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# All

# Settings table
"Subversion authorization","Subversion 授权相关"
"Subversion authorization file","Subversion 授权文件"
"Data providers","数据提供方相关"
"User authentication","用户身份验证"
"User authentication file (SVNUserFile)","用户身份验证文件 (SVNUserFile)"
"Subversion settings","Subversion 设置相关"
"Parent directory of the repositories (SVNParentPath)","代码仓库的父目录 (SVNParentPath)"
"Subversion client executable","'svn.exe' 或 'svn'可执行文件:"
"Subversion admin executable","'svnadmin.exe' 或 'svnadmin' 可执行文件:"
"LDAP connection information","LDAP 连接信息相关"
"Host address","LDAP主机地址 "
"Protocol version","LDAP 协议版本"
"LDAP user provider information","LDAP 用户信息相关 "
"LDAP group provider information","LDAP 用户组信息相关"

# No users, no edit provider
"You have not defined an "UserEditProviderType", but the system also could not find any user from the configured user view provider.","您并未定义 "UserEditProviderType" . 且系统未从用户数据提供方 发现任何用户 ."
"You should now create a new user in your configured backend (e.g.: LDAP/Active Directory).","您现在应该在您的配置文件中添加一个新的用户 (例如: LDAP/Active Directory)."
"If you think your configuration is incorrect, <a href="settings.php?firststart=1">click here.</a>","如果认为您的配置有误,请单击 <a href="settings.php?firststart=1">.</a>"

# Define administrator
"Could not find existing users with your configuration. Created default Administrator account.","未从您的配置文件中找到用户,创建一个默认的Admin帐户."
"You can <a href="login.php"><b>login now.</b></a>"," <a href="login.php"><b>登录.</b></a>"
"No administrator defined! Select the user for the administator privileges, please.","并无权限!请配置用户的admin权限"
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