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$lang['errors_title']		= "Please correct the following errors:";
$lang['no_title_entered']	= "Please enter a title.";
$lang['no_post_entered']	= "Please enter a post.";
$lang['no_perms_reply']		= "You do not have permission to reply to this topic";
$lang['no_perms_newtopic']	= "You do not have permission to create a new topic in this forum";
$lang['no_perms_quote']		= "You do not have permission to quote this post.";
$lang['topic_locked']		= "This topic is locked.";
$lang['reply_added']		= "Reply added";
$lang['post_edited']		= "Saving new edits";
$lang['topic_added']		= "Topic added";
$lang['post_deleted']		= "Post deleted";
$lang['unable_upload']		= "The file could not be uploaded";
$lang['add_reply']			= "Add Reply";
$lang['new_topic']			= "Create New Topic";
$lang['add_content']		= "Add Your Post Content:";
$lang['smiles']				= "Smilies";
$lang['tweak']				= "Tweak Topic";
$lang['e_opt']				= "Edit Options";
$lang['opt_hide']			= 'Hide the "Edited By" line.';
$lang['t_rev']				= "Topic Review";
$lang['attach']				= "Attachments";
$lang['current_up']			= "Your current uploads";
$lang['up_attach']			= "Upload a file";
$lang['poll_choice']		= "Choice";
$lang['poll_type']			= "Poll Type:";
$lang['flood_control']		= "Sorry, flood control is enabled for your user group. You have to wait for %d seconds untill posting again.";
// 0.9.3
$lang['post_preview']		= "Post Preview";
$lang['preview_post']		= "Preview Post";
$lang['replying_in']		= "Replying in: %s";
$lang['editing_post_in']	= "Editing post in: %s";
$lang['creating_topic_in']	= "Creating topic in: %s";
$lang['edit_post']			= "Edit Post";
$lang['post_opt']			= "Post Options";
$lang['edit_opt']			= "Edit Options";
$lang['hide_edit_line']		= "Hide the \"Edited By\" line.";
$lang['mod_options']		= "Moderator Options";
$lang['lock_after']			= "Lock this topic after posting";
$lang['pin_after']			= "Pin this topic after posting";
$lang['font']				= "Font";
$lang['size']				= "Size";
$lang['j_left']				= "Left";
$lang['j_center']			= "Center";
$lang['j_right']			= "Right";
$lang['bold']				= "Bold";
$lang['italic']				= "Italic";
$lang['underline']			= "Underline";
$lang['add_link']			= "Insert Link";
$lang['link_url']			= 'Enter the URL';
$lang['link_text']			= 'Enter the text to display';
$lang['insert_img']			= "Insert Image";
$lang['img_url']			= 'Enter the URL of the image';
$lang['quote']				= "Insert Quote";
$lang['code']				= "Insert Code";
$lang['code_php']			= "PHP Code";
$lang['code_xml']			= "XML Code";
$lang['t_title']			= "Topic Title:";
$lang['t_desc']				= "Topic Description:";
$lang['t_tags']				= "Tags:";
$lang['sep_with_space']		= "(separate with a space)";
$lang['go_adv']				= "Advanced &raquo;";
$lang['save']				= "Save";
$lang['cancel']				= "Cancel";
$lang['word_verification']	= "Word verification";
$lang['word_verification_desc']= "What word do you see in the box?";
$lang['word_verification_link']= "Can't read the image? Click here to refresh it.";
$lang['upload']				= "Upload";
$lang['from_file']			= "From file:";
$lang['from_url']			= "From URL:";
$lang['uploading']			= "Uploading...";
$lang['p_question']			= "Question:";
$lang['p_choice']			= "Choice %d:";
$lang['p_attach']			= "Attach a poll";
$lang['smilies']			= "Smilies";
$lang['more']				= "More";
// 1.0
$lang['not_logged_in_warning']= "You are not currently logged in. If you wish to post using your username, please
log in first.";
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