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Every one is welcomed.
We want it to be translated to as many languages as possible.


All the strings on this project are kept on the same file for each language.
The sample file is very simple, and it is in English.

1) Download the following file:

2) Translate the strings between bracket marks to your language.
From English: $lang[copy] = 'Copy';
To Brazilian Portuguese: $lang[copy] = 'Copiar';

3) Save it with a name like the above, changing the "CODE" for your language code in lowercase.
lang.eng.inc.php = English
lang.ptbr.inc.php = Brazilian Portuguese

4) Send the translation file:
To the address: hide@address.com
With subject: intelieditor in <YOUR_LANGUAGE>

Please, send us all your information too, so we can put a "Thanks to" on our website.
We would be pleased to add you to the development team if you want, so you could keep the file updated in case of changes.


Languages already available:
Bulgarian                  - Pavel Constantinov                        (pavelconstantinov at bigfoot dot com)
Dutch                      - Bas Welvering                             (welvering at home dot nl)
English                    - Gabriel Engel, Porto Alegre, Brasil.      (engel at intelimen dot com dot br)
French                     - Joel Thieffry, Toulouse, France.          (jo at zerezo dot com)
German                     - Michael Conrad, Mannheim, German.         (michael at con-rad dot de)
Italian                    - Nicola S. Vitale                          (nivit at users dot sourceforge dot net)
Norwegian                  - Stian Hole                                (stian at musikkpunkt dot com)
Polish                     - Lukasz Walukiewicz                        (walukiewicz at hotmail dot com)
Portuguese                 - Gabriel Engel, Porto Alegre, Brasil.      (engel at intelimen dot com dot br)
Romanian                   - Tiberiu Dragulinescu, Ploiesti, Romania.
Russian                    - Alexey Maluishko                          (alee at anitex dot by)
Turkish                    - Yalçin Kolukisa                           (yalcink01 at yahoo dot com)
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