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 * This code is part of the ImageMaker software (www.gerd-tentler.de/tools/imagemaker), copyright by
 * Gerd Tentler. Obtain permission before selling this code or hosting it on a commercial website or
 * redistributing it over the Internet or in any other medium. In all cases copyright must remain intact.

// available languages: de, en, pt-BR
$language = "en";

// image width (pixels)
$imgWidth = 480;

// image height (pixels)
$imgHeight = 230;

// image background color (RGB hexcode, e.g. "FFA080")
$imgBGColor = "FFFFAA";

// line color (RGB hexcode, e.g. "FFA080")
$lineColor = "FF8888";

// fill color (RGB hexcode, e.g. "FFA080")
$fillColor = "FFFFFF";

// editor background color
$editorBGColor = "buttonface";

// editor border (CSS-spec: "size style color")
$editorBorder = "2px groove #FFFFFF";

// editor font (CSS-spec: "style size family")
$editorFont = "normal 12px MS Sans Serif";

// ImageMaker web path, e.g. "[http://yourDomain/]imagemaker"
// only set this if ImageMaker doesn't view properly!
if(!isset($webPath)) $webPath = "";

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