BOOKMARKS is not activated.";
$l_admin_bookmarks_url_address = "Address";
$l_admin_bookmarks_url_title = "Title";
$l_admin_bookmarks_list_empty = "No bookmark";
$l_admin_bookmarks_creat = "Add new bookmark";
$l_admin_bookmarks_valid_all = "Validate all pending bookmarks";
$l_admin_bookmarks_category = "Category";
$l_admin_bookmarks_all_category = "All categories";

$l_admin_role = "Role";
$l_admin_roles_title = "Roles";
$l_admin_roles_creat_role = "Create new role";
$l_admin_roles_title_add_to_role = "Assigning roles to members";
$l_admin_roles_cannot_use = "Cannot use option : _ROLES_TO_OVERRIDE_PERMISSIONS is not activated.";
$l_admin_roles_info = "The roles can assign permissions <u>more or less</u> compared to the options.";
$l_admin_roles_rename_role = "Rename role";
$l_admin_roles_list_empty = "Actually no role";
$l_admin_roles_add_to_role = "Add to role";
$l_admin_roles_default = "Default role (for users without role)";
$l_admin_roles_permissions = "Set permissions";
$l_admin_roles_permissions_of = "Permission selected for role:";
$l_admin_roles_permissions_add = "Add permission";
$l_admin_roles_permissions_empty = "No permission assigned for this role";
$l_admin_roles_need_active_option = "Some permissions defined above can not be taken into account.";
$l_admin_roles_unactivated_options = "Unactivated option(s)";
$l_admin_roles_permissions_only_role = "Note: To activate an option for only certain roles, it is necessary to disable it to other (or just to default role)... <br/>Default role permissions concern only this global options.";
$l_admin_roles_members = "Role members:";
$l_admin_role_no_member = "Actually no role member";
$l_admin_role_permission_on = "Permission activated";
$l_admin_role_permission_off = "Permission disabled";
$l_admin_role_dashboard = "Dashboard permissions";
$l_admin_role_useless_permission = "Useless permission (value identical to option)";
$l_admin_role_get_admin_alert = "Get administrator alert messages";
$l_admin_role_send_alert_to_admin = "Can send alert to administrators";
$l_admin_role_broadcast_alert_to_group = "Can send alert to all from (same) group(s)";
$l_admin_role_broadcast_alert = "Can send alert to everybody";

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