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$lang['no_favs']				= "To use the customized board view you must define some favorite forums";
$lang['lastpost_no_posts']		= "(No posts in this forum)";
$lang['lastpost_password']		= "(This forum requires a password)";
$lang['view_standard']			= "Standard";
$lang['view_customized']		= "Customized";
$lang['view_alternate_desc']	= "This is an alternative view to the main page. The forums listed on this page are	controlled by your favorite forums, as set in your UCC.";
$lang['view_switch_back']		= "Switch to the default view";
$lang['topic_name']				= "Topic name";
$lang['author']					= "Author";
$lang['forum_stats']			= "Forum statistics";
$lang['forum_leaders']			= "Forum leaders";
$lang['users_online']			= "User(s) online (%d)";
$lang['users_online2']			= "There are %d registered member(s); %d guest(s) online.";
$lang['birthdays']				= "Birthdays";
$lang['happy_birthday']			= "We'd like to wish a happy birthday to the following users:";
$lang['stats']					= "Statistics";
$lang['recent_actions']			= "Recent actions";
$lang['total_posts']			= "Total posts:";
$lang['total_topics']			= "Total topics:";
$lang['total_replies']			= "Total replies:";
$lang['most_members_online']	= "Most members online:";
$lang['total_members']			= "Total members:";
$lang['newest_member']			= "Our newest member is";
// 0.9.3
$lang['mark_all_forums_read']	= "Mark all forums as read";
$lang['clear_cookies_set']		= "Clear cookies set by this forum";
$lang['rss_feed_favorite']		= "RSS feed of my favorite forums";
$lang['view_select']			= "Select a view:";
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