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$lang['login_required']				= "Please login to the Admin Control Center";
$lang['no_sess_found']				= "No Admin Control Center session found";
$lang['invalid_user_or_pass']		= "Invalid username or password. Please try again. Please note that this attempt has been logged.";
$lang['no_admin_access']			= "You do not have admin access. This attempt has been logged.";
//$lang['too_many_failed']			= "There are too many failed login attempts from your IP. You won't be able to login for 30 minutes.";
// 1.0-rc9
$lang['username']					= "Username";
$lang['username_desc']				= "This is the name you chose when you registered for these forums.";
$lang['password']					= "Password";
$lang['password_desc']				= "This is the case-sensitive password you chose when you registered here.";
$lang['options']					= "Options";
$lang['opt_restrict_ip']			= "Restrict my session to this IP address";
$lang['login']						= "Login";
$lang['acc_title']					= "IceBB Admin Control Center";
$lang['openid']						= "OpenID";
$lang['openid_not_url']				= "Expected an OpenID identifier";
$lang['openid_username_taken']		= "Sorry, but your username is already taken by another member or is otherwise unavailable. Please choose another.";
$lang['openid_must_login_first']	= "Sorry, but you must login to the forums before using the admin control center.";
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