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<b>A Brief Introduction...</b><br />
Horizon Blogging Software is a MySQL powered blogging written in PHP, AJAX, &amp; JavaScript. Horizon Blogging Software version 1.0, codename Santa Monica, was written in a period of 8 months. Horizon Blogging Software has over-gone many changes which include code-based and staff-based sides.
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<b>Current Devolopers</b><br />
<b><i>Logix</i></b> - Is the lead devoloper and project manager for Horizon Blogging Software. He has been with Edge Drive &amp Horizon Blogging Software since the beginning.<br />
<b><i>Robert Saenz</b></i> - Is a new team member that joined the Summer of '07. He is currently providing hosting for this project.<br />
<b><i>Angelos Katharopoulos</b></i> - Is a excellent coder (to say the least). Angelos (or Kathais, is his nickname), has really helped Edge Drive &amp Horizon Blogging Software out by making a skinning engine for the software as well as making the entire software work "seamlessly" together.

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<b>Previous Devolopers</b><br />
<b><i>Ryan Cone</i></b> - Was an amazing designer for Horizon Blogging Software. He was the one who designed the default layout, as well as the logo for this project. It was definitely sad to see him go. <br />
<b><i>Spike</b></i> - Was an excellent programmer. He coded the installer script for this project.<br />
<b><i>Beau Giles</b></i> - Helped with a RSS Feed script that wasn't included in version 1.0, codename Santa Monica. However, it will be released in a upgrade soon.


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