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<?php   //Do NOT modify this file - it is auto-generated

$sharing_strings=array('add_sharing'=>'Add/Modify a Sharing/Peer Review Area in','add_file'=>'Add a File','add_link'=>'Add a Link','added_by'=>'Added by','added_comment'=>'Add comment','login_to_post'=>'You need to be logged in to post a comment','no_comment'=>'You did not enter a comment','comment_success'=>'Your comment has been added','comment_changed'=>'The comment has been modified','add_comment'=>'Add a comment','reply_to_comment'=>'Reply to a comment','add_comment_for'=>'Add/Modify a comment for','comment'=>'Comment','comments_for'=>'Comments for','add_new_comment'=>'Add a new comment','comment_no'=>'Comment No.','shared_item_no'=>'Shared Item No.','parent_no'=>'Parent No.','no_such_parent'=>'That parent number does not exist. Please go back and select an exisiting parent number to move the comment to.','no_demote'=>'You can not demote a top level comment within the same thread, or make a parent comment the child of one of its children. Try a different Parent Key','no_such_item'=>'That item number does not exist. Please go back and select an exisiting item number to move the comment to.','edit_title'=>'Edit a comment','change_parent'=>'Change parent','change_item'=>'Change item','add_file_heading'=>'Add/Modify a file in %s','add_link_heading'=>'Add/Modify a link in %s','file_added'=>'Your file has been added','file_deleted'=>'Your file has been deleted','file_modified'=>'Your file has been modified','link_modified'=>'Your link has been modified','link_added'=>'Your link has been added','link_deleted'=>'Your link has been deleted','zip_options'=>'Zip file options','unzip'=>'unzip','start_file'=>'If unzipping, specify the name of main file within the zip file, ie. the one you want people to link to first.','associated'=>'Manage Associated Files','associated_example'=>'eg. images','upload_error'=>'There was an error adding your file','url_for'=>'URL for','file_url_heading'=>'The URL for the above item is','file_delete_error'=>'There was an error deleting your file','manage_files'=>'Manage files associated with','shared_item'=>'shared item');?>
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