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 -- -- CMS SERVICES -- -- 

1. Filemanagement (interface similar to windows explorer)

2. Network enables filemanagement between servers

3. System information all related to used functions



1. At least PHP version 5.

2. FTP access.

3. cURL functions available (for network functions).


1. Javascript enabled in Internet Browser (DHTML). Note: that CMS is tested to work even with full block on cookies.

 -- -- TECHNICS -- -- 

1. Remote scripting (using HTML IFRAME element only); together with jscript it makes web-actions happen without mainpage-reloading.

2. Sorted code: HTML & JSCRIPT is generally placed in each window; like unseen program scripts are sorted in directories.

3. Optimized code: Similar processes have been assimilated in functions after reviews and testing.

4. Multitasking: Network functions use multiple paralel url requests when possible to achieve data faster.

 -- -- CMS Programming Guidelines for developers -- -- 

1. Using directories: admin is free to rename system container directory and drop it in another directory.

2. Scopes:

Main window (for HTML)
	>- Iframe window (for JSCRIPT) which only loads once on page refresh!
		>- Iframe window (for RS) which loads on every "action".

3. Efficiency is improved by putting calculations that only need to be done once in a scope that only run once.

4. Programming code is optimized by making standard functions of similar processes.

5. In order to be able to restore system, all temporary and user content is placed outside of cms directories!

6. To run, the system basically need LOGIN + Filemanagement + Pageeditor + Texteditor + Launch menu.

7. Menu HTML IMG element icons have attribute name="MENU_ICON" which is just by function sizing images according to screen size.

 -- -- LOGIN -- -- 

 LOGIN uses FTP credentials compared with HTTP directory paths, so administrator doesn't need to create other username+password than the ones used with the server host.
 Normal LOGIN dialog is gained by left-clicking LOGO image while holding down shift, before countdown is finished.
 Which mean: With mouse left-click on upper-left image to open login dialog; then use ftp credentials to gain admin access.
 If ftp fail to connect on login: it might be because u're using a DNS servername in login credentials. Use in that case exact ftp credentials specified by server host. Or other ftp issues ...

 -- -- LAUNCH MENU -- -- 

 Launch menu is for use with registered programs that also need LOGIN to launch!

 -- -- FILEMANAGEMENT -- -- 

 Filemanagement uses clipboard also across network to sort files.

 -- -- NOTEPAD -- -- 

 Notepad is a very simple text editor

- - -

 Not finished yet:
 Pageeditor: Generally setup of a page (creates page files+dirs), configure banners, menu, status + tablecells. A tablecell can be used to launch any php,jscript,html program (isolated in iframe) showing (wiki-)text,movie,texteditor .. etc. while working contemporary in other cells...
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