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"Roles of user","用户角色"
"Please choose","请选择"
"You have to select at least one user and one role.","请选择至少一个用户和一个权限."

"Web application administrator.","网页程序管理员."

"Can login and change the own password.","可登录并修改自己的密码."

"Create/Delete users and groups and manages memberships and change passwords of users.","可 增加-删除用户/组 ,和管理其间关系,可为用户修改密码"

"Create/Delete Access-Paths and manages user and group permissions.","可 增加-删除 访问路径,和管理用户和组之间的关系."

"Can create new repositories, but NOT delete.","可创建新代码仓库,但不能删除."

"Create/Delete repositories.","增加-删除 代码仓库."

"Assign and unassign web application roles to users.","为用户分配和解除网页程序的角色."

"Can synchronize the user data from provider with the SVNAuthFile.","可以从数据提供方同步用户数据."
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