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<head><title>Custom SMTP</title></head>

<center><h2>Custom SMTP</h2></center>
	<p>The custom SMTP library is still relatively untested.  It may work flawlessly in some environments, but it might not work at all in others. Use with caution.
		<li><b>Low memory useage</b> - Unlike the built in function, which requires the entire message to be stored in memory, the custom SMTP library allows messages to be streamed, thus requiring very little memory even when sending extremely large messages.
		<li><b>Support for external SMTP servers</b> - With the custom SMTP library, messages can be sent through an external SMTP server.  This allows for improved scalability and flexibility.
		<li><b>Improved Windows support</b> - Unlike the built in mail function (in PHP < 4.3), the custom SMTP library has full SMTP functionality on any Windows server with SMTP support.
		<li><b>Authenticated SMTP support</b> - [ still in beta ] 

	All you need is an <b>SMTP server</b>, either installed locally or on a remote server.  It must allow SMTP relaying from the machine IlohaMail is installed on. 
	To activate the custom SMTP library, specify the SMTP server in conf/conf.inc.  If you leave this directive blank, the mail() function built into PHP will be used instead.  Since the custom SMTP library is relatively un-tested, you may want to refrain from using it in a production environment. 
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