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<title>ITMS Tutorial</title>
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<p>ITMS is a task management system accessible via the internet.</p>

<p>Tasks can be delegated individually, or collectively as part of a process to any user of the system.</p>

<p>In this tutorial we will focus on some events that take place when a new employee is hired.</p>

<p>First of all, log in to the system using your designated username and password.</p>

<IMG SRC="images/login_ss.jpg" WIDTH="403" HEIGHT="410" BORDER=0 ALT="login">

<p>The system will show you the following default page:</p>

<IMG SRC="images/pending_task_ss.jpg" WIDTH="610" HEIGHT="255" BORDER=0 ALT="index">

<p>Here our test case user: <i>John</i>, has one pending
task, and no tasks that he has assigned to other users.</p>

<p>LetÂ’s say John has hired an employee. There are certain things need to be taken
care of, for instance: issuing drug tests, filing W-2 &amp; medical insurance forms, and ordering a Laptop.
These are all individual tasks that can be combined into a process.</p>

<p>We will start with creating individual tasks.</p>

<p>To create a new task, click the &quot;Create Task&quot; menu item.</p>

<IMG SRC="images/create_task_ss.jpg" WIDTH="429" HEIGHT="391" BORDER=0 ALT="">

<p>Here we created a task called &quot;File W-4 form&quot; owned by the group &quot;Employees&quot;. 
Click the &quot;Create Task&quot; button to add it to the existing list of tasks. 
Subsequently we will create similar tasks
that involve hiring an employee. If after creating the &quot;File W-4 form&quot; task, you realize that some 
of the information about the task is incorrect or incomplete, it can be changed by clicking the 
&quot;Edit task&quot; menu item.</p>

<IMG SRC="images/edit_task_1_ss.jpg" WIDTH="422" HEIGHT="105" BORDER=0 ALT="edit_task1">

<p>Select the task name from the list and click the &quot;Edit&quot; button. Make the necessary changes and click the &quot;Save
Changes&quot; button.</p>

<IMG SRC="images/edit_task_2_ss.jpg" WIDTH="404" HEIGHT="288" BORDER=0 ALT="edit_task2">

<p>After we have created all the necessary tasks to hire an employee, we can incorporate these tasks into a
process where these can be easily delegated to users of the system.</p>

<p>By Clicking &quot;Create Process&quot; in the main menu we can create a new process.</p>

<IMG SRC="images/create_process_ss.jpg" WIDTH="417" HEIGHT="532" BORDER=0 ALT="create_process">

<p>Above we named our process &quot;Hire a new employee&quot; which will be owned by the 
&quot;Employees&quot; group, and will include the four tasks that are checked in the picture. 
When you create a process, you can only include the tasks owned by the groups you belong to, 
or tasks which are privately owned by you. John belongs to the &quot;Coders&quot; and &quot;Employees&quot; groups, 
so he can include all the tasks that belong to those groups 
as well as any tasks which are privately owned by John.</p>

<p>Click the &quot;Create Process&quot; button to enter the process into the system.</p>

<p>After the process is successfully created we can assign it to the users of the system.</p>

<p>Click &quot;Assign Process&quot; to assign the individual tasks included in a process to users of ITMS.</p>

<p>First step in assigning a process is to select the process and click the &quot;Next&quot; button.</p>

<IMG SRC="images/assign_process_1_ss.jpg" WIDTH="407" HEIGHT="180" BORDER=0 ALT="assign_process1">

<p>Next step is to choose how many instances of each task in the process are
needed. In our case, we need only one instance of each task.</p>

<IMG SRC="images/assign_process_2_ss.jpg" WIDTH="408" HEIGHT="280" BORDER=0 ALT="assign_process2">

<p>The third and final step involves adding more instructions to the process and each individual task
if needed, selecting users to assign each task to, and clicking the &quot;Assign tasks&quot; button.</p>

<IMG SRC="images/assign_process_3_ss.jpg" WIDTH="570" HEIGHT="600" BORDER=0 ALT="assign_process3">

<p>The respective users will get confirmations about their newly assigned tasks.</p>

<p>If you have any more questions about using ITMS as an organizational tool, please see the FAQ, 
or the general ITMS help.</p>
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