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"Manage the user and group permissions for the different access-paths on this site.","在此站点上管理不同访问路径下的用户,用户组访问权限."
"Select the permission for the selected user(s)/group(s)","为已选择的用户/(用户组)选择权限"
"No permission","无权限"
"The user(s)/group(s) has no rights.","用户/用户组无权限."
"Read only","只读"
"The user(s)/group(s) can see all files.","用户/组 可查看所有文件."
"Read & Write","读写"
"The user(s)/group(s) can see, create, modify and delete all files.","用户/组 可增删改所有文件."
"Select the Access-Path for which the user(s)/group(s) should get rights","选择用户/组应该获得权限的访问路径."
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