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<title>html2ps/html2pdf installation notes</title>
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<h1>html2ps/pdf installation notes</h1>
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<p>To install HTML2PS, follow these simple steps:</p>
<li>Unpack zip package contents to some directory on your web server</li>
<li>Edit config.inc.php to suit your needs; most probably you'll need to update values of GS_PATH and TYPE1_FONTS_REPOSITORY constants</li>
<li>Ensure script files and directories have correct permissions:
<li>All files and folders should be readable by webserver user account</li>
<li>Directories 'out','tmp' and 'cache' should be writeable by webserver user account</li>
<li>If you're going to use FPDF output method, please copy .ttf files from your Windows distribution (or any other source) to 
fonts subdirectory! Due the size of TrueType fonts files, they're not distibuted with the scripts, but still needed by some output methods.</li>

<p><span style="color: red">Important:</span> if you're upgrading from older script version, remove all files 
from 'cache' subdirectory!</p>

The default distribution includes several sample script files and script web interface; they may be easily used for DoS attack on your server!
It is highly recommended that you remove 'sample' and 'demo' subdirectories from publicly available script installation.

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