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 * Language file: English
 * @author:  Florian "ApoY2k" Peschka <hide@address.com>
 * @package: apoy2k.ilp.wrynn.lib.lang
 * @license: CreativeCommons (by-nc-sa)
 * @version: 2.2

// ----------------------------------------- Global
// - Shared
$lang['page']['title']['user'] = 'iLP System .wrynn';

$lang['class']['deathknight']['title'] = 'Deathknight';
$lang['class']['deathknight']['deathknight1'] = 'Blood';
$lang['class']['deathknight']['deathknight2'] = 'Frost';
$lang['class']['deathknight']['deathknight3'] = 'Unholy';
$lang['class']['druid']['title'] = 'Druid';
$lang['class']['druid']['druid1'] = 'Balance';
$lang['class']['druid']['druid2'] = 'Feral combat';
$lang['class']['druid']['druid3'] = 'Restoration';
$lang['class']['hunter']['title'] = 'Hunter';
$lang['class']['hunter']['hunter1'] = 'Beast mastery';
$lang['class']['hunter']['hunter2'] = 'Marksman';
$lang['class']['hunter']['hunter3'] = 'Survival';
$lang['class']['mage']['title'] = 'Mage';
$lang['class']['mage']['mage1'] = 'Arcane';
$lang['class']['mage']['mage2'] = 'Fire';
$lang['class']['mage']['mage3'] = 'Frost';
$lang['class']['paladin']['title'] = 'Paladin';
$lang['class']['paladin']['paladin1'] = 'Holy';
$lang['class']['paladin']['paladin2'] = 'Protection';
$lang['class']['paladin']['paladin3'] = 'Retribution';
$lang['class']['priest']['title'] = 'Priest';
$lang['class']['priest']['priest1'] = 'Discipline';
$lang['class']['priest']['priest2'] = 'Holy';
$lang['class']['priest']['priest3'] = 'Shadow';
$lang['class']['rogue']['title'] = 'Rogue';
$lang['class']['rogue']['rogue1'] = 'Assassination';
$lang['class']['rogue']['rogue2'] = 'Combat';
$lang['class']['rogue']['rogue3'] = 'Subtlety';
$lang['class']['shaman']['title'] = 'Shaman';
$lang['class']['shaman']['shaman1'] = 'Elemntal combat';
$lang['class']['shaman']['shaman2'] = 'Enhancement';
$lang['class']['shaman']['shaman3'] = 'Restoration';
$lang['class']['warlock']['title'] = 'Warlock';
$lang['class']['warlock']['warlock1'] = 'Affliction';
$lang['class']['warlock']['warlock2'] = 'Demonology';
$lang['class']['warlock']['warlock3'] = 'Destruction';
$lang['class']['warrior']['title'] = 'Warrior';
$lang['class']['warrior']['warrior1'] = 'Arms';
$lang['class']['warrior']['warrior2'] = 'Furry';
$lang['class']['warrior']['warrior3'] = 'Protection';

$lang['date']['mo'] = 'Mo';
$lang['date']['tu'] = 'Tu';
$lang['date']['we'] = 'We';
$lang['date']['th'] = 'Th';
$lang['date']['fr'] = 'Fr';
$lang['date']['sa'] = 'Sa';
$lang['date']['su'] = 'Su';

$lang['date']['january'] = 'January';
$lang['date']['february'] = 'February';
$lang['date']['march'] = 'March';
$lang['date']['april'] = 'April';
$lang['date']['may'] = 'May';
$lang['date']['june'] = 'June';
$lang['date']['july'] = 'July';
$lang['date']['august'] = 'August';
$lang['date']['september'] = 'September';
$lang['date']['october'] = 'October';
$lang['date']['november'] = 'November';
$lang['date']['december'] = 'December';

// - Officer pages
$lang['page']['title']['officer'] = 'Offizierbereich - '.$lang['page']['title']['user'];

// ----------------------------------------- Commonly used
// - Shared
$lang['page']['itemid'] = 'Item-ID';
$lang['page']['itemidnote'] = 'If you have problems finding an Item-ID, you might find some help in the <a href="?ilp='.ilpUrlEncode('help').'#itemid">F.A.Q.</a>';
$lang['page']['back'] = 'Back';
$lang['page']['choose'] = '-- Choose --';
$lang['page']['unknown'] = 'Unknown';
$lang['page']['datetime'] = 'Date / Time';
$lang['page']['action'] = 'Action';
$lang['page']['actor'] = 'Actor';
$lang['page']['result'] = 'Result';
$lang['page']['location'] = 'Location';
$lang['page']['level'] = 'Level';
$lang['page']['reportbug'] = 'Report bug';

// - Officer pages
$lang['page']['yes'] = 'Yes';
$lang['page']['no'] = 'No';
$lang['page']['delete'] = 'Delete';

// ----------------------------------------- Top navigation
// - Shared
$lang['page']['navi']['start'] = 'Main';
$lang['page']['navi']['search'] = 'Search';
$lang['page']['navi']['complete'] = 'All lists';
$lang['page']['navi']['settings'] = 'Settings';
$lang['page']['navi']['contact'] = 'Contact';
$lang['page']['navi']['help'] = 'Help';

// - User pages
$lang['page']['navi']['officer'] = 'Officer';

// - Officer pages
$lang['page']['navi']['users'] = 'Users';
$lang['page']['navi']['events'] = 'Events';
$lang['page']['navi']['system'] = 'System';
$lang['page']['navi']['reqs'] = 'Requests';

// ----------------------------------------- Main menu
// - User pages
$lang['page']['menu']['main'] = 'Menu';
$lang['page']['menu']['login'] = 'Login';
$lang['page']['menu']['list'] = 'Show list';
$lang['page']['menu']['reqs'] = 'Show requests';
$lang['page']['menu']['events'] = 'Show events';
$lang['page']['menu']['logout'] = 'Logout';
$lang['page']['menu']['statistics'] = 'Statistics';
$lang['page']['menu']['show_all'] = 'All statistics';

// - Officer pages
$lang['page']['menu']['locked']['header'] = 'List lock';
$lang['page']['menu']['locked']['text'] = '<b>All</b> lists are currently locked.';
$lang['page']['menu']['locked']['unlock'] = 'Unlock';

$lang['page']['menu']['create_event'] = 'Create event';
$lang['page']['menu']['edit_event'] = 'Edit event';
$lang['page']['menu']['loot_item'] = 'Add loot';
$lang['page']['menu']['edit_type'] = 'Event types';
$lang['page']['menu']['add_type'] = 'Create event type';
$lang['page']['menu']['create_user'] = 'Register user';
$lang['page']['menu']['edit_user'] = 'Edit user';
$lang['page']['menu']['log'] = 'Action log';
$lang['page']['menu']['caches'] = 'Reset caches';
$lang['page']['menu']['frontend'] = 'Back';
$lang['page']['menu']['back'] = 'Show iLP';

// ----------------------------------------- Error messages
// - Shared
$lang['error']['header'] = 'Please fill out the marked forms correctly!';
$lang['error']['note'] = 'Click on a message to edit it directly';

$lang['error']['occur'] = 'An error has occurred';
$lang['error']['contactadmin'] = 'Please send the following information to the admin (or the bug report tool) to help us fix it.';

$lang['error']['notempty'] = 'This field must not be empty!';
$lang['error']['number'] = 'This field must be a number!';
$lang['error']['db']['write'] = 'Writing to the database was not done correctly';
$lang['error']['itemid'] = 'Please define an Item-ID';
$lang['error']['confirm'] = 'Please enter the confirmation correctly';
$lang['error']['incomplete'] = 'The form was not filled completely';
$lang['error']['duplicate'] = 'This item is already in the list.';
$lang['error']['password'] = 'The password does not match the database.';

$lang['error']['noloot']['header'] = 'No loot found';
$lang['error']['noloot']['text'] = 'This player has not yet recieved any loot.';

$lang['error']['noitems']['header'] = 'No items found';
$lang['error']['noitems']['text'] = 'This play hasn\'t got any items on his list.';

$lang['error']['information'] = 'Error information';

// - Officer pages
$lang['error']['noaccess'] = 'You don\'t have sufficient rights to view this page!';

// ----------------------------------------- Start page
// - User pages
$lang['welcome']['header']['user'] = 'Welcome to the iLP-System of';

$lang['welcome']['loots'] = 'Latest loot';
$lang['welcome']['events'] = 'Latest events';
$lang['welcome']['news'] = 'iLP-News';

// - Officer pages
$lang['welcome']['header']['officer'] = 'Welcome to the officer\'s panel';

$lang['welcome']['text'][0] = 'This panel gives you all the tools you need for administrating and supervising anything in and about your iLP.';
$lang['welcome']['text'][1] = 'The most commonly used functions are located to the left. For more information about each section, take a look inside.';

$lang['welcome']['version']['header'] = 'New version available!';
$lang['welcome']['version']['text'] = 'The iLP version you are using is deprecated. Please download the patch and follow the instructions in the readme.';
$lang['welcome']['version']['download'] = 'Download patch';

$lang['welcome']['loots'] = 'Latest loot';
$lang['welcome']['events'] = 'Latest events';

// ----------------------------------------- Requests
$lang['reqs']['sent_date'] = 'Sent on';
$lang['reqs']['type'] = 'Type';
$lang['reqs']['status']['sent'] = 'Queued';
$lang['reqs']['status']['read'] = 'In process';
$lang['reqs']['status']['edit'] = 'Done';

// ----------------------------------------- Login
$lang['login']['header'] = 'Login';
$lang['login']['text'] = 'If you already have an account, login to view and edit your list and requests.';
$lang['login']['form'] = 'Login-Form';
$lang['login']['username'] = 'Username';
$lang['login']['usernote'] = 'Your username. If you forgot it, please contact the <a href="?ilp='.ilpUrlEncode('contact').'">Administrator</a>.';
$lang['login']['password'] = 'Password';
$lang['login']['passnote'] = 'Your password. If you forgot it, please contact the <a href="?ilp='.ilpUrlEncode('contact').'">Administrator</a>.';
$lang['login']['cookie'] = 'Create cookie';
$lang['login']['cookiespan'] = 'Stay logged in';
$lang['login']['cookienote'] = 'If you check this, you will always be logged in upon revisiting the page. (Don\'t check this if you\'re on a computer used by more users)';

$lang['login']['error']['password'] = 'Incorrect password';
$lang['login']['error']['username'] = 'The users is not registered';

$lang['officer']['login']['header'] = 'Officer login';
$lang['officer']['login']['note'] = 'Please enter your password to access the officer\'s panel. If you forgot you password, contact the <a href="?ilp='.ilpUrlEncode('contact').'">Administrator</a>.';

// ----------------------------------------- Show list
// - Shared
$lang['list']['player'] = 'Player';
$lang['list']['item'] = 'Item';
$lang['list']['points'] = 'Points';
$lang['list']['date'] = 'Date';
$lang['list']['event'] = 'Event';
$lang['list']['options'] = 'Options';

$lang['list']['navi']['home'] = 'Your list';
$lang['list']['navi']['add'] = 'Add item';
$lang['list']['navi']['delete'] = 'Delete item';
$lang['list']['navi']['change'] = 'Change item';
$lang['list']['navi']['req'] = 'Request item change';

$lang['list']['locked']['header'] = 'Locked';
$lang['list']['locked']['text'] = 'Your list is currently locked. You may not edit, delete or change items until the lock is removed by an officer.';

$lang['list']['home']['text'][0] = 'This is your item list. You get points on every item on this list for attending in an event.';
$lang['list']['home']['text'][1] = 'You may edit all items as you wish, but mind the notes if you edit one!';
$lang['list']['home']['full'] = 'List full';
$lang['list']['home']['lock'] = 'No more items allowed';
$lang['list']['home']['add'] = 'Add new item';
$lang['list']['home']['delete'] = 'Delete this item from your list';
$lang['list']['home']['change'] = 'Change this item to an other one (Note: The points will be reset!)';
$lang['list']['home']['req'] = 'Request the change of this item to an other one, without a point reset';

$lang['list']['add']['header'] = 'Add new item';

$lang['list']['delete']['info']['header'] = 'You are about to delete an item!';
$lang['list']['delete']['info']['text'][0] = 'Are you sure you want to delete ';
$lang['list']['delete']['info']['text'][1] = ' of your list?';
$lang['list']['delete']['info']['text'][2] = 'This will delete the selected item and reset any points gained for it. They will not be refunded, even if you add the same item afterwards.';

$lang['list']['delete']['confirm']['head'] = 'Confirm deletion';
$lang['list']['delete']['confirm']['delete'] = 'Delete';
$lang['list']['delete']['confirm']['note'] = 'Enter <strong>'.$lang['list']['delete']['confirm']['delete'].'</strong> to confirm the deletion of this item.';
$lang['list']['delete']['confirm']['error'] = 'Please enter <strong>'.$lang['list']['delete']['confirm']['delete'].'</strong> to delete the item.';

$lang['list']['change']['info']['header'] = 'Note on gained points';
$lang['list']['change']['info']['text'][0] = 'If you change ';
$lang['list']['change']['info']['text'][1] = ' you will loose all points gained for it. The will <strong>not</strong> be added to the new item.';

$lang['list']['change']['new'] = 'New Item-ID';
$lang['list']['change']['note'] = 'Enter the new Item-ID.';

$lang['list']['req']['info']['header'] = 'Notes on this functionality';
$lang['list']['req']['info']['text'][0] = 'Using this feature, you send a request to an officer to change ';
$lang['list']['req']['info']['text'][1] = ' to the new one entered by you. This gives you a chance of changing an item without loosing the points or correcting wrong points.';
$lang['list']['req']['info']['text'][2] = 'The officers recieve your note and may (or, of course, may not) make the changes you requested.';
$lang['list']['req']['header'] = 'Enter message';
$lang['list']['req']['message'] = 'Message';
$lang['list']['req']['messagenote'] = 'A short message to the officers on why you want the item to be changed.';
$lang['list']['req']['submit'] = 'Send request';

// ----------------------------------------- Requests
// - Shared
$lang['reqs']['navi']['details'] = 'View details';

$lang['reqs']['detail']['old_char'] = 'Old Characterdata';
$lang['reqs']['detail']['new_char'] = 'New Characterdata';
$lang['reqs']['detail']['old_item'] = 'Old Item';
$lang['reqs']['detail']['new_item'] = 'New Item';

$lang['reqs']['detail']['edit']['msg'] = 'Answer';

$lang['reqs']['detail']['read']['head']	= 'This request was read';
$lang['reqs']['detail']['read']['date']	= 'On';
$lang['reqs']['detail']['read']['by']	= 'By';

$lang['reqs']['detail']['edit']['head'] = 'This request was processed';
$lang['reqs']['detail']['edit']['date'] = 'On';
$lang['reqs']['detail']['edit']['by'] = 'By';

$lang['reqs']['type']['item'] = 'Change item without penalty';
$lang['reqs']['type']['char'] = 'Change character';

// - User pages
$lang['reqs']['navi']['home'] = 'Your requests';

$lang['reqs']['info']['header'] = 'Note';
$lang['reqs']['info']['text'] = 'You have not yet sent any requests.';

$lang['reqs']['home']['text'] = 'These are all the requests you sent to the officers and their current state of process.';
$lang['reqs']['home']['sent'] = 'Request was sent but not yet read.';
$lang['reqs']['home']['read'] = 'An officer has read the request.';
$lang['reqs']['home']['edit'] = 'The request was processed and you should recieve an answer soon.';

$lang['reqs']['detail']['show'] = 'Show request';
$lang['reqs']['detail']['type'] = 'Type';
$lang['reqs']['detail']['values'] = 'Data';

// - Officer pages
$lang['reqs']['navi']['show'] = 'Show request';

$lang['reqs']['error'] = 'No requests found';

$lang['reqs']['status']['sent'] = 'Queued';
$lang['reqs']['status']['read'] = 'In process';
$lang['reqs']['status']['edit'] = 'Done';

$lang['reqs']['info']['sent'] = 'Request was sent but not yet read.';
$lang['reqs']['info']['read'] = 'An officer has read the request.';
$lang['reqs']['info']['edit'] = 'The request was processed and an answer was sent to the user.';

$lang['reqs']['sent_date'] = 'Sent on';
$lang['reqs']['sent_by'] = 'Sent by';
$lang['reqs']['type'] = 'Type';

$lang['reqs']['detail']['type'] = 'Type';
$lang['reqs']['detail']['values'] = 'Data';
$lang['reqs']['detail']['message'] = 'Message';
$lang['reqs']['detail']['edit_req'] = 'Mark request as done';

$lang['reqs']['detail']['answer'] = 'Answer';
$lang['reqs']['detail']['answernote'] = 'Answer to the user who sent the request';

// ----------------------------------------- Users
// - Officer pages
$lang['users']['navi']['home'] = 'Edit user';
$lang['users']['navi']['addevent'] = 'Add to event';

$lang['users']['list']['add']['value'] = 'Starting value';
$lang['users']['list']['add']['valuenote'] = 'One time bonus on points on the item. This bonus will only be given once on adding the item.';

$lang['users']['list']['delete']['info']['header'] = 'You are about to delete an item!';
$lang['users']['list']['delete']['info']['text'][0] = 'Are you sure you want to delete ';
$lang['users']['list']['delete']['info']['text'][1] = ' of the user\'s list?';
$lang['users']['list']['delete']['info']['text'][2] = 'This will reset any points gained for this item and the user will not be refunden even if he adds the same item afterwards.';
$lang['users']['list']['delete']['confirm']['head'] = 'Confirm deletion';

$lang['users']['list']['delete']['confirm']['delete'] = 'Delete';

$lang['users']['list']['delete']['confirm']['note'] = 'Enter <strong>'.$lang['page']['delete'].'</strong> to confirm the deletion.';
$lang['users']['list']['delete']['confirm']['error'] = 'Enter <strong>'.$lang['page']['delete'].'<\\/strong> to confirm the deletion';

$lang['users']['list']['edit']['note'] = 'Enter the Item-ID of the new item.';
$lang['users']['list']['edit']['value'] = 'New value';
$lang['users']['list']['edit']['valuenote'] = 'New points for the item.';

$lang['users']['create']['pw'] = 'Password';
$lang['users']['create']['pwnote'] = 'The password will be generated automatically and sent to the user\'s email.';

$lang['users']['create']['email']['subject'] = 'Your account in the iLP-System of '.$_SESSION['config']['guild_name'];
$lang['users']['create']['email']['message'] = 'You were registered in the iLP-System of '.$_SESSION['config']['guild_name'].' erstellt.\n\nTo login, use the following data. Please immediately change your password after the first login:\n\n';
$lang['users']['create']['email']['password'] = 'Password (generated automatically)';
$lang['users']['create']['email']['note']  = 'This email was generated automatically. Please to not reply to it and instead contact the iLP-System\'s administrator directly.';

$lang['users']['create']['char']['class'] = 'Class &amp; talents';
$lang['users']['create']['char']['classnote'] = 'Class and talents of the character.';
$lang['users']['create']['char']['name'] = 'Charactername';
$lang['users']['create']['char']['namenote'] = 'The name of the character.';

$lang['users']['events']['add']['eventname'] = 'Choose event';
$lang['users']['events']['add']['namenote'] = 'Choose the event you want to add the user to.';
$lang['users']['events']['add']['points'] = 'Adjust points';
$lang['users']['events']['add']['pointnote'] = 'How many points should the user recieve on <b>his current</b> list for attending this event?';
$lang['users']['events']['add']['error'] = 'The player already attended this event.';

$lang['users']['show']['error']['header'] = 'No users found';
$lang['users']['show']['error']['text']  = 'No registered users could be found.';

// ----------------------------------------- User settings
// - Shared
$lang['settings']['navi']['home'] = 'Settings';

$lang['settings']['username'] = 'Username';
$lang['settings']['new_pw'] = 'New password';
$lang['settings']['pw_confirm'] = 'Confirm password';
$lang['settings']['pw_confirmnote'] = 'Enter the new password again to confirm it';

// - User pages
$lang['settings']['text'] = 'These settings allow you to change many user-specific options. Changing some will require you to login again.';

$lang['settings']['old_pw']['head'] = 'Current password';
$lang['settings']['old_pw']['text'] = 'Enter your current password to save changed settings.';
$lang['settings']['usernote'] = 'This is your username used to login.<br />Changing it will require you to login again!';
$lang['settings']['pwnote'] = 'If you want to change you password, enter a new one. If you don\'t, leave this field blank.<br />Changing your password will require you to login again!';
$lang['settings']['email'] = 'E-Mail adress';
$lang['settings']['mailnote'] = 'The e-mail adress you will recieve notes by the system of the officers to.';
$lang['settings']['lang'] = 'Language';
$lang['settings']['langnote'] = 'Display language of the system.';
$lang['settings']['tooltip'] = 'Tooltip language';
$lang['settings']['tipnote'] = 'Display language of the item tooltips';

$lang['settings']['submit'] = 'Save changes';

$lang['settings']['char']['text'] = 'If you want to change you character, it must be done by an officer for safety reasons.<br />Filling this form will send a new request to do so.';
$lang['settings']['char']['header'] = 'Character change';
$lang['settings']['char']['current'] = 'Your character';
$lang['settings']['char']['newclass'] = 'New class &amp; talents';
$lang['settings']['char']['classnote'] = 'A change of the class and/or talents of your character';
$lang['settings']['char']['newname'] = 'New name';
$lang['settings']['char']['namenote'] = 'The new name of your character';
$lang['settings']['char']['msgnote'] = 'A short message to the officers on why you want to change your character.';

$lang['settings']['success']['head'] = 'Changes saved';
$lang['settings']['success']['text'] = 'Your new settings were saved. Please <a href="logout.php">login again</a> if you changed your username and/or password.';

$lang['settings']['info']['head'] = 'No changes were made';
$lang['settings']['info']['text'] = 'You haven\'t made any changes, so all remains as it was.';

// - Officer pages
$lang['search']['user']['settings']['username'] = 'Username';
$lang['search']['user']['settings']['usernote']   = 'This name is used to login to the system.';
$lang['search']['user']['settings']['new_pw'] = 'New password';
$lang['search']['user']['settings']['pwnote'] = 'If you want to change the user\'s password, enter a new one. Otherwise leave this field blank.';
$lang['search']['user']['settings']['email'] = 'E-Mail adress';
$lang['search']['user']['settings']['mailnote'] = 'Any system messages will be sent to this email adress.';
$lang['search']['user']['settings']['submit'] = 'Save changes';
$lang['search']['user']['settings']['char']['current'] = 'Character';
$lang['search']['user']['settings']['char']['newclass'] = 'New class &amp; talents';
$lang['search']['user']['settings']['char']['classnote'] = 'The new class and talents for this user\'s character.';
$lang['search']['user']['settings']['char']['newname'] = 'New charactername';
$lang['search']['user']['settings']['char']['namenote'] = 'The new name of the character.';
$lang['search']['user']['settings']['officer'] = 'Officer access';
$lang['search']['user']['settings']['officernote'] = 'Is this user allowed to access the officer\'s panel?';
$lang['search']['user']['settings']['correction'] = 'Adjust points';
$lang['search']['user']['settings']['correctionnote'] = 'This will adjust all points on the user\'s list by the value set in.<br />Negative values are allowed.';

$lang['search']['user']['deleteuser'] = 'Delete user';

$lang['search']['user']['delete']['confirm']['note'] = 'Enter <strong>'.$lang['page']['delete'].'</strong> to confirm the deletion of the user\'s access. All data about the user will still be active (unless you check the box below).';
$lang['search']['user']['delete']['complete'] = 'Complete deletion';
$lang['search']['user']['delete']['completenote'] = 'All items, event attends, loots and any other records of the user will also be deleted. This will result in a complete deletion without the possibility to recover the user.';
$lang['search']['user']['delete']['confirm']['error'] = 'Enter <strong>'.$lang['page']['delete'].'</strong> to confirm the deletion';

$lang['search']['user']['addevent'] = 'Add to event';
$lang['search']['user']['events_error'] = 'There are no events the user could attend.';

$lang['search']['user']['islocked']['unlock'] = 'Unlock list';
$lang['search']['user']['unlocked']['lock'] = 'Lock list';

// ----------------------------------------- System settings
// - Officer pages
$lang['system']['navi']['home'] = 'System settings';

$lang['system']['save'] = 'Save changes';

$lang['system']['settings']['language'] = 'Language';
$lang['system']['settings']['lang_system'] = 'System language';
$lang['system']['settings']['lang_systemnote'] = 'The display language of the while system. Users may change this individually.';
$lang['system']['settings']['lang_tooltip'] = 'Tooltip language';
$lang['system']['settings']['lang_tooltipnote'] = 'The language of the tooltips and item names. Users may change this individually.';

$lang['system']['settings']['guild'] = 'Guild settings';
$lang['system']['settings']['guild_name'] = 'Guild name';
$lang['system']['settings']['guild_namenote'] = 'The name of your guild.<br /><b>Warning:</b> Please watch for correct spelling or there will be errors with the player tooltips.';
$lang['system']['settings']['guild_realm'] = 'Realm';
$lang['system']['settings']['guild_realmnote'] = 'The realm of your guild.<br /><b>Warning:</b> Please watch for correct spelling or there will be errors with the player tooltips.';
$lang['system']['settings']['guild_region'] = 'Region';
$lang['system']['settings']['guild_regionnote'] = 'WoW-Serverregion of the realm.';

$lang['system']['settings']['display'] = 'Show';
$lang['system']['settings']['display_loots'] = 'Latest loot';
$lang['system']['settings']['display_lootsnote'] = 'How many entries for the latest loot should be display on the front page?';
$lang['system']['settings']['display_events'] = 'Latest events';
$lang['system']['settings']['display_eventsnote'] = 'How many entries for the latest events should be display on the front page?';

$lang['system']['list'] = 'Lists';
$lang['system']['settings']['list_slots'] = 'List slots';
$lang['system']['settings']['list_slotsnote'] = 'The amount of slots for each user\'s list he can fill with items.';

$lang['system']['log']['header'] = 'Show actionlog';
$lang['system']['log']['date'] = 'Date &amp; time';
$lang['system']['log']['actor'] = 'Actor';
$lang['system']['log']['victim'] = 'Victim';
$lang['system']['log']['action'] = 'Action';
$lang['system']['log']['values'] = 'Data';
$lang['system']['log']['order'] = 'Filter settings';
$lang['system']['log']['show'] = 'show';
$lang['system']['log']['shownot'] = 'dont\'t show';
$lang['system']['log']['showtime'] = 'Actions between:';
$lang['system']['log']['showactor'] = 'Actions from actor';
$lang['system']['log']['showvictim'] = 'Actions with victim';
$lang['system']['log']['showaction'] = 'Action types';
$lang['system']['log']['maxlogs'] = 'Maximum logs';
$lang['system']['log']['refresh'] = 'Refresh';
$lang['system']['log']['all'] = 'All';
$lang['system']['log']['datenote'] = '<b>Warning:</b> Please use the standard date format <b>YYYY-MM-DD</b>!';
$lang['system']['log']['maxlogsnote'] = '<b>Warning:</b> Big numbers in this field may cause the page to load very slowly and long!';

$lang['system']['log']['error'] = 'No matched actions were found with these settings.';

// ----------------------------------------- Clear caches
// - Officer pages
$lang['system']['caches']['header'] = 'Clear caches';
$lang['system']['caches']['text'] = 'This function will clear the item and player cache, thus refreshing broken item links or missing player tooltips.';

$lang['system']['caches']['itemcache'] = 'The item cache saves the names and qualiy of any item ever entered in the iLP. Clearing this cache will cause all items to be loaded directly from wowhead.<br /><b>Warning:</b> If you clear this cache and load a page with items on it, it will take a long time before the items appear. This is totally normal and doesn\'t mean anything is broken!';
$lang['system']['caches']['deleteitemcache'] = 'Clear item cache';

$lang['system']['caches']['playercache'] = 'The player tooltips are loaded from <a href="http://armorylite.com">ArmoryLite</a>. Sometimes though a player is not yet registered in ArmoryLite. To refresh all players currently registered in the iLP, this cache loads all players into the ArmoryLite-Database once.';
$lang['system']['caches']['deleteplayercache'] = 'Clear player cache';

$lang['system']['caches']['done'] = 'Cache successfully cleared';
$lang['system']['caches']['wait'] = 'Please wait...';

$lang['system']['caches']['nousers'] = 'No users found';
$lang['system']['caches']['nostep'] = 'No step given';
$lang['system']['caches']['caching'] = 'Loading player ';
$lang['system']['caches']['success'] = 'Finished';
$lang['system']['caches']['fileloaderror'] = 'URL couldn\'t be loaded';

$lang['system']['caches']['scripterror'] = 'Please activate <strong>JavaScript</strong>, to be able to use this function!';

// ----------------------------------------- Action log
// - Officer pages
$lang['log']['user_add_item_to_list'] = 'User: Add item';
$lang['log']['user_delete_item_from_list'] = 'User: Delete item';
$lang['log']['user_edit_item_of_list'] = 'User: Change item';
$lang['log']['user_req_item_sent'] = 'User: Sent request for item change';
$lang['log']['user_search_for_item'] = 'User: Search item';
$lang['log']['user_search_for_user'] = 'User: Show profile';
$lang['log']['user_edit_login'] = 'User: Change username';
$lang['log']['user_edit_pw'] = 'User: Change password';
$lang['log']['user_edit_email'] = 'User: Change E-Mail adress';
$lang['log']['user_edit_lang'] = 'User: Change language';
$lang['log']['user_edit_tooltip'] = 'User: Change tooltip language';
$lang['log']['user_req_char'] = 'User: Sent request for character change';

$lang['log']['officer_change_item_value'] = 'Officer: Change item value';
$lang['log']['officer_change_event'] = 'Officer: Edit event';
$lang['log']['officer_delete_loot'] = 'Officer: Delete loot';
$lang['log']['officer_add_loot'] = 'Officer: Add loot';
$lang['log']['officer_delete_attend'] = 'Officer: Delete attendant';
$lang['log']['officer_edit_attend'] = 'Officer: Edit attendant';
$lang['log']['officer_add_attend'] = 'Officer: Add attendant';
$lang['log']['officer_lock_all_lists'] = 'Officer: Lock all lists';
$lang['log']['officer_create_event'] = 'Officer: Create event';
$lang['log']['officer_delete_event'] = 'Officer: Delete event';
$lang['log']['officer_unlock_all_lists'] = 'Officer: Unlock all lists';
$lang['log']['officer_create_eventtype'] = 'Officer: Create event type';
$lang['log']['officer_edit_eventtype'] = 'Officer: Edit event type';
$lang['log']['officer_delete_eventtype'] = 'Officer: Delete event type';
$lang['log']['officer_read_req'] = 'Officer: Read request';
$lang['log']['officer_edit_req'] = 'Officer: Edit request';
$lang['log']['officer_search_for_item'] = 'Officer: Search item';
$lang['log']['officer_search_for_user'] = 'Officer: Show profile';
$lang['log']['officer_change_system'] = 'Officer: Change system settings';
$lang['log']['officer_lock_list'] = 'Officer: Lock list';
$lang['log']['officer_unlock_list'] = 'Officer: Unlock list';
$lang['log']['officer_add_item'] = 'Officer: Add item';
$lang['log']['officer_delete_item'] = 'Officer: Delete item';
$lang['log']['officer_edit_item_id'] = 'Officer: Edit Item-ID';
$lang['log']['officer_delete_char'] = 'Officer: Delete user completely';
$lang['log']['officer_delete_user'] = 'Officer: Delete user access';
$lang['log']['officer_set_correction'] = 'Officer: Adjust list points';
$lang['log']['officer_edit_password'] = 'Officer: Change password';
$lang['log']['officer_edit_settings'] = 'Officer: Change user\'s settings';

// ----------------------------------------- Search
// - Shared
$lang['search']['navi']['home'] = 'Search';
$lang['search']['navi']['items'] = 'Resulst for item';

$lang['search']['home']['text'] = 'Search the whole iLP-System for any items.';
$lang['search']['home']['header'] = 'Search for items';
$lang['search']['home']['desc'] = 'Enter the Item-ID of the item to be searched for.';

$lang['search']['results']['list'] = 'These players currently have the item on their lists';
$lang['search']['results']['loot'] = 'The item was loot on following events';

$lang['search']['user']['header'] = 'Profile of';
$lang['search']['user']['events'] = 'attended following events';
$lang['search']['user']['loots'] = 'recieved these items';

$lang['search']['error']['header'] = 'No results';
$lang['search']['error']['text'] = 'Your search didn\'t match results';

// ----------------------------------------- Events
// - Shared
$lang['events']['navi']['home'] = 'Show events';
$lang['events']['loot']['header'] = 'Looted items';
$lang['events']['players']['header'] = 'Attending players';

$lang['events']['loot'][0] = 'recieved';
$lang['events']['loot'][1] = 'for';

$lang['events']['error']['header'] = 'Note';
$lang['events']['error']['loot'] = 'There was no loot on this event.';
$lang['events']['error']['players'] = 'There were no players attending this event.';

// - User pages
$lang['events']['navi']['details'][0] = 'Show details for ';
$lang['events']['navi']['details'][1] = '';

$lang['events']['home']['text'][0] = 'Events are considered e.g. raids or any other action players get points for doing.';
$lang['events']['home']['text'][1] = 'This is a list of all events you attended and the amount of points (in braces) you got for attending them.';

$lang['events']['error']['text'] = 'You haven\'t yet attended any events.';

// - Officer pages
$lang['events']['addusernote']['info'] = 'Add the player to this event\'s attendants';
$lang['events']['deleteuser']['info'] = 'Delete the player of this event';
$lang['events']['deleteloot']['info'] = 'Delete the loot of this event';
$lang['events']['editloot']['info'] = 'Edit this loot\'s details';
$lang['events']['addloot']['info'] = 'Add loot';

$lang['events']['navi']['edit'][0] = 'Edit event';
$lang['events']['navi']['edit'][1] = '';

$lang['events']['error']['no_events'] = 'No evens found.';

$lang['events']['details']['eventtype'] = 'Event type';
$lang['events']['details']['typenote'] = 'Edit the type of this event.';
$lang['events']['details']['comment'] = 'Comment';
$lang['events']['details']['commentnote'] = 'A short commentary on this event, e.g. killed bosses etc.';
$lang['events']['details']['date'] = 'Date';
$lang['events']['details']['datenote'] = 'The date this event happened.<br /><b>Warning:</b>Please use the standard date format <b>YYYY-MM-DD</b>!';
$lang['events']['details']['dateerror'] = 'The date is not in the correct format <b>YYYY-MM-DD</b>';
$lang['events']['details']['value'] = 'Points';
$lang['events']['details']['valuenote'] = 'Amount of points all attending players recieve for this event on their <b>current</b> lists.';

$lang['events']['create']['note'] = 'Upon creation of an event, all lists will be locked, so players may not edit their lists during the event.<br />During the event, you can add loot anytime.<br />After the event has ended, add all attending players to it and they will recieve the points on their lists.<br /><br />After that, you can unlock all lists.';
$lang['events']['create']['typeerror'] = 'Please select an event type. You probably have to <a href="'.ilpUrlEncode('eventtypes;add').'">create</a> one first.';

$lang['events']['delete']['header']  = 'Delete event';
$lang['events']['delete']['confirm'] = 'Enter <strong>'.$lang['page']['delete'].'</strong> to confirm the deletion of this event.';
$lang['events']['delete']['note']  = '<br />This will reset the points the attendants recieved for this event from their current lists.';

$lang['events']['deleteloot']['confirm']['header'] = 'Delete loot';
$lang['events']['deleteloot']['confirm']['note'] = 'Enter <strong>'.$lang['page']['delete'].'</strong> to confirm the deletion of this loot.';
$lang['events']['deleteloot']['confirm']['jsnote'] = 'Enter <strong>'.$lang['page']['delete'].'<\\/strong> to confirm the deletion of this loot.';

$lang['events']['addloot']['event'] = 'Event';
$lang['events']['addloot']['eventnote'] = 'The event this loot should be added to.';
$lang['events']['addloot']['user'] = 'Player';
$lang['events']['addloot']['usernote'] = 'The player recieveng the loot.';
$lang['events']['addloot']['itemerror'] = 'This loot is not on the player\'s list';

$lang['events']['adduser']['header'] = 'Add attendant';

$lang['events']['deleteuser']['header'] = 'Delete attendant';
$lang['events']['deleteuser']['confirm'] = 'Enter <strong>'.$lang['page']['delete'].'</strong> to confirm the deletion of this attendant.';
$lang['events']['deleteuser']['jsconfirm'] = 'Enter <strong>'.$lang['page']['delete'].'</strong> to confirm the deletion of this attendant.';
$lang['events']['deleteuser']['note']  = '<br />The points the player recieved for this event will be reset from his <b>current</b> list!';

$lang['events']['edituser']['header'] = 'Edit value';
$lang['events']['edituser']['note'] = 'The amount of points attendants recieve for this event on their <b>current</b> list.';

$lang['events']['users']['header'] = 'Add multiple attendants';
$lang['events']['users']['text'] = 'Check all attendants for this event. They will automatically recieve the points of this event.';
$lang['events']['users']['error'] = 'You have to add at least one attendant!';

// ----------------------------------------- Event types
// - Officer pages
$lang['types']['size_error'] = 'The icon is too big. A maximum of 10kB is allowed.';
$lang['types']['dimension_error'] = 'The dimensions of the icon are too large. The maximum dimensions are 30x30 pixels.';

$lang['types']['show']['header'] = 'Edit event types';
$lang['types']['show']['count'] = 'Used by events';

$lang['types']['none']['header'] = 'No event types found';
$lang['types']['none']['text'] = 'There are currently no event types. You should <a href="?ilp='.ilpUrlEncode('eventtypes;add').'">create</a> one, before creating new events.';

$lang['types']['edit']['header'] = 'Edit event type';
$lang['types']['edit']['old_icon'] = 'Old image';
$lang['types']['edit']['old_iconnote'] = 'If you select a new image for this event type, the old one will be deleted.';
$lang['types']['edit']['icon'] = 'New image';
$lang['types']['edit']['iconnote'] = 'If you leave this field blank, the old image will be used.';

$lang['types']['delete']['error']['header'] = 'Deleting not possible';
$lang['types']['delete']['error']['text'] = 'You cannot delete this event type, as it is used by some events. You have to switch these events\' types first.';
$lang['types']['delete']['header'] = 'Delete event type';
$lang['types']['delete']['confirm']['note'] = 'Enter <strong>'.$lang['page']['delete'].'</strong> to confirm deleting this event type.';
$lang['types']['delete']['confirm']['error'] = 'Enter <strong>'.$lang['page']['delete'].'</strong> to confirm deleting this event type';

$lang['types']['add']['header'] = 'Create event type';
$lang['types']['add']['name'] = 'Name';
$lang['types']['add']['namenote'] = 'A short name for this event type.';
$lang['types']['add']['icon'] = 'Image';
$lang['types']['add']['iconnote'] = 'If you leave this field blank, a default placeholder image will be used.';

// ----------------------------------------- Statistics
// - Shared
$lang['statistics']['attendance'] = 'Attendance';
$lang['statistics']['ninja'] = 'Ninjapoints';
$lang['statistics']['tea'] = 'Teapoints';
$lang['statistics']['events'] = 'Attended events';
$lang['statistics']['loot'] = 'Gained loot';
$lang['statistics']['gained'] = 'Gained points';
$lang['statistics']['spent'] = 'Spent points';

// - User pages
$lang['statistics']['header'] = 'Statistics';
$lang['statistics']['text'] = 'These statistics give information about certain commonly needed numbers about players and their loot and attendance behaviour.';

$lang['statistics']['daterange'] = 'Apply filter';
$lang['statistics']['datestart'] = 'Date begin';
$lang['statistics']['dateend'] = 'Date end';
$lang['statistics']['datetext'] = 'This will filter the statistics so they only calculate within the given date range.';
$lang['statistics']['datenote'] = '<b>Note:</b> Please use the standard format of <b>YYYY-MM-DD</b>!';

// ----------------------------------------- All lists
// - User pages
$lang['complete']['header'] = 'All lists';
$lang['complete']['error'] = 'No lists could be found';

// ----------------------------------------- Contact
$lang['contact']['header'] = 'Contact | Impressum | Disclaimer';
$lang['contact']['legal'] = 'Page owner and content administrator';
$lang['contact']['no_contact'] = 'The adminstrator hasn\'t set any contact information';

$lang['contact']['dev'] = 'iLP System Development';
$lang['contact']['maindev'] = 'Main developer';
$lang['contact']['version'] = 'System version';
$lang['contact']['systems'] = 'Systems &amp; plugins';

$lang['contact']['alhack']['text'] = 'The original script was edited to enable the functionality using the <em>rel</em>-attribute rather than the <em>href</em>-attribute';
$lang['contact']['alhack']['anchor'] = 'Hacked!';

$lang['contact']['cc'] = '<span xmlns:dc="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/" href="http://purl.org/dc/dcmitype/InteractiveResource" property="dc:title" rel="dc:type"> iLP-System, developed by <a xmlns:cc="http://creativecommons.org/ns#" href="http://ilp.apoy2k.de" property="cc:attributionName" rel="cc:attributionURL">Florian "ApoY2k" Peschka</a> is licensed under the <a rel="license" href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/">Creative Commons (Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)</a></span>';

// ----------------------------------------- Help / F.A.Q.
// - User pages
$lang['help']['header']['user'] = 'Help | F.A.Q.';
$lang['help']['welcome'] = 'Welcome to the <em>iLP-System</em>';
$lang['help']['text'] = 'This F.A.Q. should give you all information about the <em>iLP-System</em> you need to know to start using it. If you have any ideas what questions are missing here, consider contacting the <a href="?ilp='.ilpUrlEncode('contact').'">developer</a>.';

$lang['help']['intro']['header'] = 'What is all this?';
$lang['help']['intro']['text'] = 'The <em>iLP System (<b>I</b>tem <b>L</b>ist <b>P</b>oint)</em> is an alternative loot-distribution system for &quot;World of Warcraft&quot;. It understands itself as a better DKP-System, though it doesn\'t want to replace DKP completely, as for some guilds, it still is the number one choice.';

$lang['help']['differences']['header'] = 'What\'s the differences?';
$lang['help']['differences']['text'][0] = 'The main difference to any other known DKP-Systems is that the gained points are not equally spendable on any items obtained during an event. Using e.g. the well-known <em>eqDKP-System</em>, players gain points on a universal account and can spend them (and that\'s the point) for <b>any</b> items.';
$lang['help']['differences']['text'][1] = 'For many players, especially those who can\'t raid 24/7, this brings enormous disadvantages. They are often not even near any of the points of the other raiders thus loosing interest in raiding at all, as &quot;they can\'t get anything anyway&quot;. This is particularily unfair as these player are mostly not even responsible for their lack in attendance due to family, their job or other activities that are far more important than raiding.';
$lang['help']['differences']['text'][2] = 'On the other hand, the raiders with many points tend to loose focus on what items are really useful for themselves and just spend their overwhelming amounts of points on any items they could in any way use and therefore disadvantaging players who could use an item way better.';
$lang['help']['differences']['text'][3] = 'Nevertheless, to keep the creed of &quot;play much, gain much&quot;, even the <em>iLP-System</em> uses points. But, and this is the big difference, they are not universal.';

$lang['help']['function']['header'] = 'How does it work?';
$lang['help']['function']['text'][0] = 'Every user registered in the <em>iLP-System</em> has his own, individual and (more or less) freely configurable item list where he can place an amount of items. These items can be any item of WoW, but mostly they are from the current raid instance the guild plays.';
$lang['help']['function']['text'][1] = 'For attending an event (e.g. an ulduar-25-raid), the player gets a certain amount of points on every item currently on his list. This is largely the same procedure as for DKP-Systems.';
$lang['help']['function']['text'][2] = 'The main difference is that the gained points are gathered on every item individually. This means the points gained on one item can only be spent to recieve this specific item. This enables players to save points for very definite items, thus enforcing them to really <em>think</em> about what items their character really needs.';
$lang['help']['function']['text'][3] = 'This also enables players with less attendance to save points for items the raiders don\'t consider well enough improvementes to their character.';
$lang['help']['function']['text'][4] = 'If an item drops during an event, all players wo saved points for this item are entitled to call a &quot;need&quot; for it. Then, the process is again similar to DKP; the player with the most points for this item (mostly) recieves it. As always, the RL has the last word on this.';
$lang['help']['function']['text'][5] = 'If no player has an item on their list, the guild may decide what to do in their own ways, e.g. rolling among the players who could use the item or just figure out who needs it the most. As no player has the item on a list, it seems not to be important enough to save points for it, thus it shouldn\'t create too much of a fuzz handing it out to a player who most seems fit to use it.';
$lang['help']['function']['text'][6] = 'As soon as a player recieves a player that is on his list, the item is deleted an so are the points gained for it. As the amount of items on a list is limited, this creates a natural cycle in the amount of points. After the event is finished, players may select new items for the list if they have new open slots.';
$lang['help']['function']['text'][7] = 'This prevents inflation of points as often seen in DKP-Systems, as the points are reset far more often - every time a player recieves an item. At the same time casual and hardcore players are treated equally concerning getting items and having a chance to improve their characters and not loosing motivation to raid at all.';

$lang['help']['whofor']['header'] = 'Who is it made for?';
$lang['help']['whofor']['text'][0] = 'Basically any guild can use the <em>iLP-System</em>, but it is initially designed for top-casual to mid-pro radinig PvE guilds. Long expirience showed hat especially guilds that have many working players are having trouble using the old-fashioned DKP-Systems.';
$lang['help']['whofor']['text'][1] = 'These old system punish missing a raid enormously, what may be OK with top-pro raiding guilds, but for any guild in the more casual field this demotivates all players and brings up way too many struggles between players and officers.';
$lang['help']['whofor']['text'][2] = 'Even in these guilds, there are often the &quot;little bit more pro&quot; and the &quot;little-bit more casual&quot; type of players. The <em>iLP-System</em> is able to satisfy both of these groups in terms of fairness and loot-distribution. Many pro-gamers don\'t see why anyone who couldn\'t take a raid should not be punished with minus-points or else. But, this is far more unfair to these players as on first sight, as they are often not responsible for not taking the raid and should therefore not be taken the chance to improve their character.';
$lang['help']['whofor']['text'][3] = 'The <em>iLP-System</em> provides an alternative for both parties. Pro-gamers are rewarded through having the same philosophy of point-gaining, so their high attendance results in a high amount of gained items and the casual-gamers still have the opportunity to recieve (probably not that high-class) items from radining, even if they cannot attend every single raid.';
$lang['help']['whofor']['text'][4] = 'Even for high-end-radining guilds, the <em>iLP-System</em> can be a neat alternative, as it pushes theorycrafting about the own character very strongly, forcing the players to really think about what item gives that last percentage of D/H/TPS and which doesn\'t.';
$lang['help']['whofor']['text'][5] = 'The <em>iLP-System</em> doesn\'t limit the actual distribution of points and items, every guild has to come up with their own rules about how many items and points for what events are used, be those normal &quot;epics&quot;, reagents or tokens.';

$lang['help']['development']['header'] = 'How did it develop?';
$lang['help']['development']['text'][0] = 'The first version of the <em>iLP-System</em> was developed shortly after the release of <em>WotLK</em>. By then, our yet small guild, <em>EmeraldDragons</em> only went for 10-player raids. But, due to massive feedback, we soon had the chance to raid the &quot;big&quot; raids.';
$lang['help']['development']['text'][1] = 'As we (as the guild officers) never were quite big fans of DKP-based systems, we decided to search for a better alternative. Our guild consited largely of working players, many with a family and thus most of the systems didn\'t match to our style of play. The considerations went from just rolling for items over percentage-based systems like <em>EGPG</em> and so on. But soon we recognized, that many players didn\'t have a good feeling for fairness as soon as &quote;epics&quot; came into sight.';
$lang['help']['development']['text'][2] = 'So, we decided to develop our own system based on a long Teamspeak brainstorming. The result was a first idea of a &quot;Item Priority System&quot; which soon developed to the <em>iLP-System</em> (now abbreviated from <b>I</b>tem <b>L</b>ist <b>P</b>oint). The first final version was deployed on March 18th 2009.';
$lang['help']['development']['text'][3] = 'As always, the first steps of the newly developed system were quite difficult. We had many discussions with our guild, but over the time, all accepted it and right now, the whole guild stands close behind the idea of this system.';
$lang['help']['development']['text'][4] = 'Upon release of <em>iLP Wrynn</em>, the second version, the system now is officially downloadable as an open source alternative for loot-distribution in WoW.';

$lang['help']['statistics'] = 'Statistics';
$lang['help']['attendance'] = 'Attendance is a commonly used indication on how many events a user took part in compared to the total amount of events.';
$lang['help']['ninja'][0] = '<b>Ninjapoints</b> give a figure about the amount of <em>acquired items</em> to the amount of <em>attended events</em>. A high number indicates, that the player in question recieved a very high amount of items compared to a very low attendance (Thus &quot;ninjalooting&quot;).';
$lang['help']['ninja'][1] = 'A low number indicates that the player attended many events but was not really sufficently rewarded for that (concerning recieved items).';
$lang['help']['tea'][0] = '<b>Tea</b> is quite a difficult one, though, and it will only be useful in any way if the distribution of points and loot is done very strict and correctly. Then it will give you a hint on how long a player had to wait (From a german proverb translated &quot;to wait and drink tea&quot;) until he was rewarded with items.';
$lang['help']['tea'][1] = 'As high points on items are an indication for the item beign quite a long time in the user\'s list, the <em>teapoints</em> calculate the total amount of points gained for items to the amount of items recieved. High numbers on this show, that the player has waited a long time until he or she recieved any items and vice versa.';

$lang['help']['itemid']['header'] = 'The mysterious Item-ID';
$lang['help']['itemid']['text'][0] = 'The Item-ID is an up to 5 digit number WoW uses to identify any item within the game. Thus, every Item-ID is unique and will only identify one specific item. This makes the Item-ID to a perfect tool for the <em>iLP-System</em> in order to fill the lists of a user. As the id is given by WoW, it also is the same on every item database out there.';
$lang['help']['itemid']['text'][1] = 'To find the Item-ID of a certain item, you can install an AddOn that gives you certain information about items, e.g. <em>AtlasLoot Enhanced</em>, <em>RatingBuster</em> or <em>Pawn</em>. Secondly, you can visit one of the many WoW-Databases and search for it. Every database provides you with all information about the item, including its Item-ID. The best-known databases are; <a href="http://www.wowhead.com">WoW-Head</a>, <a href="http://www.wowdb.com">WoWDB</a>, <a href="http://wowdata.getbuffed.de/">Buffed</a>, <a href="http://thottbot.com/">Thottbot</a> or <a href="http://wow.allakhazam.com/">Allakhazam</a>.';
$lang['help']['itemid']['text'][2] = 'These pages show the Item-ID in the URL of the respective item:';
$lang['help']['itemid']['text'][3] = 'http://www.wowhead.com/?item=<b>[Item-ID]</b>';
$lang['help']['itemid']['text'][4] = 'http://www.wowdb.com/item.aspx?id=<b>[Item-ID]</b>';
$lang['help']['itemid']['text'][5] = 'http://wowdata.getbuffed.de/?i=<b>[Item-ID]</b>';
$lang['help']['itemid']['text'][6] = 'http://thottbot.com/i<b>[Item-ID]</b>';
$lang['help']['itemid']['text'][7] = 'http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?witem=<b>[Item-ID]</b>';

// - Officer pages
$lang['help']['header']['officer'] = 'Officer F.A.Q. &amp; Help';

$lang['help']['howtoraid']['header'] = 'Events, lists and locks';
$lang['help']['howtoraid']['text'][0] = 'Raiding using the iLP is somewhat strange at first, but you will get used to it very soon. This text explains step by step how to raid using it.';
$lang['help']['howtoraid']['text'][1] = 'First of all, you <a href="?ilp='.ilpUrlEncode('events;create').'">create</a> an event. (You probably need to create an <a href=?ilp='.ilpUrlEncode('eventtypess').'">event type</a> at first). Fill in the required fields. Creating an event will <b>automatically lock</b> all lists, so no user may edit his list during the event. To be sure the lists are locked, check for the blue box in the menu saying so.';
$lang['help']['howtoraid']['text'][2] = 'During the raid, you can <a href="?ilp='.ilpUrlEncode('search').'">search</a> for all loot you want to distribute to a user. This will give you a list of all users having points on that item and how many. Then, you can decide which player gets the loot and it will be deleted from his list.';
$lang['help']['howtoraid']['text'][3] = 'After the raid is finished, you\'ll have to add the attendant players. Select your <a href="?ilp='.ilpUrlEncode('events').'">raid</a> and klick on the button <em>Add multiple attendants</em>. Select all players and they will be added to your raid.';
$lang['help']['howtoraid']['text'][4] = 'Now having the attendants in your raid, you can edit the <em>value</em> of your event. Changing this will alter all points on all attendants\' lists by the value you enter.';
$lang['help']['howtoraid']['text'][5] = 'If the value of the raid is awarded to all attendants, you can edit the value for each individual attendant. Remember; as always, the difference of the items to the value you enter will be altered from the <b>current</b> list!';
$lang['help']['howtoraid']['text'][6] = 'The last step is to <b>unlock</b> all lists. This can be done by the blue box in the menu.';

// ----------------------------------------- Installation
$lang['install']['header'] = 'Installation';

$lang['install']['welcome']['header'] = 'Welcome to the installation of the iLP System';
$lang['install']['welcome']['text'] = 'At first this check will determine if the system can be installed on this server. Only if all checks are passed, you can continue the installation.';

$lang['install']['error']['header'] = 'An error occurred';
$lang['install']['error']['notempty'] = 'Please fill in all needed information.';
$lang['install']['error']['passconfirm'] = 'The confirmation password doesn\'t fit the original.';
$lang['install']['error']['chmod'] = 'The database file could not be created. Please create a new file in the given path and the copy the contents into it.';
$lang['install']['error']['write'] = 'Could not write all needed content. Please contant development with the following information.';

$lang['install']['success'][0] = 'If no errors occurred, you may click <em>Finish installation</em>. Please delete this file afterwards.';
$lang['install']['success'][1] = 'If one of more errors occurred, please try to fix them or contant the support before you delete this file and use the system.';

$lang['install']['reqs']['php5'] = 'PHP 5 or higher';
$lang['install']['reqs']['simplexml'] = 'SimpleXML-Extension loaded';
$lang['install']['reqs']['pdo'] = 'PDO-Extension loaded';
$lang['install']['reqs']['pdo_mysql'] = 'PDO-Extension MySQL loaded';
$lang['install']['reqs']['chmod'] = 'Full rights (777) for directory';
$lang['install']['reqs']['error'] = 'Some requirements are not fulfilled.<br />Please try to fulfill the marked requirements before you can continue the installation.';

$lang['install']['start']['header'] = 'Start installation';
$lang['install']['start']['text'] = 'All criteria is fulfilled. You may now start the installation.';

$lang['install']['step'] = 'Step';
$lang['install']['continue'] = 'Continue installation';
$lang['install']['back'] = 'Back';
$lang['install']['finish'] = 'Finish installation';

$lang['install']['db']['header'] = 'Database connection';
$lang['install']['db']['text'] = 'The iLP uses a MySQL-Database. Please enter all information to install the iLP-System.';
$lang['install']['db']['host'] = 'Host';
$lang['install']['db']['hostinfo'] = 'Hosting server of the database';
$lang['install']['db']['name'] = 'Name';
$lang['install']['db']['nameinfo'] = 'Name of the database';
$lang['install']['db']['user'] = 'Username';
$lang['install']['db']['userinfo'] = 'Username to access the database';
$lang['install']['db']['pass'] = 'Password';
$lang['install']['db']['passinfo'] = 'The password to the username.<br /><b>Warning:</b>For security reasons, the iLP cannot be installed in a database without a password protection!';
$lang['install']['db']['error'] = 'The data is not valid to establish a database connection.';
$lang['install']['db']['checked'] = 'Checking database connection';
$lang['install']['db']['checked_ok'] = 'Database connection is OK.';

$lang['install']['admin']['header'] = 'Register administrator';
$lang['install']['admin']['text'] = 'The administrator is the first officer in the iLP. Don\'t loose this information as you might have to change the database entries if you do.';
$lang['install']['admin']['name'] = 'Username';
$lang['install']['admin']['nameinfo'] = 'Username for the administrator';
$lang['install']['admin']['pass'] = 'Password';
$lang['install']['admin']['passinfo'] = 'Password to the username';
$lang['install']['admin']['passconfirm'] = 'Confirm password';
$lang['install']['admin']['passconfirminfo'] = 'Please re-enter the password to confirm it.';

$lang['install']['guild']['header'] = 'Guild data';
$lang['install']['guild']['text'] = 'The information about your guild has to be <b>exact</b>, as they are used to generate the players\' tooltips.';
$lang['install']['guild']['name'] = 'Guild name';
$lang['install']['guild']['nameinfo'] = 'The name of your guild';
$lang['install']['guild']['realm'] = 'Realm';
$lang['install']['guild']['realminfo'] = 'Realm of your guild';
$lang['install']['guild']['region'] = 'Serverregion';
$lang['install']['guild']['regioninfo'] = 'WoW-Serverregion of the realm';

$lang['install']['run']['header'] = 'Data is written';
$lang['install']['run']['text'] = 'Please wait while the installation is running. Do not close this window or you will have to start over.';
$lang['install']['run']['connection'] = 'Established database connection';
$lang['install']['run']['actionlog'] = 'Created action log table';
$lang['install']['run']['config'] = 'Created configuration table';
$lang['install']['run']['event'] = 'Created events table';
$lang['install']['run']['attend'] = 'Created attendance table';
$lang['install']['run']['eventtypes'] = 'Created event types table';
$lang['install']['run']['itemcache'] = 'Created item cache';
$lang['install']['run']['item'] = 'Created list table';
$lang['install']['run']['loot'] = 'Created loots table';
$lang['install']['run']['reqs'] = 'Created requests table';
$lang['install']['run']['reqtypes'] = 'Created reqest types table';
$lang['install']['run']['user'] = 'Created user table';
$lang['install']['run']['savedconfig'] = 'Wrote configuration';
$lang['install']['run']['savedguest'] = 'Created quest account';
$lang['install']['run']['savedreqtypes'] = 'Created default request types';
$lang['install']['run']['savedguild'] = 'Wrote guild data';
$lang['install']['run']['savedadmin'] = 'Created administrator account';
$lang['install']['run']['savedversion'] = 'Saved version data';

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