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<html><head><title>Larabie Fonts "read me" file, license and FAQ</title><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"><meta name="keywords" content="typodermic,typo dermic,fonts,Larabie,Larabie Fonts,fontd,fotn,fnots,fons,fots,fnts,font,truetype,typefaces,typeface,logo,ttf,opentype,larbie,laribie,larby,larabee,lairby,larrabie,larraby,laraby,typography,Type1,postscript,macintosh,windows,design,lettering,type"><font face="Georgia"><h3>LARABIE FONTS “README.TXT”</h3><p>All Larabie Fonts in this file are free to use for personal and/or commercial purposes. No payment is necessary to use these fonts for personal or commercial use. For Software Products who want to include Larabie Fonts see the License Agreement below. You can add this font to a website but do not combine fonts into a single archive or alter them in any way.</p><p>All Larabie Fonts are free for commercial use but a sample of your product would be gratefully appreciated so I can see how the font looks in use. Contact <a href="http://www.larabiefonts.com/donation.html">www.larabiefonts.com/donation.html</a> for mailing information.</p><p>Some Larabie Fonts have enhanced and expanded families available for sale at <a href="http://www.typodermic.com">www.typodermic.com</a>.</p><p>If you'd like to make a voluntary donation to Larabie Fonts for the use of the free fonts in any amount please go to <a href="http://www.larabiefonts.com/donation.html">www.larabiefonts.com/donation.html</a></p><p>I accept CDs, magazines, t-shirts, a sample of your merchandise or anything featuring Larabie Fonts. Please remember to list your item as a ‘gift’ on the customs form or I will have to pay import duties and taxes on the item. Mailing information is provided at the link above.</p><p>Font installation help is available at <a href="http://www.larabiefonts.com/help.html">www.larabiefonts.com/help.html</a></p><h3>LARABIE FONTS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS</h3><ul><li>Q: How do use these fonts in my favourite software?<li>A: In Windows, you take the fonts out of the ZIP archive and place them in your fonts folder which can be found in your Control Panel. The next time you run your software, the font will be available. For example: If you install a new font, the next time you run Microsoft Word, that font will be available in the menu under Format / Font. For anything more complicated, or Mac installation, visit <a href="http://www.larabiefonts.com/help.html">www.larabiefonts.com/help.html</a></ul><ul><li>Q: How can I use this font in <a href="http://www.aol.com/aim/">AOL Instant Messenger</a>, <a href="http://messenger.msn.com/">MSN Messenger</a>, <a href="http://www.microsoft.com/office/outlook/">Outlook</a>, <a href="http://www.microsoft.com/office/outlook/">Outlook Express</a>, <a href="http://www.eudora.com/">Euodora</a> or any other email software?<li>A: At the time of this writing (Feb 2004) you can’t. After installing one of my fonts, you may be able to select it in the above applications but the person at the other end won’t see that same thing unless they have the font installed. If you really want to use my fonts in these applications, make sure the people at the other end have the same fonts installed.</ul><ul><li>Q: How can I use these fonts on a web page?<li>A: If you’re creating a web page using Flash, it’s easy. Consult your Flash manual. If you’re using <a href="http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/">Acrobat</a>, make sure the font embedding settings are turned on. Consult your Acrobat manual. For anything else there are limitations: If you want to use one of my fonts as your main, text font you’re pretty much out of luck unless you explore a font embedding tool such as <a href="http://www.microsoft.com/typography/web/embedding/weft/">WEFT</a> but I don’t recommend it. To use my fonts as headings or titles, use image creation software such as <a href="http://www.gimp.org/">The Gimp</a>, <a href="http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/">Photoshop</a>, <a href="http://www.jasc.com/">Paint Shop Pro</a>, <a href="http://www.google.com/search?q=pixia">Pixia</a> etc. Save the images as GIF files and place them on your web page. There’s a lot more to it than can be explained here but there are countless books available on web page design.</ul><ul><li>Q: How can I make these fonts bigger?<li>A: All my fonts are infinitely scalable; the limitations are in your software. A common problem is scaling fonts in Microsoft Word. If you choose Format / Font you can type in any number you like under “size”.</ul><ul><li>Q: Are these fonts really free?<li>A: Yes they are. Some fonts such as <a href="http://www.typodermic.com/fonts/19.html">Neuropol</a> have expanded font families available for sale at <a href="http://www.typodermic.com">www.typodermic.com</a> but the version you downloaded at Larabie Fonts is free.</ul><ul><li>Q: Your licence agreement states that the fonts can’t be altered. Does that mean I can’t mess around with your fonts in Photoshop/Illustrator/Publisher etc?<li>A: Those license restrictions refer to altering the actual fonts themselves, not what you make with them. As long as you don’t alter the font files in font creation software such as FontLab or Fontographer you’re free to create anything you like with them.</ul><ul><li>Q: Can I use your fonts in a logo?<li>A: Yes. But check with a lawyer if you’re not sure. It’s okay with me if you use it but do so at your own risk.</ul><ul><li>Q: Can I send you a sample of the nifty thing I created with your fonts?<li>A: Of course. Check <a href="http://www.larabiefonts.com/donation.html">www.larabiefonts.com/donation.html</a> for my current email or mailing address.</ul><ul><li>Q: Can you make a custom font for me?<li>A: Possibly. Check <a href="http://typodermic.com/custom.html">typodermic.com/custom.html</a> for details. Keep in mind that making fonts is my full-time job so no freebies.</ul><ul><li>Q: I want to sell software that includes you font files.<li>A: Contact me first at <a href="http://www.larabiefonts.com/email.html">www.larabiefonts.com/email.html</a>.</ul><ul><li>Q: I want to sell rubber stamp alphabets, alphabet punches or stencil alphabets using your font designs.<li>A: Contact me first at <a href="http://www.larabiefonts.com/email.html">www.larabiefonts.com/email.html</a>.</ul><ul><li>Q: My software won’t let me embed one of your fonts.<li>A: You may have an old version of one of my fonts. Uninstall it and install a current version on Larabie Fonts.</ul><ul><li>Q: Can you help me find a font?<li>A: I really don’t have the time but if you send a donation, I can give it a try. If not. post your question on my font forum: <a href="http://www.larabiefonts.com/info.html">www.larabiefonts.com/info.html</a>.</ul><h3>LARABIE FONTS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR SOFTWARE PRODUCTS</h3><h4>SOFTWARE PRODUCT LICENSE</h4><p>The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is protected by copyright laws and International copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is licensed, not sold.</p><h5>1. GRANT OF LICENSE. This document grants you the following rights:</h5><p>- Installation and Use. You may install and use an unlimited number of copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.  You may copy and distribute unlimited copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT as you receive them, in any medium, provided that you publish on each copy an appropriate copyright notice. Keep intact all the notices that refer to this License and give any other recipients of the fonts a copy of this License along with the fonts.</p><h5>2. DESCRIPTION OF OTHER RIGHTS AND LIMITATIONS.</h5><p>- You may modify your copy or copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT or any portion of it, provided that you also meet all of these rules:</p><p>a) Do not alter in any way alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 1-9) contained in the font. An exception is converting between formats, here is allowed the nominal distortion that occurs during conversion from second order to third order quadratic curves (TrueType to Postscript) and vice versa.</p><p>b) Extra characters may be added; here it is allowed to use curves (shapes) from alphanumeric characters in fonts under same license.</p><p>c) It is allowed to modify and remove analpahbetics (punctuation, special characters, ligatures and symbols).</p><p>d) The original font name must be retained but can be augmented. (ie. a Font named Blue Highway can be renamed Blue Highway Cyrillic or Blue Highway ANSI, etc.)</p><p>e) Character mapping may be altered.</p><p>f) If the kerning information is altered or discarded it must be stated in the user notes or documentation.</p><p>g) All modifications must be released under this license.</p></p>LIMITED WARRANTY NO WARRANTIES. Larabie Fonts expressly disclaims any warranty for the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT and any related documentation is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. The entire risk arising out of use or performance of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT remains with you.</p><p>NO LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. In no event shall Larabie Fonts be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or any other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use of or inability to use this product, even if Larabie Fonts has been advised of the possibility of such damages.</p><h5>3. MISCELLANEOUS</h5><p>Should you have any questions concerning this document, or if you desire to contact Larabie Fonts for any reason, please email <a href="http://www.larabiefonts.com/email.html">www.larabiefonts.com/email.html</a>.</p></font></BODY></HTML>

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