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<p>{blocktrans}The team behind {$project} is using
the <strong>git</strong> software to manage the source

<h3>{trans 'Command-Line Access'}</h3>

<p><kbd>git clone {$project.getSourceAccessUrl($user)}</kbd></p>

{aurl 'url', 'IDF_Views_User::myAccount'}
<p>{blocktrans}You may need to <a href="{$url}">provide your SSH key</a>. The synchronization of your SSH key can take a couple of minutes. You can learn more about <a href="http://www.google.com/search?q=public+ssh+key+authentication">SSH key authentification</a>.{/blocktrans}</p>

{if $isOwner or $isMember}
<h3>{trans 'First Commit'}</h3>

<p>{blocktrans}To make a first commit in the repository, perform the following steps:{/blocktrans}</p>

git init
git add .
git commit -m "initial import"
git remote add origin {$project.getWriteRemoteAccessUrl($url)}
git push origin master


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<div class="issue-submit-info">
<p>{blocktrans}Find here more details on how to access {$project} source code.{/blocktrans}</p>

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