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Written by Scott Barnett, Richard Hyland
email: hide@address.com, hide@address.com


Version 3.3.1
[-] Bug fix: Prevent empty $username and $password in authenticate from falling through to the default administrator login

Version 3.3

[+] New feature: Calling adLDAP without LDAP support in PHP will now throw an adLDAPException
[+] New feature: Specifying a NULL $_base_dn will now automatically attempt to detect the base_dn from your domain controller
[+] New feature: Most user objects can now be queried using a user's GUID as well as their username (samAccountName).  Set the $isGUID optional parameter to true. To obtain a user's GUID either use the username2guid() function or decodeGuid()
[+] New function: username2guid($username) will return a string representation of the GUID for a given username
[+] New function: decodeGuid($binaryGuid) will convert a binary GUID to a string
[+] New function: find_base_dn() will return the base_dn from your domain controller
[+] New function: get_root_dse($attributes) will return root domain controller configuration attributes such as the default naming context, current DC time, etc
[+] New function: exchange_servers($attributes) will return a list of Exchange servers in your domain
[+] New function: exchange_storage_groups($exchangeServer, $attributes, $recursive) will return a list of Storage groups on any given Exchange server.  Setting $recursive to true (or inheriting from the $_recursive_groups setting will automatically query the databases within a storage group)
[+] New function: exchange_storage_databases($storageGroup, $attributes) will return a list of Databases in any given storage group on any given Exchange server
[+] New function: exchange_add_X400($username, $country, $admd, $pdmd, $org, $surname, $givenname, $isGUID=false) will add an X400 address to the Exchange server
[-] Bug fix: Null comparison error in contact_mailenable()

Version 3.2

[+] New function: user_password_expiry($username) which will return the timestamp and formatted time of when a user's password expires based both on domain policy and user password expiry policy
[+] New function: groups_in_group($group, $recursive = NULL) returns a list of groups within a group
[+] New function: all_groups() function to list ALL types of group rather than just security groups alone
[+] New function: folder_list($folder_name = NULL, $dn_type = ADLDAP_FOLDER, $recursive = NULL, $type = NULL) allows you to navigate the AD folder structure
[+] New function: computer_ingroup()
[+] New function: computer_groups()
[+] New function: connect()
[+] New function: disconnect()
[+] New feature: Added recursive group lookups to group_members() to recursively get the username of users in a group
[+] New feature: TLS support
[+] New feature: Added getters and setters for core variables
[-] Change: Renamed all_groups() to all_security_groups()
[-] Change: Re-written ldap_slashes() function based on a port from Per's Net::LDAP::Util escape_filter_value
[-] Bug fix: Attempt to deal with special char + in group_info()
[-] Bug fix: user_ingroup() would not allow recursion to be disabled using the $recursive parameter and would only inherit from $_recursive_groups variable
[-] Bug fix: Runtime overriding of $recursive group lookups failed due to changes in PHP 5.2

Version 3.1

[+] New function: get_last_error() returns the last error returned by your domain controller
[+] New feature: Automatically detect and encode 8bit characters when being added to an AD object
[+] New feature: Exception handing added for connections or attempting methods that require SSL where it is not set
[+] New feature: Added pager to the schema
[+] New feature: New method to obtain a user's or contacts primary group that is far less intensive using get_primary_group().  The old group_cn() is now deprecated
[-] Change: Only return primary group memberof if a user or contact is returned
[-] Bug fix: Contact could not be added to a group
[-] Bug fix: bool2str() function caused exchange mailbox creation to fail

Version 3.0

[+] New function: user_delete()
[+] New feature: Source code comments totally overhauled
[+] New feature: Configuration options and functions now have their visibility defined.  adLDAP is now PHP 5 compatible only.
[+] New feature: Exchange mailbox creation for users
[+] New feature: Add new SMTP addresses to a user
[+] New feature: Change the default SMTP address for a user
[+] New feature: Remove an SMTP address for a user
[+] New feature: Mail enable a contact
[+] New feature: Create, query, delete contacts
[+] New feature: Enable or disable a user with user_enable() or user_disable()
[-] Bug fix: Disabling a user did not work
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