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$lang['already_have_an_account']	= "Sorry, you already have an account.";
$lang['invalid_user']				= "Invalid username";
$lang['invalid_pass']				= "Invalid password";
$lang['not_validated']				= "You have not yet validated this account. To resend the validation e-mail, <#resend_link#>";
$lang['loggin_you_in']				= "You have been logged in";
$lang['loggin_you_out']				= "You have been logged out";
$lang['user_taken']					= "The username you selected already exists, please choose another";
$lang['pass_empty']					= "Please enter a password";
$lang['pass_not_match']				= "The passwords you entered do not match";
$lang['email_empty']				= "Please enter an e-mail address";
$lang['email_invalid']				= "Please enter a valid e-mail address";
$lang['word_invalid']				= "The word you entered does not match the one in the image, please try again";
$lang['registered_validate']		= "You are registered. This board requires validation of your e-mail address, so please check your e-mail address for your confirmation code.";
$lang['registered']					= "You are registered. You will now be redirected to the login form...";
$lang['terms_not_agree']			= "You must agree to those terms to register";
$lang['pass_sent']					= "Password sent, please check your e-mail";
$lang['confirm_code_invalid']		= "Invalid confirmation code";
$lang['cannot_validate']			= "Sorry, we were unable to validate your e-mail address.";
$lang['email_validated']			= "Your e-mail has been validated. You may now login.";
$lang['validation_resent']			= "Your validation e-mail has been resent.";
$lang['new_password_is']			= "Your new password is:";
$lang['new_password_is_2']			= "You may login using your this password.";
$lang['login_error']				= "Error while logging in";
$lang['login']						= "Login to your account";
$lang['username']					= "Username";
$lang['username_desc']				= "This is the name you chose when you registered for these forums.";
$lang['username_none']				= "Don't have one?";
$lang['password']					= "Password";
$lang['password_desc']				= "This is the case-sensitive password you chose when you registered here.";
$lang['password_forgot']			= "Have you forgotten it?";
$lang['additional_info']			= "Additional information";
$lang['remember']					= "Remember my login information so I don't have to login every time";
$lang['invisible']					= "Do not show me on the online users list";
$lang['login_button']				= "Login";
$lang['toc_title']					= "Terms and Conditions";
$lang['toc_question']				= "Do you agree to these terms and conditions?";
$lang['toc_agree']					= "Agree";
$lang['toc_disagree']				= "Disagree";
$lang['error']						= "Error";
$lang['password_tips']				= "Tips for creating a good password:[nl] - Make it at least 6 characters[nl] - Use both numbers and letters";
$lang['register']					= "Register";
$lang['reg_username_desc']			= "What do you want to be known by? Choose carefully, this cannot be changed without contacting an administrator.";
$lang['reg_password_desc']			= "At least 4 characters. It's case sensitive, so make sure you type it correctly when you login. We ask you to type it twice to make sure you haven't made any mistakes.";
$lang['email']						= "E-mail";
$lang['reg_email_desc']				= "Make sure it's valid, you may have to verify it to complete your registration.";
$lang['time_zone']					= "Time Zone";
$lang['reg_button']					= "Register";
$lang['forgot_password']			= "Forgot your password?";
$lang['forgot_email']				= "Email address you used to register";
$lang['forgot_button']				= "Send Password";
$lang['click_here']					= "click here";
$lang['word_verification']			= "Word verification";
$lang['word_verification_desc']		= "What word do you see in the box?";
$lang['word_verification_link']		= "Can't read the image? Click here to refresh it.";
// 0.9.3
$lang['registration_disabled']		= "The administrator of this forum has disabled registration.";
$lang['validate_mail_title']		= "Registration at <#board_name#>";
$lang['validate_mail_text']			= "Hello <#username#>,

You are receiving this e-mail because someone (<#ip#>) requested registration at <#board_name#> (<#board_url#>). If
this was you, please follow the link below. If it was not you, we apologize, please ignore this e-mail.

$lang['forgotten_password_title']	= "Forgotten Password at <#board_name#>";
$lang['forgotten_password_text']	= "Hello <#username#>,

You are receiving this e-mail because someone (<#ip#>) requested a new password at <#board_name#> (<#board_url#>). If
this was you, please follow the link below. If this was not you, we apologize; please ignore this e-mail. This does
_not_ mean that someone has compromised the security of your account.

$lang['username_banned']			= "The username you entered cannot be used on this forum, please try another.";
$lang['email_banned']				= "The e-mail address you entered cannot be used on this forum, please try another.";
// 1.0-rc9
$lang['openid']						= "OpenID";
$lang['openid_desc']				= "You can also log in with your OpenID if you have one. Otherwise, you can ignore this section. To merge your existing account with your OpenID, enter your username and password above and your OpenID here.";
$lang['openid_not_url']				= "Expected an OpenID identifier";
$lang['openid_auth_fail']			= "OpenID authentication failure";
$lang['openid_auth_cancelled']		= "OpenID authentication cancelled";
$lang['openid_username_taken']		= "Sorry, but your username is already taken by another member or is otherwise unavailable. Please choose another.";
$lang['openid_email_taken']			= "Sorry, but that e-mail address is not available for use on this forum.";
$lang['openid_more_needed']			= "Additional information needed";
$lang['openid_more_needed_info']	= "Before we can log you in with your OpenID, we need the following information.";
$lang['openid_invalid']				= "Sorry, but that is not a valid OpenID.";
$lang['openid_blocked']				= "Sorry, but you may not use that OpenID on this forum.";
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