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HIOX GUEST BOOK version-4.0(HGB-4.0)

This software is developed and copyrighted by HIOX INDIA.
This script is given under The GNU General Public License (GPL).

This tool is a GUEST BOOK utility that can be added in to any webpage.

a) The guestbook script can be added in to any web page.
b) Configurable look and feel
c) You can view user's comments one by one, with previous and next option.
d) File based utility. No configurations required.
e) Admin option to login and delete unwanted mails.
f) Admin can restrict the user by blocking the IP Address.
g) Admin can stop the spam mails which has the specific words.
h) Admin can enable or disable the display of html tags/taged message.
i) Sorting option to sort messages in ascending and descending order.
j) Displays total number of pages.

Linux or Windows server (it *should* work on any server with PHP support) 
PHP 4.3.x or high.

Please take 5 minutes time and read installation instructions carefully and
completely! This will ensure a proper and easy installation.

a)Unzip the download HGB_4_0.zip file.
b)Make sure that read,write permission[666] is given to the file's in
HGB/gb.php, HGB/col.php, HGB/fil.php,  HGB/ban.php, HGB/passwo.php (only for linux users).

Admin Login:
 a) Open the link HGB/admin.php in your webserver.
 b) Click on Admin home on top, it will ask to create a new user name, password.

Viewing Messages:
 a) Click on “Admin Home”
 b) Login using the username, password, now you can view all the messages.
 c) Each message can be deleted, if not needed using the “Delete” button.
 d) View the messages in ascending or descending order using the list box on top.

To change Password:
 a) To change the user name password, click on “Change password”.
 b) Type in the old password and new password required.

To set Spam Filter:
 a)To type in filter words, click on “Spam Filter”.
 b)Each line can  have only one word, then click on  “Create”.

To block an IP  address:
 a) To block a particular IP address, click on “IP Blocker”.
 b) Each line can have only one IP address, and then click on “Create”.

Configuring Look and Feel:
  a) Click on the properties, to change the look of objects.
  b) Change the hexadecimal color values as you wish.
Singning out:
 a) Finally click on “Sign out”

  Just start using the guest book by going to the link <path>/HGB/index.php
[e.g: http://www.hioxindia.com/HGB/index.php]

  If you forgot the password, 
    a)Open the file passwo.php, the fields $user,$ $pass will have values
    b)Clear these field to $user=””, $pass=””
    That is it. You have a beautiful guestbook now

If you have any issues with the code, click on the option “Report” to go to
feedback page of Hscripts.com to give feedback

What you can do for us:
If you use HIOX Software’s free scripts or any portion of the code, a link to
Hscripts.com will be on your website. We believe it is a fair trade for a free
script/code. Please don’t remove the link. It will of great help to us.

Release Date HGB 1.0 : -
Release Date HGB 2.0 : 17-09-2004
Release Date HGB 2.2 : 23-01-2005
Release Date HGB 3.1 : 09-11-2005
Release Date HGB 3.2 : 19-05-2006
Release Date HGB 4.0 : 2-1-2007

On any suggestions mail to us at hide@address.com

You can also visit http://www.forums.hscripts.com
Visit us at http://www.hscripts.com
Visit us at http://www.hioxindia.com
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