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[{IFDEF INFO}]<div class="infomsg">${INFOMSG}</div>[{/IFDEF}]
[{IFDEF WARNING}]<div class="warningmsg">${WARNINGMSG}</div>[{/IFDEF}]
[{IFDEF ERROR}]<div class="errormsg">${ERRORMSG}</div>[{/IFDEF}]

<h1>TR{Define administrator}}</h1>

  TR{You have not defined an "UserEditProviderType", but the system also could not find any user from the configured user view provider.}}<br>
  TR{You should now create a new user in your configured backend (e.g.: LDAP/Active Directory).}}
<p>TR{If you think your configuration is incorrect, <a href="settings.php?firststart=1">click here.</a>}}</p>

<div class="hintmsg">
  TR{Could not find existing users with your configuration. Created default Administrator account.}}
    TR{User}}: <b>admin</b><br>
    TR{Password}}: <b>admin</b>
  TR{You can <a href="login.php"><b>login now.</b></a>}}

<div class="hintmsg">
  TR{No administrator defined! Select the user for the administator privileges, please.}}

<form method="post" action="settings.php">
  <table class="datatable settings">
          <select name="selected_users[]">
            [{LOOP users}]
            <option value="${users}{encodedName}">${users}{name}</option>
  <input type="hidden" name="setadmin" value="1">
  <input type="submit" name="saveadmin" value="TR{Save}}">

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