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** This program is distributed under the LGPL License, **
** for more information see file _LGPL.txt or          **
** http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html               **
**                                                     **
**  Copyright 2000-2010 by Laurent Minguet             **
* HTML2PDF v4.01 - 2010-05-07 *

How to use :
 - You need at least PHP 5
 - Look at the examples provided to see how it works.
 - It is very important to provide valid HTML 4.01 to the converter,
   but only what is in the <body>

 - for borders: it is advised that they are like "solid 1mm #000000"

 - for padding, they are applicable only on tags table, th, td, div, li
 - A default font can be specified, if the requested font does not exist or if no font is specified:

 - The possibility to protect your PDF is present, CF Example 7.
 - Some tests can be enabled (true) or disabled (false) :
     * setTestIsImage method:      test that images must exist
     * setTestTdInOnePage method:  test that the contents of TDs fit on one page
     * setTestIsDeprecated method: test that old properties of specific tags are not used anymore

  - A DEBUG mode to know the resources used is present
   It is activated by adding the following command just after the contructor (see Example 0):
 - Some specific tags have been introduced:
     * <page></page>  (CF Exemple 7) :
       determines the orientation, margins left, right, top and bottom, the background image
       and the background color of a page, its size and position, the footer.
       It is also possible to keep the header and footer of the previous pages,
       through the attribut pageset="old" (see Example 3)
     * <page_header></page_header> (CF Example 3)
     * <page_footer></page_footer> (CF Example 3)
     * <nobreak></nobreak> :
         used to force the display of a section on the same page.
         If this section does not fit into the rest of the page, a page break is done before.
     * <barcode></barcode>  (CF Examples 0 et 9) :
         can insert barcodes in pdfs, CF Examples 0 and 9
         The possible types of codebar are alls of TCPDF

     * <qrcode></qrcode> (CF Exemple 13) :
         permet d'inserer un codebar à 2 dimensions de type QRcode
         voici un exemple d'utilisation :
           <qrcode value="votre message ici" size="1mm" ec="M" style="color: black; background-color: white"></qrcode>
         seul le parametre "value" est obligatoire
         les différentes valeurs de type de correction sont L, M, Q, H
         (QR Code is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED | http://www.denso-wave.com/qrcode/)
         ATTENTION : l'utilisation des QRCODE nécessite l'utilisation de PHP5

     * <bookmark></bookmark>  (CF Examples 7 et About) :
         can insert bookmark in pdfs, CF Example 7 and About.
         It is also possible to automatically create an index at the end of
         documentv  CF Example About.
     * css property "rotate" :
         values : 0, 90, 180, 270
         works only on div (cf example 8)
change log :
 see on this page : http://html2pdf.fr/en/download

Help & Support :
 For questions and bug reports, thank you to use only the support link below.
 I will answer to your questions only on it... 

Informations :
 Programmer : Spipu
      email    : hide@address.com
      web site : http://html2pdf.fr/
      wiki     : http://html2pdf.fr/en/wiki
      support  : http://html2pdf.fr/en/forum

Thanks :
 * Olivier Plathey: for have made FPDF
 * Nicola Asuni: for the changes he has agreed to make to TCPDF
 * yAronet: for hosting support forum
 * everyone who helped me to develop this library and to bring the texts
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