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2005-01-03 : Fixed compatibility bug with PHP 4.3.1 due to different return format from unpack()

2005-03-26 : 
Fixed bug with parsing of 'd' type
Added Hessian general configuration class
function remoteMethod() moved from proxy object to Hessian class
Added Map type deserializers (mapping of remote types)
Added enhanced error handling and reporting routines
Experimental CURL Http transport

1.0 RC1
Fixed bug with object references
Added binary file transfer (using fopen resources)
Proxy server support
Removed CURL transport (doesn't work with Tomcat)
Several refactorings

Fixed refs problem with multiple calls from the same client (Thanks C├ędric Veilleux)

1.0.5 RC2
New unified version for both php4 & 5
Extensive refactoring of internals
New Date handling via DateProvider class
Default simple DateTime class
Addition of filter mechanism and several filter examples
HttpConnection doesn't require content-length header anymore to ensure compatibility
Several bug fixes (Thanks Vincent Larchet)
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