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PHP implementation of Caucho's Hessian protocol



PHP 4.3.5 or later or PHP 5.0.3 or later
PHP enabled Web server



To install just files to a folder in your web server. Main library distribution 
is located under /dist folder.

Thie is the current directory structure:

/ HessianPHP
  / Datetest   -  DateProvider test with PEAR::Date
  / dist       -  Core HessianPHP files
  / docs       -  API and User documentation
  / test       -  Example platform tests
  / unit_test  -  Multiplatform unit tests
  | changelog.txt
  | license.txt
  | readme.txt   - this file
  | version.txt 



Main documentation and user guide can be found in folder /docs/userdocs/index.html, however
the most up to date documents are in www.hessianphp.org.

Generated API documentation is in /docs/apidocs folder



To test your installation browse to /tests/runtests.php


There is a set of unit tests in the /unit_test folder, if you want to try them out
just run the php_test.php file once the files have been uncompressed in a web server.
Optionally, if you want to run the unit tests with java and .net, download the examples
from the download site at sourceforge.net and follow installation instructions.
You will need to change the $url variable in the scripts to point to the right
location depending in your installation.

The tests also demonstrate the usage of standard Filters and one example filter
declared in the DisplayFilter.php file.


By default, all unit tests use a filter that dumps both incoming and
outgoing streams to files so the /unit_test folder needs write permission for the
web server user.

In Apache for Linux this is usually done executing: chmod 2777 /unit_test

For Information Server in Windows you will need to give write permissions to the local user
IUSR_MACHINE_NAME in the Security tab of /unit_test folder properties window.

Please refer to your web server documentation for more information about this tasks.

There seems to be no problem with Apache for Windows.

If you don't want to generate a file dump just comment out the line (63 or 69):
Hessian::addFilter(new StreamDumpFilter());
in the file you want to run.


The folder /Datetest contains an example of using PEAR::Date instead of the default
DateTime class provided with HessianPHP. It uses the default unit_test server from
the installation. Run the file test_pear.php to see the results.

There's still a lot of work to do here because of time zones and timestamp differences 
between systems, just as daylight saving corrections, etc.

Additionally, I have included one .net exe file that demonstrates the differences between
hessiancsharp Date/timestamp handling. You will need Microsoft Dotnet Framework v1.1 or 
later to run this file in a Windows Machine. It might work with mono under linux but it
hasn't been tested.



This library was tested using this configurations:

Apache 1.3.24 + PHP 4.4.1 as module
Apache 2.0.55 + PHP 4.3.8 as module
IIS 5.1 + PHP 5.1.1 as module (php5isapi.dll)

Interoperability tests

Java: JDK 1.5
  Resin 3.0.16 + hessian 3.0.8
  Tomcat 5.5.12 + hessian 3.0.13

.NET: Framework v1.1
  IIS + ASP.NET + HessianCSharp 1.2
Development and tests were done under Windows XP SP2 in an AMD 64 machine.
Other language implementations tests (Ruby, Python and Perl) pendent.
Reports from other platforms/OS are also greatly appreciated


This software is distributed under the terms of the FSF Lesser Gnu Public License (see lgpl.txt).

For more information please visit http://www.hessianphp.org
or email me at hide@address.com

(c) 2005 Manolo Gómez
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