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<?php   //Do NOT modify this file - it is auto-generated

$user_strings=array('add_success'=>'Your user account has been added','modify_success'=>'Your user account has been modified','add_account'=>'Add a user account','modify_account'=>'Modify your account','input_heading'=>'Add/Modify a user account','compulsory_field'=>'Indicates a compulsory field','username'=>'Username','password'=>'Password','confirm_password'=>'Confirm Password','first_name'=>'First Name','last_name'=>'Last Name','email'=>'Email Address','group'=>'Group','details'=>'Details','details_2'=>'Enter some details about yourself, eg. qualifications, hobbies, etc.','photo'=>'Photo','no_username'=>'You did not enter a username','username_invalid'=>'Your username can only contain letters and numbers, must be at least 5 characters long, and no more the 16 characters long.','username_taken'=>'That User Name is already taken, please try another','no_password'=>'You did not enter a password','no_password_match'=>'Your passwords did not match','short_password'=>'Your password can only contain letters and numbers and must be at least 5 characters long.','no_firstname'=>'You did not enter a first name','no_lastname'=>'You did not enter a last name','no_group'=>'You did not select a user group','no_email'=>'You did not enter a valid email address','invalid_photo'=>'The photo you tried to upload is the wrong format. <br />It must be a gif or jpg','username_not_exist'=>'The username does not exist','userID_not_exist'=>'The user ID does not exist','bad_password'=>'The password you entered is not correct','cookie_error'=>'There seems to be a problem with your permanent login. Please log in again, and select the "Keep me logged in" option','keep_logged_in'=>'Remember me','account_added'=>'Your account has been added. <br /><br />Please login below using the Username and Password you selected.','new_user'=>'New user?','add_account_here'=>'Add your account here!','forgot_password'=>'Forgot your password?','password_note'=>'','preferred_language'=>'Preferred Language','id_number'=>'ID Number','auto_editor'=>'Always load html editor when available','flag_posts'=>'Flag displayed posts as read','prefered_name'=>'Prefered name','auto_password'=>'Generate password automatically','username_help'=>'Userrname must be at least 5 characters long and contain only letters and numbers','password_help'=>'Password must be at least 5 characters long and contain only letters and numbers','email_used'=>'There is already an account for this email address.<br /><a href="emaildetails.php?email=%s">Click here to have the details emailed to you</a>','account_disabled'=>'Your account has been disabled','restricted_membership_note'=>'Note: Membership and Posting details are not shown for restricted areas.','confirm_email'=>'Confirm Email','confirm_email_error'=>'The email addresses you entered do not match','auto_login'=>'Automatically log me in each time I return to %s on this computer');?>
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