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<title>HBS Administrative Control Panel</title>

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Welcome to Horizon Blogging Software! This is the Administrative Control Panel (or "ACP"). Here, you can write posts, switch skins, and change configuration settings.</td>

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<strong>Devoloper's Corner </strong><br />
<?php include ("http://www.itsdaybreak.com/devnews.php"); ?></td>
<td width="50%" style="background-color:#D9FFD9; border:#B9FFB9 1px solid; vertical-align:top;">
<strong>Note Pad<br />
<form method="post" action="notepadaction.php">
<textarea name="theText" cols="35" rows="10"><?php include("notepadtxt") ?></textarea> 
<center><input type="submit" value="Save Note"></center>

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