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"Synchronize your data.","同步数据."
"The following views are up-to-date now:","数据已同步"
"has been updated"," 已同步"
"The following views could not been updated:"," 下列为未同步数据:"
"Your current application configuration uses a data provider, which requires updates from time to time. Here you can force an update now, if you didn't configure any cron-jobs or Windows task to perform this update.","您当前的配置文件采用了一个需要多次更新的数据提供方,若无任何定时任务来进行更新的话,您可以强制更新."
"Note: This could take a few seconds. Do not press this button twice!","注意: 同步可能需要一段时间,请勿双击!"
"Synchronize now","同步"
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