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2004-01-19  VERSION 1.2.6

		Added German localization

		Ability to specify year in DonationView (up and down buttons, defaults to current year)
		Added Donation End-of-Year report link for previous year
		Help system checks if a translation exists and defaults to English if not

		Cleaned up some funky syntax in DonationReports.php
		Fixed improper donation date bounds SQL in DonationReportYearly.php
		Strip slashes from SQL post variable in Free-Text Query form.

2003-11-12  VERSION 1.2.5b-f
		Removed old short tags
		Fixed session_destroy() bug on secure servers
		Fixed bug where quotes were mis-displayed in emails sent using phpMailer
		Fixed bug where families were not being deleted

2003-11-09  VERSION 1.2.5

		CSV Import (person and custom fields)
		Group Assignment Helper - list people not assigned in some type of group (ex. Bible Studies)
		Cart to Family - allows you to add cart members to an existing family or create a new one
		Email from Cart - an email can be sent using addresses from the cart
		Added French localization

		New security option in Config.php allows a maximum failed login count to be set.  User account is disabled once this count reached.
		Added option in Config.php to workaround installations with broken or missing gettext support.
		GroupList now sorts by type, then name.
		PersonView left and right custom field lists are now listed in correct ID order
		Added an "Add to Cart" button on the Person List and Group Assignment Helper
		Previous / Next Record Links in PersonView and FamilyView (order is based on date added)
		Filter by Gender in Person View of SelectList
		Filter by Group Type / Group in Person View of SelectList
		FamilyEditor can now edit details of individual people
		Option to delete family members when family record deleted
		Print View for PersonList and GroupMemberList now handles filtering
		New functions for Query results:  'Intersect Results With Cart' and 'Remove Results From Cart'
		Automatic work-around for missing gettext support.  Removed the 'missing gettext' option in Config.php
		Option (link toggle) to display group-specific properties in Group View (GroupMemberList.php)
		Person List also has the new Intersect and Remove cart operation buttons
		Batch Donation Entry now has a default date for conveniently entering donations with a non-current date.

		For DonationEditor, set a value for GET variable Batch to avoid ambiguity over whether it is set or not
		Page number links in SelectList did not include the filter, sort, and letter variables
		Fixed cart functions to avoid error accessing a non-existant array (fixes Person Delete bug with empty cart)
		Fixed weird handling of certain string characters (quotes, etc.)
		Fixed bug with many forms where slashes would appear in form textboxes after a failed form submit
		Security fix.  Added input filtering to a couple of overlooked files.
		OptionManager now correctly finds duplicate field names and has much improved error handling.
		Fixed handling of custom person field and group-specific property boolean form fields on form failure.
		Fixed handling of Donation Envelope form field on PersonEditor form failure.
		Person property assignments were not being deleted upon person delete.
		Fixed locale path bug that caused gettext to not work in reports or other scripts not in the root path
		Tried to improve label formatting for Avery types 5160,5161,5162 in class_fpdf_labels.php

2003-09-30	VERSION 1.2.4

		Internationalization using gettext interface
		Added Italian localization
		Session timeout feature.  See new setting in Config.php
		Mailing Label generation from cart contents (via CartView page)
		Directory Report - complete directory of all persons in the database
		Group Directory Report - directory of group members w/selectable group-specific properties
		Old-style (pre-1.2.0) navigation sidebar is now an option.  See new setting in Config.php

		Implemented complete user input validation
		Dozens of other checks and minor changes to enhance security
		Overhaul of UserPasswordChange.  See new related settings in Config.php
		New setting in Config.php allows you to specify valid server ports for HTTP and HTTPS.
		Warning on delete of a property type if there are properties using it.
		Updated to new version of JS popup calendar code.
		Eliminated use of lst_ID=4 for custom field type names
		Initial Pop-Up Help
		Various CSV Export enhancements:  Birth and Anniversary date filtering, "Individuals to Cart" output method, "export records for people in cart" option
		Persons can no longer be deleted if they have donation records
		Persons can no longer be deleted if they are users
		User Listing now uses standard full-name formatting function and names have links to PersonView
		View Donations page lists the receipt number in the table
		Update to JpGraph 1.13
		New vCard generation code: uses PEAR library Contact_Vcard_Build so you'll need PEAR installed and in your PHP path for this to work.
		Removed quoted full-names from mailto link generated in CartToGroup.  Having multiple addresses is still a kludge, however.
		Finally added Upgrade-from-* SQL scripts for the handful of people still using old pre-1.2.0 (beta) CVS snapshots.  They should import cleanly.
		New security option in Config.php allows certain queries to be limited to those with Finance permissions
		New security option in Config.php allows CSV Export and the new Directory Report to only be accessible by admins
		Family Listing now displays member first names to tell apart families with the same name and address.
		New default handling of PDF output causes browser to always prompt to save/open the file.  See Config.php
		You must now set your InfoCentral root path in Config.php.
		New $debug setting in Config.php allows you to turn off PHP error reporting for maximum security.
		InfoCentral now checks if PHP's register_globals setting is turned on and refuses to work if so.

		All known security holes fixed. (protection from malicious users only, login itself was still secure)
		PropertyTypeList should show delete links all for property types, regardless of properties using them.
		Eliminated a few remaining 'short open tags' in case people have PHP's short_open_tags turned off.
		Fixed a bug that caused SQL error when someone is added and removed from the cart and then a cart-to-group operation is performed.
		Fixed a similar SQL error with cart-to-group when adding a new group.
		Fixed a couple SQL syntax errors in the Upgrade-from-1.1.x.sql script.  I'm surprised nobody pointed these out before.
		Fixed non-printing of "BirthDate" in header of CSV Export if no "from" date range entered.
		Typo in OptionManagerRowOps caused up/down re-ordering to break in Classifications, Roles, etc. editors
		Fixed an SQL bug with CVS Export that caused improper last/family name sorting in some unusual cases.
		Fixed improper Redirect() behavior due to lack of reliable root path variable

2003-07-05	VERSION 1.2.3 RELEASED

		Beginnings of a user input validation system for security purposes

		Fixed major security issue in SelectList that allowed privilege escalation via SQL insertion.
		Fixed obvious typo bug in SelectDelete.php
		Fixed duplicate function name in QuerySQL.php, which caused error on load
		Fixed PersonEditor bugs resulting from careless mistake while adding 'State' textbox

2003-06-30	VERSION 1.2.2 RELEASED

		Fixed syntax errors in Upgrade-from-1.1.x.sql
		Changed column name in Upgrade-Helper.php to avoid old-CVS conflicts
		Redirect() function now determines whether using HTTPS, based upon the port number != 80.

2003-06-25	VERSION 1.2.1 RELEASED

		Added a Redirect() function that creates absolute URL from relative one and calls header()
		Added a RunQuery() function to standardize all mysql_query usage and error handling.
		New CartToGroup function allows selection of group role after a group is selected.
		Group Specific Properties and Custom Person field editors now check for duplicate names.
		When a non-US country is selected, a 'State' textbox value is stored instead of the drop-down

		Some property handling code had not been updated for the new r2p table schema.
		Bug in OptionManager.php caused error when Group Roles changes saved.
		Default password from Config.php needed convert to lowercase before use in UserReset/UserEditor

2003-06-12	VERSION 1.2.0 RELEASED

		There have been too many changes to list here.  The vast
		majority of the code has been re-written or re-tooled since
		1.1.2.  Many aspects of the interface have been greatly enhanced.

		Again, far too many to list here.
		*NOTICE* There have been many security holes fixed.  All older versions
		should be considered unsafe for untrusted networks and/or users.

		Group-Specific Properties
		Basic Donations Tracking and Reports
		Custom Person Fields
		Editable Selection Lists
		Enhanced List Views with pagination, sorting, and filtering
		Database Backup Utility

2002-05-20	VERSION 1.1.2 RELEASED

		*.php every line of code has been gone over and many small edits have been made
		FamilyView.php, PersonView.php photos can now be deleted from the browser
		HelpNotes.php updated some information

		CSVCreateFile.php fixed join error that was not selecting all records
		Help*.php added config line to fix mysql errors
		PersonDelete.php will delete user record also if person is a user
		PersonView.php added per_FirstName to order by clause on line 73
		UserEditor.php added </form> tag on line 246, fixed query error on line 31

		CSV Exports - is now open and ready for business
		/Include/Header.php added link to CSVExport under Reports menu near line 103
		CSVExport.php renamed to CSVCreateFile.php and highly modified
		CSVExport.php now contains a form for creating custom CSV exports and CSVCreateFile does
		the mysql queries and create the output file
		GroupView.php removed link to CSVExport.php on line 240

		Photos - photos can now be uploaded from the browser for any person or family record
		if the database user has the EditRecords permission.

2002-04-15	VERSION 1.1.1 RELEASED

		/SQL/Upgrade_1.1.sql typo fixed
		FamilyView.php, PersonView.php MapQuest links now open in new window
		FamilyView.php fixed HTML formatting on line 134, 136
		PersonView.php fixed HTML formatting on line 247, 249

		/Include/Header.php corrected link to SQL/Backup.sql file
		/SQL/Install.sql modified INSERT to fix error introduced with the Notes permission, line 292
		UserEditor.php fixed SQL error (introduced with the Notes permission) on line 35 and 76

		Installation Directory - settings have been altered so that InfoCentral can be installed
		anywhere on a server.
		/Help directory removed, all help files are now prefixed with "Help"
		/Include/Header.php removed absolute paths so that InfoCentral can be installed in any directory

		CSV Exports - not yet completed
		CSVExport.php fixed many small issues
		CSVGroupMembers.php was merged into CSVExport.php and deleated
		GroupView.php updated link to CSVExport.php on line 240, users with Manage Groups permission can use only

2002-03-03	VERSION 1.1 RELEASED

		added copyright to each file header
		/Docs directory added to store documentation
		/Docs/Readme.txt updated with new path to Install.sql
		/Include/gpl.txt updated with newest version and moved to /Docs/GPL.txt
		/SQL/InfoCentral.sql renamed to Install.sql
		.htaccess file added to make Default.php load as index (for apache users)

		/Images/spacer.gif renamed to Spacer.gif
		/SQL/Install.sql, fixed table name in line 199
		CSVExport.php modified near line 92, changed path
		CSVGroupMembers.php modified near line 47, changed path
		FamilyRoleManager.php modified near line 195, changed incorrect links
		FamilyView.php modified near line 186, fixed age calculation error
		PersonView.php modified near line 396, changed incorrect link

		Permission Bugs - Some users could modify data without permission, changes have
		been made in these files to fix it
		/Include/Header.php, any user could export cart to group
		CartView.php, any user could export cart to group
		FamilyView.php, any user could modify properties/classification
		GroupList.php, any user could add a new group
		PersonView.php, any user could remove someone from a group/modify properties

		Notes Permission - option was added for notes as these often contain sensitive
		/SQL/Install.sql usr_Notes field added to user_usr table
		Default.php, added notes option
		FamilyView.php, must have Notes permission to view, add or edit notes
		PersonView.php, must have Notes permission to view, add or edit notes
		UserEditor.php, added notes option

		Database Backup - if you are using a utility such as mysqldump to backup the
		database, this checks for a file called Backup.sql in the /SQL folder.
		/Include/Header.php, has new menu option for "Download Backup" under reports

		Maps - when viewing a person or family, there is a link to the mapquest map for
		that record.
		FamilyView.php, modified near line 88
		PersonView.php, modified near line 133

		Photos - photos can now be added to each family or person record, files
		currently have to be uploaded via FTP with their ID.jpg. Would be nice to have
		a way to do this from the screen right now.
		/Images/Family directory added to store photos
		/Images/Person directory added to store photos
		FamilyView.php, table has been added with a cell for photo
		PersonView.php, table has been added with a cell for photo
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