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HAE version 0.9
This software falls under the terms of GNU GPL licence, see licence.txt for more information.
All files: Copyright 2007 Hugo Wood
Except dewplayer.swf: Copyright 2006 dew
Except pictures: Copyright 2003 Paul Davey
Contact: hide@address.com

How to install
Extract the content of hae-x.x.zip to a folder accessible by a web server.
Edit /hae/php/vars.php to customize your HAE setup.
Edit /hae/admin/.htaccess so the path to the .htpasswd is correct (first line).
Edit /hae/admin/.htpasswd to choose your password(s).
HAE should be ready to work, test it by accessing your web server.

Optionnal features
HAE can create thumbnails for every picture contained within its range using the GD library.
First, make sure that GD is installed and properly loaded on your web server.
Access /hae/admin/createcache.php using your web browser, 
HAE should display a list of the pictures contained within its range,
and confirm that the process did go well.
Go back to exploring your server with HAE, each picture should now display a thumbnail
instead of the generic type icon.
You can actualize the thumbnail cache by accessing /hae/admin/verifycache.php using your web browser
(notice that this will only delete thumbnails that are not usefull anymore, but will not create
new ones).
HAE will not create thumbnails in folders that are protected by a .htaccess file.
	2.Firefox search support
Access /hae/admin/createffsearch.php using your web browser, HAE should confirm that
/xml/search.xpi was created.
	3.Lastest modifications RSS Feeds
Edit /hae/php/vars.php to tell HAE what folders you want to monitor
Access /hae/admin/checkrecent.php using your web browser. HAE should display a list
of the files contained within the folders you've set create corresponding XML files, which you can then
access using your web browser. You can use an external cron service to update it automaticly.
	4.Folder special icons
You can set a folder's icon by creating a haefolder.ini file (which is hidden by default) within this folder. Edit this file
and type icon=green (for example). Available icons with the GANT theme are :
red, orange, yellow, blue, green, pink, white, music, pictures, movies, tools, load.
You also can use any other image to replace the default icon. To do that, type icon=path_to_the_image.
The path has to be relative to HAE's root folder.
Notice that if the folder contains files named Folder.jpg or AlbumArt_Small.jpg, HAE will display
those as an icon for this folder.

  - admins can set a folder's icon by creating a haefolder.ini file within this folder
  - undisplayed folders are unaccessible even by entering their address manually
  - admins can choose which folders to monitor and create an RSS feed for
  - a RSS icon is displayed when exploring a folder which have an RSS feed available
  - links displayed in RSS feeds are correct
  - minor fixes
  - thumbnail caching is working
  - all values the admin may want to change (server's name, default theme...) are stored in a single well-commented file
  - all user-side strings are in English
  - "Create thumbnail cache", "Update thumnail cache", "Create RSS feed", "Create Firefox search support file" functions 
  are only accessible by an admin
  - minor fixes
0.8 : first public release
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