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{  Welcome to Horizon Blogging Software!  }

We're glad the you chose to use our software
over others such as WordPress. It really means
a lot to us.

Before you can start blogging, you need to
install Horizon Blogging Software! To do so,
you need a PHP & MySQL supported server.

First, upload the contents of the "Upload" 
folder to your server via a FTP interface. 
Please rename it to the directory you'd like
before you begin the installation software.

Then, point your browser to the /install
folder to begin the installation process.

*Note- You'll need to know your MySQL
database information while doing this, so
make sure you have that before installing this.

*Note- You do not need to run the upgrade.php

Once installed, please either DELETE or RENAME
the /install directory. If you don't a big fat red
message will appear on your blog. If you like big
fat red messages, I guess you can keep it there,
but we advise you to delete it for security purposes.

Well, that's about it. If you have a question, please
go to http://www.edgedrive.com, and submit a
bug form. (Hint- we will answer questions via that
form as well).

Thank you, and have a excellent day!
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