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ver 111:
Fixed bug where using 12 am or 12 pm would change the task date to 11/30/1999 (Bug# 749490)
Also if the current hour of the day is 12, the task assign forms reflects the proper time now.
The above code fixes were in task_assign2.php and task_pending_edit.php

ver 110:
Added extract($_SERVER) and extract($_REQUEST) lines to login.php, this was for the Register Globals Fix
Created file task_show.php for displaying task details (Note: There is no security built into task_show.php as of yet, to make sure the logged-in user is either the assigner, assignee, or admin)
Changed index.php to show a link to task_show.php on the task names to show task detail
Changed task.php and process.php, adding shortcut links to the Task/Process Assign, Create, Edit and Delete pages
Created images for shortcuts created above: edit.jpg, assign.jpg, delete.jpg, task_create.jpg, and process_create.jpg

ver 109:
Modified task_assign2.php: (line 41) added $task_type = ""; to null out the $task_type for one-time tasks
Modified ITMS_install_guide.html: added a paragraph about setting the register_globals directive to 'on' in PHP versions > 4.2.0
Modified header.php: (around line 157) $query modified to remove the following string: PT.assigner='$uid' AND (this fixes the bug where an admin could not unassign other's tasks)

ver 108:
Modified index.php to print "Pending Tasks in the System:" in the case of an admin user
Modified index.php to use the correct colspan in the case of an admin user for the $info text
Modified task_pending_edit.php: added a new query to get the Task Type details (group_owned & owner) fixing bug #639547 (Thanks for submitting your bug report Chris! (cembree))
				Also added a piece of logic for converting the hours from 24 hr. (Military time) to 12 hr. am/pm (this turns all pm times to am once saved!!!)

ver 107:
Fixed another bug with the Crypt function in ldap_update_password and db_update_password functions in toolbox.php file: 
	passing one parameter to the crypt function messed up an updated user's password on systems where DES is not the Default Hashing Algorythm
Added File password_debug.php which will help people installing ITMS determine what the root users's Password in LDAP or the ldap table should be.
Added Paragraph to ITMS_install_guide.html about how to use the new password_debug.php file if the installer has difficulty logging in after installing ITMS.
Fixed Problem in header.php where if a user belongs to no groups, ITMS prints: You belong to no groups.
Fixed Problem in task.php and process.php where the "Processes task belongs to" and "Tasks in Process" lists had an extra comma at the last item.

ver 106:
Fixed problem with third parameter of setcookie calls (changed "" to 0) in header.php and login.php
Moved call to define_syslog_variables(); above the call to openlog in error_handler.php

ver 105:
Added login_bug_fix and crypt patch fixes to release 0104 code
Added Variable: ALLOW_ADMIN_VIEW_ALL_TASKS in config.php
changed index.php to print all tasks if the user is an admin and the above varible is true
fixed bugs in faq.html
fixed group membership status section bug in header.php
fixed the missing semi-colon crypt patch bug

ver 104:
spell checked tutorial.html, and faq.html
made sure all of the following files are UNIX format:
changes.txt (this file)

ver 103:
fixed problem with db_add_user in toolbox.php where if there were no group checkboxes it would throw an error
updated itms.sql to create a default group and add the root user to that group
changed every file to unix format so that there are no carriage returns
modified user_delete.php so that it now prompts the user to modify the user being deleted's assigned tasks

ver 102:
changed Code_TODO.txt, changes.txt, and gpl.txt back to Unix file formats (CR/LF)
 now all .txt files look good opened in common text editors

ver 101:
changed all text files to open under PC format, not the Unix format.
updated the ITMS_install_guide.html so that people who are not creating a new server are not confused by the instructions.
also removed the BSD license key from ITMS_install_guide.html and replaced IP addressing information
updated ints.cron so that cron is not backing up the database in a WWW published directory.

ver 100:
removed onClick="return validate_page()" from task_assign2.php
added comment to config.php on the line:
  $DB = "itms" //this value must match the value in the itms.cron file for backing up the DB
changed faq.php -> faq.html and tutorial.php -> tutorial.html so that people can view these files w/o using the system
changed the links to these files in help_menu.php
added style sheet reference in tutorial.html

ver 99:
updated the reminder.cron with mysqldumps for each day and renamed the file itms.cron
updated the config.php
corrected a spelling error in myprefs.php

ver 98:
converted word tutorial to html (tutorial.php), edited content to proper english, and took new screen shots
 (new image files were added to the images dir)
incorporated new ITMS_install_03.html into code -> ITMS_install_guide.html

ver 97:
removed install.txt file and merged it's contents into ITMS_install_guide.html 
  (which is now incorporated in the code)
fixed some spelling and cosmetic issues in faq.php
added button for "Install Guide" to help_menu.php
uncommented code in add_ldap_users_to_itms.php so that now it should add the ldap users to the user table
  (need to test)

ver 96:
updated the format of Code_to_do.txt to represent a wish list for version 2.0
updated the Install.txt

ver 95:
updated FAQ in faq.php
updated help.php

ver 94:
made the font size of disclaimer smaller
updated help.php

ver 93:
removed include("object_dump.php"); line from header.php
fixed bug in user_edit.php where you couldn't edit users to make them admins

ver 92:
added default value to name field in task_create.php ("Task Name")
increased size of text field to 49 and text area to 47 in task_create.php
increased size of text field to 49 and text area to 47 in process_create.php
also moved text area up above owned by radio buttons in process_create.php to match task_create.php
increased size of text field to 49 and text area to 47 in task_edit.php
also added query to ensure the new name isn't already taken (duplicate name check)
increased size of text field to 49 and text area to 47 in process_edit.php
removed vspace, hspace, and noresize attributes from iframe in header.php (these attributes don't exist)
changed default value of onetime-task from "title" to "Task Name" in task_assign.php
added cancel buttons to process_assign2.php and process_assign3.php
increased email: field in myprefs.php to 49
put user_mgt.jpg image in user_edit.php and increased the size of the email field
put group_mgt.jpg image in group_edit.php
index.php, task.php, and process.php now call nl2br() when displaying the info
added the following text to help.php as well as login.php
    ITMS version 1.0 Copyright © 2001, ValleyData Programming Group
    This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
    under certain conditions; 
    Please see the gpl.txt file for more info
added "version 1.0" to footer.php
updated Code_ToDo.txt to reflect the changes made

ver 91:
Added the licensing statement to all code (php) files.
Removed all refrenced to the object_dump debugging tool.
changed the code version in the comments to 1.0 with Friday's date (5/11/2001).

ver 90:
added file: gpl.txt which is the licence file from gnu.org
added copyright info to footer.php
changed menu_selected -> menu-selected in login.php
fixed process_assign3.php problem where the page wouldn't display once tasks are assigned
removed doTheClock javascript code from header and placed it in the print_js function in toolbox.php
Edited the help.php through assign task
added stripslashes() to each mail function in toolbox.php and reminder.php
added nl2br() function call on info data in reminder.php
added .warning and .info classes in itms.css 

ver 89:
Added some extra space to the top frame in the help system so that it displays properly in Netscape
login screen will now start with focus on the name field
fixed javascript function verify_date() in toolbox (octal issue)

ver 88:
fixed process_assign3.php date validation, and now validates int in "repeat every" text field
(this needs to be tested, still doesn't quite work in task_assign2.php or process_assign3.php)

added Ryan's changes to toolbox.php:
This code checks to see if the users email address exists, and if it does than it
send the email adress as the FROM field. That way you don't get emails that
just say "ryan", rather "hide@address.com" I think this is important
because when we gave the presentation many of the employees at AHN saw this
as a great tool to use to keep in contact with outside contractors, etc...
(yes those contractors would have to be part of the system, but they could
make a contractors group and put them in it) So when the contractor gets an
email it won't just say "bob", but rather "hide@address.com". If the users
email address does not exist, than the system uses the username instead.

ver 87:
added the following images to the /images directory:
	user_tasks_reassign.jpg (should say "Reassign Tasks", new image pending)
added images to the following files:

ver 86:
validate all fields done for:
	email in myprefs.php
	username in user_mgt.php
	email in user_edit.php
	groupname in group_mgt.php
processes must contain at least one task
removed print line from function add_error_to_table in error_handler.php

ver 85:
added javascript to show current date in window.status in header.php
the js function verify_int() verify_date() now checks immediately
validate all fields done for:
validate int and date checks on process_assign3.php, task_assign2.php and task_pending_edit.php

ver 84:
added include("footer.php"); to the following files: (should help make these pages visible in NS)
in myprefs.php if the user hasn't checked any reminder days it will show them a warning saying
 they won't recieve email reminders from ITMS
added function get_all_other_groups() to toolbox.php
updated group_delete.php so that you have to reassign tasks/processes owned by the group you are deleting
 to another group
fixed bugs in process.php and task.php not showing private/group-owned processes and tasks
added function get_user_id($username) to toolbox.php
updated ldap_delete_user and db_delete_user functions in toolbox.php to
 delete the user's private tasks and pending tasks also

ver 83:
fixed problem in header.php when changing password in myprefs.php
fixed problem with user_edit.php where changing your own group status would make you not admin anymore
fixed problem with error_handler.php not writing error messages to the DB
removed  $ITMS_DOMAIN variable from config.php and added $ADMIN_EMAIL (used in error_handler.php)

ver 82:
moved code to save password changes in myprefs.php to header.php (needs to be tested again)
in the following files, if the tables are empty, an appropriate message: (needs to be tested)
updated the following files to record the last time logged in and last time used: (needs to be tested)
db_tools.php db_open() now uses mysql_pconnect() function

ver 81:
added table to DB: error_log with the following fields: eid(int, PK), priority(int), and message(text)
 also updated itms.sql (need to test)
added code to error_handler.php to add rows to the error_log table on appropriate errors
changed the following files to check to for LDAP enabled: (need to test)
also recreate authentication cookies in myprefs.php so that a user changing his/her password
 doesn't have to re-login (need to test)

ver 80:
finished documenting files

ver 79:
changed itms.css classes to have '-' instead of '_' and changed all refrences to these classes in all files
added color: #000000; lines to all of these classes in itms.css as well
 (now NS6 shows the background colors)
added file: add_ldap_users_to_itms.php which is a script that will go through an LDAP directory and add all
 the user names to the users table
added $EXECUTE_KEY variable to config.php which is now used in reminder.php and add_ldap_users_to_itms.php
updated get_all_ldap_users() in toolbox.php to return the user's email address as well
 (NOTE: add_ldap_users_to_itms.php now just prints out each LDAP user's name and email for testing
  all DB queries are commented out for right now because LDAP structure needs to be changed to fully test)
help button on header.php now has capital "H"
myprefs.php now has a radio button instead of a checkbox for html email

ver 78:
task.php and process.php were modified so that tasks and process aren't appended to the list each time
task_pending_edit.php now correctly displays the users a task can be re-assigned to
user_edit.php now disables the isAdmin checkbox if the user is edditing him/her self
new image: current_tasks.jpg to the images directory

ver 77:
added file: task.php which shows info about tasks you have access to (symmetrical to process.php)
updated menu.php to include this file in the menu
updated help.php to reflect this new file, modified the isAdmin check, and included login.php and other files
user_tasks_reassign.php now can unassign tasks if the user selects the "<Unassign Task>" option
changed help.php to reflect this change
added cancel button to user_tasks_reassign.php and now calls convert_date on the date column info
added hidden field to track default user to assign to in task_assign2.php (on successive assignments)
reminder.php now calls convert_date on the date info
Removed Cancel confirmations from user_delete.php and group_delete.php
added "include("footer.php"); line to user_tasks_reassign.php

ver 76:
added in line documentation for z* - process.php, reverse alphabetically

ver 75:
removed file ldap_tools.php (went to config.php) and include call to ldap_tools.php in header.php
DB, DB_USERNAME, and DB_PASSWORD were put into config.php, and now db_tools.php uses these variables
changed the setcookies calls in login.php to account for new config variables ($SECURE_COOKIES)
added file itms.sql which is the structure of our tables
increased column span in index.php for tasks I have assigned (show details)

ver 74:
removed all table borders from:
process_assign2.php (also added colors)
process_assign3.php (also added <hr> separators)
user_mgt.php (also added colors, and <hr> separators)
group_mgt.php(also added colors, and <hr> separators)

ver 73:
added a new column called original_id in the pending_task table - this will reference
the task_id the pending_task was created from; everytime a task is assigned to a user,
that task_type is updated with that user being the last assignee - so that when this task
(or process with this task) will default to that user in the listbox.

ver 72:
added sql query filters so that sql errors won't be reported to screen if a user completes tasks
from an old email and reminder.php can't find those tasks, because they were completed previously.

ver 71:
reminder.php now has close button when changes are saved
got rid of table cell w/ text on login.php
changed login button back to button (calling login() onClick)
added function convert_date($db_date) to toolbox.php which converts mysql format date/time to nice php format
index.php now calls convert_date($db_date) when displaying dates
notifyXXX functions in toolbox.php now calls convert_date($db_date)
added <br>'s to Jaspreet's User_Man1.html, made all text our ITMS blue, and integrated it as tutorial.php

ver 70:
changed image for footer.php and login.php (also made text fields longer in login.php)
increased the size of the menu to match width of icon
increased the size of the iframe in header.php
help.php now has our names instead of the footer at the bottom and a "special thanks to" clause
help.php now includes help for reassign tasks(user_tasks_reassign.php)
Removed text headers in all files that has images added to them in 69 (text moved to alt text)
changed wording in status table
changed user_edit.php so that you don't have to change the user's password when you change his/her groups

ver 69:
Added images to files:
added image to footer.php
changed header.php: iframe uses header icon height to determine height, status table was changed
added login pic. to login.php
all images are now in the /images directory

ver 68:
fixed issues with reminder.php not being able to "save changes"
fixed issue with sending on the wrong reminder day in reminder.php
fixed issue with not calculating the days untill next reminder correctly in reminder.php
user_mgt.php now adds new users to the groups which were selected

ver 67:
put the newest logos back with the code

ver 66:
finished user_tasks_reassign.php
added function get_pending_task_name() to toolbox.php
added $EXPIRE_INTERVAL variable to config.php and now header.php uses this variable in two places

ver 65:
added include footer.php lines in user_edit.php and group_edit.php (which fixes the problems w/ these pages in NS
worked a little more on user_tasks_reassign.php

ver 64:
added additional width and height variables for login and header logos

ver 63:
Added "ok" button to user_delete.php if the user is deleted
Added "ok" button to group_delete.php if the group is deleted
added functions to toolbox.php: get_all_other_ldap_users, and get_all_ldap_users
added file: config.php which is now included in header.php
changed number of columns in user_mgt.php to 2
fixed notify_unassigned function call problem in header.php
fixed reminder.php so that the task done stuff works (needs to be tested)
updated ldap_delete_user() from toolbox.php so that it deletes the user from the users table as well as from ldap
group_edit.php and user_edit.php now show users in 4 columns and groups in 2 columns
added to help.php (for task/process delete)
added file user_tasks_reassign.php (doesn't actually reassign the tasks yet)
added link to menu for user_tasks_reassign.php

ver 62:
changed logo
tasks_assigned_delete.php was missing from ver 61, added it.

ver 61:
added to faq
list sorter for index.php based on: Task Name, Assigned To/By, Priority, Due Date

ver 60:
added buttons to index.php for unassigning tasks
added notifyUnassign function in toolbox.php
added file: task_assigned_delete.php to confirm unassignment
added check boxes for "Notify Them" on process_assign3.php and task_assign2.php
  which will not send out the notifyAssigned if not checked

ver 59:
user_mgt.php and group_mgt.php now show group and user lists as columns
reminder.php now gives html mail users the ability to "complete task"
fixed process create bug

ver 58:
added a "timer" cookie.  It's set with an exparation date based on $timeout (10 min) using javascript in header
login checks to make sure that the cookie is still set.  This will ensure that even if someone leaves ITMS, they will
    still be logged out after the appropriate period of time

ver 57:
index.php now updates the status immediately when you "save changes" (moved if(isset($save)) block to header.php)
group_delete.php now removes all instances of the group from the user_groups table
Added a text field to task_assign2.php and process_assign3.php so that you can change the task name when assigning
process.php now shows the name of the group who owns the processes
process_create.php and process_edit.php now show the name of the owner of each task available
"Title" => "Name" text changed on task_create.php
"Retype" => "Confirm" text changed on myprefs.php
added ok buttons to user_delete.php and group_delete.php which go back to user/groups respectively
cancel buttons on group_edit.php and user_edit.php now goes back to group/user mgt respectively
added finished buttons on group_mgt.php and user_mgt.php that go back to index.php
changed process_assign.php text to "choose process to assign"
added finished/cancel button to task_pending_edit.php(depending wether or not the user has "saved changes")
 goes back to index.php
added name text field to task_pending_edit.php so that you can edit the title of a pending task
changed login button on login.php to submit and now calls login() onSubmit
changed "info" text to "description" on process.php
added text: "owner of task/process" on task_create.php and process_create.php
added cancel/finished button to task_assign2.php

ver 56:
task_create.php now works (there was some variable naming issue w/ group)
status table now updates after you "finish tasks" (delete cookies)
better colors are used in the pending and assigned tasks in index.php and now each row rotates colors
process_assign3.php now rotates colors also
process.php now rotates colors also
Aaron wrote all of the content for faq.php
Aaron added a button for the FAQ, and the forthcoming Tutorial to the help_menu.

ver 55:
removed "logged in as:" message in menu.php and added a user summary table in header.php
set cookies num_pending and num_assigned in header.php for summary table
added get_group_name($gid) to toolbox.php
put "show details button on the same row as the column headings in index.php
task_pending_edit.php was modified so that the "assign to" works even if you are in no groups
added iframe to header.php that shows the help of the current page...
 (unfortunately some browsers don't support iframes, 
 and we should think about ways to change help.php so we don't have to use iframes)
added .table-separator-even and .table-separator-odd classes to itms.css
tested these color/classes in index.php

ver 54:
added ldap_login_user and db_login_user to login.php
updated ldap_tools.php (just has global variables)
login.php now calls the ldap_login_user function
added ldap_add_user and db_add_user to toolbox.php
user_mgt.php now calls the ldap_add_user function
added ldap_update_password and db_update_password functions to toolbox.php
user_edit.php, and myprefs.php now call the ldap_update_password function
added ldap_delete_user and db_delete_user
user_delete.php new calls the ldap_delete_user function
is_user function in toolbox.php has been changed to db_is_user and ldap_is_user
myprefs now calls ldap_is_user function

ver 53:
bug fixed w/ amount of task instances in process_assign3.php
also process_assign3.php now displays the tasks in the same order as they are in process_assign2.php
added getListSelections(list) javascript function to toolbox.php (not used yet)
changed error_handler.php, now calls syslog
calls to error_out have been changed accordingly in the following files:

ver 52:
task_create.php, process_create.php,... now have "Finished" buttons
myprefs.php, group_edit.php, user_edit.php, task_edit.php, process_edit.php, task_delete.php, and process_delete.php now have "Cancel" buttons
"save changes" -> "Complete Selected Tasks" on index.php
"Edit Process" -> "Save Changes" in process_edit.php
task_edit.php, process_edit.php, task_delete, and process_delete.php now show who the task or process is owned by
added functions: get_process_owner() and get_task_owner() to toolbox.php
process_assign2.php, and process_assign3.php now tell you the name of the process you are assigning
added functions: get_process_name() and get_task_name() to toolbox.php 
group_mgt.php was changed to not allow blank group names
process_create.php now shows an error message if trying to create a process w/ a blank name
task_create.php now shows an error message if trying to create a process w/ a blank name, and it won't be created

ver 51:
process_assign3.php now shows the info of the process in the textfield instead of the title of the process
process_assign3.php now has a bigger info box, and the info box now displays the process' info instead of the process title
text changed on index.php to "pending tasks I have assigned" and "Pending tasks assigned to me"
in menu.php "user logged in as: $user" is displayed
implemented task_delete.php
created get_processes_with_task() function in toolbox.php
added "Edit Process", "Delete Process", and "Delete Task" items to menu
removed "Edit Process" buttons from process.php and now process.php displays more info about each process
added get_tasks_in_process function to toolbox.php
user_mgt now orders the groups by name
changed menu order, now assign task and assign process come first in the task and process sub-menus, respectively
implemented process_delete.php

ver 50 (beta-baseline):
changed all order by's from "ORDER BY 'field'" to "ORDER BY field"
added ORDER BY on the list of users in the Create Group section of group_mgt.php, and changed the display to one user for each row
added ORDER BY on process_edit.php
removed the extra space from the bottom of help.php on the index view

ver 49:
fixed reminder.php to show user names instead of ID's
added info argument to notifyComplete in toolbox.php, also changed the call in index.php
added priority column to display on the index.php page
added get_priority_string(int) function to toolbox.php
modified help.php to display information about edditing groups
changed all notify* functions in toolbox.php to also pass in the priority string, and print it out
 changed the calls to these functions to reflect this in index.php, task_pending_edit.php, task_assign2.php, and process_assign3.php
chnaged task_pending_edit.php to not have the debugging message_box and instead print out who the task is assigned to

ver 48:
fixed group_mgt.php db_use("itms"); calls
specify innerHeight and innerWidth for the help system in header.php window.open (for NS)
in help_system.php put onload="this.focus()" in the body and frameset tags in order for the help
 to pop up if it has already been opened
duplicate warning print --> message_box in user_mgt.php and group_mgt.php
added edit group functionality in group_mgt.php (added group_edit.php file)
if a user belongs to no groups, they can now assign tasks to themselves (process_assign3.php and task_assign2.php)

ver 47:
all main ITMS pages have bolded-H3 titles
added ORDER BY clauses in index.php, and toolbox.php
added ORDER BY clauses in task_assign.php, and task_edit.php (private tasks listed first)
added ORDER BY clauses to process.php, process_create.php, process_assign.php, and process_assign2.php
fixed login.php so that it doesn't give you error message when first visiting login.php
modified db_use() function in db_tools.php to take the default database at "itms"
changed all db_use's in the php files to pass in nothing.
changed itms.jpg to a new image (signifies beta version)

ver 46:
fixed Cc: naming in process_assign3.php (need to test)
task_pending_edit.php, and task_edit.php now show the task's name instead of the number
help system has been changed to look a little better

ver 45:
Spell checked help.php
removed screens.txt file
admin.php was changed to adminonly.php
 now you can include adminonly on admin pages to deny a non-admin user access to admin pages
include("adminonly.php"); line was added to the following files:
process_assign3.php was modified so that some of the extra junk isn't shown after you assign a process
login.php now shows a message box instead of just an error message, also if you enter a non-existant name it shows error msg.
commented out message_box line in get_days_in_month in toolbox.php
updated menu.php so that all the submenus are always displayed (also changed some of the menu names)
process_info is now added to the front of all individual task info in process_assign3.php
user_mgt.php and user_edit.php can now both set/edit the user's email address
notifyAssigned/Update/Complete functions in toolbox.php all were updated
 to pass in the Cc: info and other printed info, all places in the code that called these functions were changed.

ver 44:
removed file: confirm_delete.php
Finished adding help info about almost every ITMS page to help.php
Implemented process_assign3.php
fixed recording of the hours in task_assignment (am-pm issue)
NOTE: task_assign2.php doesn't correctly verify the time due to this am-pm issue

ver 43:
help.php was modified, a basic structure, has been made, all 
 pages viewed by the user have been entered, but not all of 
 the info on each task is there yet.

ver 42:
process_edit is now implemented
added is_task_in_process() function in toolbox
removed passed argument to db_close in db_tools (this was giving errors)

ver 41:
index button and close button were added to the help_system
divider bar was removed on the help system
help classes were added to itms.css
help image on ITMS pages was changed to a button
process_assign3.php now shows who you can assign the tasks to as well as default info, and time

ver 40:
Fixed One-time-task name problem in task_assign2.php
now print_js is called in the header so that all ITMS pages have access to these functions.
task_assign2.php now calls verify_int() for the repeat_amt field
Fixed verify_date() in toolbox.php
the help system now starts at the help text, and the index is now a link that shows the help index

ver 39:
Edited help.php as well as help_system.php to get some help entry examples
process.php now shows current accessible processes in the system
added verify_int() and verify_date() functions to toolbox.php under print_js()
task_assign2.php now calls verify_date() on the due_date (doensn't work yet)

ver 38:
fixed logic in index.php for when to re-assign task (switched || -> &&)
implemented help system (basic framework)
  added files: help.php (main help)
               help_menu.php (help menu)

ver 37:
added size attribute to the repeat_amt test field
task_edit has been implemented (only title, and info can be changed)
task_pending_edit has been implemented (former assigned_to is not notified of the change)
added notifyUpdate function to toolbox.php
notifyComplete function in toolbox.php now takes the due_date
added hidden field for each assigned task's name in index.php

ver 36:
added periodic task ability to task_assign2.php
added fields: period, and period_unit to pending_tasks
index.php was modified to support periodic tasks
added get_days_in_month function to toolbox.php

ver 35:
moved ttid out of processes and into process_task
implemented process_create.php
implemented process_assign.php, process_assign2.php, process_assign3.php (part way)

ver 34:
fixed reminder.cron (now passes GET key data to reminder.php)
added is_reminder_day($wday, $user_num) function to reminders.php
    to make sure that users only get mail on their reminder days

ver 33:
added file: reminder.cron for use with crontab
reminder.php now sends email reminders
index.php now sends notification emails when a task is complete that requires notification
assign_task2.php now works for both one time tasks as well as existing tasks
due date fields in assign_task2.php get filled with the current time, also when the task is
 assigned the date information actually gets stored (along w/ notify and priority) but no
 verification on the validity of the date is done yet. Also the person assigned the task is 
 sent an email notification.
Added Functions in toolbox.php: get_user_email($user_id), notifyAssigned(), and notifyComplete()

ver 32:
Added print_js() function in toolbox.php, this function will print all javascript we will need
 in order to verify input such as dates etc...
Worked on reminder.php (just prints out what will go into the emails right now)

ver 31:
Fixed problems in index.php

ver 30:
users can now complete tasks via the index.php page
changed "view1" and "view2" to more meaningful names
Edit Pending task will now send the info cleaner
consolidated task_edit.php and task_edit2.php
task_edit.php now shows a drop down list of the task types

ver 29:
added files:

group_mgt.php now can add and delete groups (and upon adding can assign users to the group)
user_mgt.php now can delete groups (and upon adding can assign groups to that user)
commented out the edit group portion of group_mgt.php

ver 28:
fixed password bugs in toolbox.php is_user()
fixed password bugs in myprefs.php
Assign_Task2.php now if you are assigning a private task it shows all the users in all your groups in the Assign To: Dropdown box
Also Assign_Task.php has been changed so that if you hit the "one-time-task" button it shows "type info here"

ver 27:
changed edit_user.php to user_edit.php (and changed appropriate links)
Confirm Password Box in Create User
implemented Change Password ability in myprefs

info_out( ) function added to toolbox.php
-will output a table with appropriate info +:
	info - Green
	warning - Orange
	error - Red

and is_admin()
functions added also to toolbox.php

ver 0026:
Changed the edit users from a textfield to a dropdown box.
Removed groupname from table user_groups
Created table groups with fields gid and groupname
(and made sure everything else that was dependent on this worked ok)
Finished Edit User Functionality

ver 0025:
Fixed details buttons on index.php
Record uid in a cookie and check a hash on login
made fake LDAP table
added name field to user table
implemented create user
created toolbox.php (some usefull functions added for getting usernames etc...)
partially implemented assign task (notify, and due date don't work yet, due date set to NOW() right now)
fixed the index.php to show usernames instead of ID's

ver 0024:
Renamed task_type table to task_types
Implemented the Create Task Page (users can now create tasks)

ver 0023:
login.php was changed so that you enter your userID instead of username for now (for testing)
myprefs.php was changed so that now you can actually edit your preferences(no password changing for now)
Added title varchar(255) field to pending_tasks table
task.php now shows the current user's pending/assigned tasks (and you can view details about the tasks)
task.php was renamed index.php, and menu reorganized accordingly
added file index.html in case a user types this into the address bar (forwards them to index.php)

ver 0022:
did some work on error_handler.php
deleted task_type_edit.php
added debugging tool "object_dump.php"

ver 0021:
Admin now sees User and Group as menus instead of sub-menus 
Added stub files:

ver 0020:
Fixed issues with the Login/Logout (data is no longer posted, the browser doesn't repost data when page is expired)
placed all task edditing/viewing stuff from index.php to tasks.php
created new file: process_assign3.php
modified the frontend to allow multiple instances of a task to be assigned

ver 0019:
major changes to the menu,
added task type, pending task, and process editing functionality
Fixed Authentication problems

ver 0018:
Added Admin Menu which only can be seen by admin
Compiled user_management files into one user_management page.
put this user_management page underneath the Admin menu
Created group_management page similar to user_management, but for edditing groups.
also, made the login a little prettier
Also tried adding a GMD date expires metatag to the footer, 
but seems to have had no effect on the back button

ver 0017:
removed previous authentication methods(HTTP)
cookies for username and password are set, and if these variables are
unset, the user gets a login prompt

ver 0016:
updated psuedo entries to represent nonfuntional HTML fields in my preferences, edit user
and delete user.
fixed spelling on Menu "Preferences"
added border to assign process 2

ver 0015:
took out "pragma: no-cache" header
added 401 header to logout
fixed minor things with the forms: (process assign tasks are now on two rows,
slashes and ':' between date and time forms respectively)
rough form design was added to
user_edit and my prefs

ver 0014:
finished all forms for current files

ver 0013:
added process_assign2.php and task_assign2.php files

ver 0012:
Created task_create.php and process_create.php
updated menu.php
created screens.txt to describe how some of the screens will look

ver 0011:
created 2 files: task_assign.php and process_assign.php
updated menu.php to reflect these changes, they are not sub-menus any more

ver 0010:
removed report, and placed all that stuff in the home page(index.php), also added "save changes" button
task_mgt was broken up into task_assign.php, task_process_assign.php (the forms wern't moved to these files in this ver.)

ver 0009:
added forms for My preferences and task mgt, updated forms for add user.
Deleted report add, run, edit, and delete (all this functionality can be in report_mgt)
Deleted these links from the menu.
Deleted task perform, update, and assign (all this functionality can be in task_mgt)
Deleted these links from the menu.
Deleted tasktype add, edit, delete, and tasktype_mgt (all this functionality can be in task_mgt)
Deleted these links from the menu.
Added line: $PHP_AUTH_USER = ""; to logout.php

ver 0008:
added some comments to task_assign.php

ver 0007:
added some template forms for add user, and add task type

ver 0006:
Changed the Names of most of the menu files to use more meaningful
names (i.e. Assign Task instead of Create Task)
Also Added style sheet control for the menu backgrounds, and made
it so that the currently selected page shows up as a different color
in the menu.  

ver 0005:
moved the include of login.php and menu.php into the template file, 
and updated all of the other files

ver 0004:
fixed some parse errors in 0003, added the sub-menus to the menu.php,
and played with the colors

ver 0003:
moved html code out of the php tags

ver 0002:
broke template.php into header.php and footer.php
changed "$body .=" to "echo"

ver 0001:
Created a first draft of all of the files we thought we would need.
Added some sample code in each file.
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