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// 0.9.3
$lang['langs']						= "Languages";
$lang['lang_enabled']				= "Language enabled";
$lang['lang_disabled']				= "Language disabled";
// 1.0
//$lang['lang_set_as_default']		= "Language set as default";
$lang['cannot_load_info']			= "I wasn't able to open the lang_info.php file in that language pack. Please make sure it exists and is readable.";
$lang['set_as_default']				= "Set as default";
$lang['no_such_lang']				= "No such language";
$lang['lang_set_as_default']		= "The selected language has been selected as the default language";
$lang['no_disable_default_lang']	= "You cannot disable the default language. Please select another default language in order to disable this language.";
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