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Helpzilla :: Got Help?

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Helpzilla is a web-based business to customer communication system written in PHP.
It is very similar in functionality to many commercial applications, such as PHPLive!
and PHPLiveChat, but differs in that Helpzilla is open source and free to use under
the GNU General Public License.  See license.txt for more details on the license.


Helpzilla is NOT an online chat system, where many people can come together in virtual
rooms to discuse random bits of nothingness.  If you are looking for such a program check
out PHPOpenChat (http://www.ortelius.de/phpopenchat/).


Helpzilla is currently in alpha-stage development and is not yet feature complete or
bug free.  There is no documentation as of yet, short of this file.  There is no
installer or administrative interface, nor has the system been fully tested or speed
optimized.  That said, the system does work and will continue to be improved.

This release is meant as a preview only.  Please send all comments to the developers
list: helpzilla-hide@address.com

If you are interested in helping out please let me know, as I could always use another
pair of eyes and hands.


 o Setup Database
 Helpzilla requires a SQL database to operate.  Currently only MySQL has been tested,
 but the system uses the ADODB abstraction layer, so thoretically any database which it
 supports is also supported by Helpzilla, but as with anything your millage will vary.
 I am using MySQL 3.23.54 on MAC OS X for testing and have only provided a schema definition
 for this database.
 1) Create a database
 2) Create a user
 3) Give the permissions for the database
 4) Install the schema
   mysql -u myuser -p somepass mydb < src/sql/schema-mysql.sql
 5) Change the values in src/web/include/config.inc.php to reflect the correct db settings.
 ... bah, what a pain.  I will have to write an installer, case detailing all of this is
 a huge pain in the ass.  I will document this more later, but for now send email and I will
 explain if you are interested in getting this preview release to function.
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