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include_once 'DisplayFilter.php';

function debugVar($var){
	echo '<pre>';
	echo '</pre>';

function getmicrotime() 
    list($usec, $sec) = explode(" ", microtime()); 
    return ((float)$usec + (float)$sec); 

class ParamObject{
	var $test = 'Hola hessian';
	var $stringVar = 'vaca';
	var $hashVar;

$url = 'http://localhost:81/HESSIAN/HesC/HessianService.hessian';

$options = array(
		'display'=>new SimpleDisplayFilter(),

// es necesario mapear el tipo si se quiere que sea correcto, TODO cambiar a algo mas generico como que coja lo ultimo del nombre

Hessian::addFilter(new LogFilter());
Hessian::addFilter(new StreamDumpFilter());
$start_time = getmicrotime();
$proxy = &new HessianClient($url, $options );

 - Double and float from string: PHP and Java use '.' for decimal separator while .net only worked using ','
 - Array functions: seems to work with mixed content in the array
 - HashMaps: .net seems to switch the order of the keys in the map
 - Date: Internal .net handling is done different from Java and PHP, the timestamps just don't match
		 Needs to do more testing with GMT differences, day light saving and more time issues

debugVar( $proxy->testConcatString("hello"," hessianphp") );
debugVar( $proxy->testStringToLong('5124567855432488') );
debugVar( $proxy->testStringToBoolean('true') );  // fails with other values, works only with 'true' and 'false'
debugVar( $proxy->testStringToDouble('545,54') ); // Different format for .net
debugVar( $proxy->testStringToShort('17') );
debugVar( $proxy->testStringToInt('17') );
debugVar( $proxy->testStringToFloat('0,333333') ); // Different format for .net
debugVar( $proxy->testStringToByte("01") ); // Just works with integers and returns integers
debugVar( $proxy->testIntToString(83) );
debugVar( $proxy->testDoubleToString(123.4) );
debugVar( $proxy->testBoolToString(true) );
debugVar( $proxy->testCharToString(65) ); // the ascii code of the char

debugVar( $proxy->testIntArrToString(array(1,2,3,4)) ); 
debugVar( $proxy->testStringArrToInt(array('1',2,'3',4)) ); // only integers or mixed strings/integers
debugVar( $proxy->testDoubleArrToString(array(0.1,0.2,0.3,5.4)) ); 
debugVar( $proxy->testStringArrToDouble(array(0.1,'0,2',0.3,'5,4')) ); // same as above
debugVar( $proxy->testHashMap(array('A','B','C'), array(1,2,3)) ); // switches order of indexes
debugVar( $proxy->testHashMapParam(array('A' => 1,'B'=>2,'C'=>3)) ); // same as above

debugVar( $proxy->testParamObject(null) );
debugVar( $proxy->testParamObject(new ParamObject()) );
debugVar( $proxy->testSendParamObject(new ParamObject()) );

debugVar( $proxy->testReceiveParamObject('burr') );

debugVar( $proxy->testArrayListParam(array(1,2,3,4,5)) ); // as arraylist
debugVar( $proxy->testArrayList(array(1,'2',3,4.5,5)) ); // doesn't seem to care what I send in the array
debugVar( $proxy->testList(array(1,'2')) ); // as IList (.net) / List (Java)
debugVar( $proxy->testList(array()) ); // as IList (.net) / List (Java)

$ts = $proxy->testStringToDate('2005-12-27 20:30:15');
debugVar( $ts ); // Datetime object

debugVar( $proxy->testDateToString(new DateTime('1998-05-08 02:51:31')) ); // .NET: Returns incorrect information

echo ('<hr>Done in: '.(getmicrotime()-$start_time).' seconds');

echo '<hr><b>LogFilter dump</b>';
debugVar( LogFilter::getMessages() );

	$error = Hessian::error();
	echo '<h2>ERROR</h2>';
	debugVar( $error->message);
	echo '<pre>';
	echo $error->__toString();
	echo '</pre>';
		echo $error->stream;

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