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$lang['unregistered']			= "Unregistered";
$lang['no_topic_selected']		= "No topic selected";
$lang['no_topics_found']		= "The selected topic does not exist";
$lang['not_allowed_read']		= "You do not have permission to view this topic";
$lang['printer_friendly_ver']	= "Printer friendly version";
$lang['printer_friendly_ver_t']	= "Printer friendly version: %s";
$lang['pf_original_version']	= "View this topic in its original format";
$lang['email_title']			= "<#title#> (Sent from <#board_name#>)";
$lang['email_msg']				= "<#to#>,




E-mail sent from <#board_name#> (<#board_url#>)

<#board_name#> has no control over these messages and cannot be held responsible for
their contents.";
$lang['email_sent']				= "Email sent";
// 0.9.1
$lang['select_post']			= "Check this box to quote this post";
$lang['select_post_mod']		= "Check this box to quote this post or to select it for moderation";
$lang['poll']					= "Poll";
$lang['topicoptions']			= "Topic Options";
$lang['add_to_favorites']		= "Add to favorites";
$lang['added_to_favorites']		= "Added to favorites";
$lang['print_this_topic']		= "Print this topic";
$lang['email_this_topic']		= "Email this topic";
$lang['search_this_topic']		= "Search this topic";
$lang['search_topic']			= "Search topic...";
$lang['prev_topic']				= "Previous topic";
$lang['next_topic']				= "Next topic";
// 0.9.3
$lang['upload_not_found']		= "That upload does not exist";
$lang['no_reason']				= "No reason specified";
$lang['reported_post_title']	= "Reported post at %s";
$lang['reported_post_text']		= "<#user#> (<#ip#>) has reported post number <#pid#> in the topic <#title#>.


The post can be viewed at <#url#>.";
$lang['rss_feed_topic']			= "RSS feed of this topic";
$lang['user_is_away']			= "User is away...";
$lang['vote_button']			= "Vote";
$lang['fav_remove']				= "Remove from favorites";
$lang['fav_add']				= "Add to favorites";
$lang['subscribe']				= "Subscribe to topic";
$lang['email_desc']				= "E-mail this topic to a friend";
$lang['email']					= "Email to friend";
$lang['print']					= "Print this topic";
$lang['tags']					= "Tags:";
$lang['quick_reply']			= "Quick reply";
$lang['flood_control']			= "Sorry, flood control is enabled for your user group. You have to wait for %d seconds untill posting again.";
$lang['add_reply']				= "Add reply";
$lang['advanced']				= "Advanced";
$lang['smilies']				= "Smilies";
$lang['top']					= "Top";
$lang['top_desc']				= "Go to the top";
$lang['posts']					= "Posts:";
$lang['joined']					= "Joined:";
$lang['group']					= "Group:";
$lang['last_edit']				= "Last edited by %s on %s";
$lang['attachment']				= "Attachment:";
$lang['attached_image']			= "Attached image:";
$lang['report']					= "Report";
$lang['report_desc']			= "Report this post for vulgar or obscene content";
$lang['report_title']			= "Report a post in %s";
// 0.9.3
$lang['use_this_url']			= 'You may use this URL to link directly to this post. You can copy it to your clipboard by right-clicking and choosing Copy';
$lang['post_blocked']			= "Post #<#id#> will not be shown because <#user#> is blocked";
$lang['view_anyway']			= "Show this post anyway";
$lang['view_history']			= "(View Post History)";
$lang['report_only']			= "This system should ONLY be used for reporting posts that are against
the board rules.
It is not a way to contact a specific moderator.";
$lang['report_reason']			= "Reason:";
$lang['report_reason_why']		= "Optional. Please state which rule(s) this post violates if possible.";
$lang['report_post']			= "Report Post";
$lang['report_cancel']			= "Cancel";
$lang['report_done']			= "Post reported.";
$lang['report_done_msg']		= "Thanks, post reported. A moderator will take an appropriate action shortly.";
$lang['mod_options']			= "Moderator Options";
$lang['topic']					= "Topic";
$lang['selected_posts']			= "Selected Posts";
$lang['multi_mod']				= "One-Step Moderation";
$lang['users_viewing']			= "Users viewing this topic";
$lang['users_viewing_sub']		= "<#members#> members and <#guests#> guests; <#total#> in total";
$lang['post_history_view']		= "Post history for post ID #%d";
$lang['post_history_original']	= "Compare with original";
$lang['print_posted_by']		= "Posted by <#author#>, <#date#>";
$lang['recipient_name']			= "Recipient's name:";
$lang['recipient_email']		= "Recipient's e-mail address:";
$lang['message']				= "Message:";
$lang['thought_you_might_be_interested']= "I thought you might be interested in reading this:";
$lang['send']					= "Send";
$lang['fav_added']				= "Favorite added";
// 1.0-rc9
$lang['password_button']		= "View topic";
$lang['password']				= "Password:";
$lang['pass_protected_title']	= "Password protected forum";
$lang['pass_protected']			= "This topic was made in a forum that is password-protected. Please type the password below.";
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