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//  H-Tracker v0.2
//    http://h-tracker.org
//    Based on TorrentTrader (http://www.torrenttrader.org)
if (get_user_class() < 7)
	show_error_msg("Error", "Acces Denied");

stdhead("Add release");
begin_frame("Add release");
$cats = mysql_query("SELECT id, name, parent_cat FROM categories ORDER BY parent_cat ASC, sort_index ASC");
$categories = "<select name=\"cat\"><option selected>Choose category</option>";
while ($cat = mysql_fetch_array($cats)) {
	$cat_id = $cat["id"];
      $parent_cat = $cat["parent"];
	$cat_name = $cat["name"];
	$categories .= "<option value=\"$cat_id\">" . htmlspecialchars($cat["parent_cat"]) . ":>$cat_name</option>";

$categories .= "</select>";
$quality = "<select name=\"quality\"><option value=\"0\">Choose quality</option>";
foreach ($release_quality as $id => $name)
	$quality .= "<option value=\"$id\">$name</option>";
$quality .= "</select>";
$video = "<select name=\"video_codec\"><option value=\"0\">Choose codec</option>";
foreach ($video_codec as $id => $name)
	$video .= "<option value=\"$id\">$name</option>";
$video .= "</select>".
"<input type=\"text\" name=\"video_size\" size=\"10\" value=\"\">".
"<input type=\"text\" name=\"video_kbps\" size=\"10\" value=\"\"> kb/s";
$audio = "<select name=\"audio_lang\"><option value=\"0\">Choose language</option>";
foreach ($audio_lang as $id => $name)
	$audio .= "<option value=\"$id\">$name</option>";
$audio .= "</select>".
"<select name=\"audio_trans\"><option value=\"0\">Choose translation</option>";
foreach ($audio_trans as $id => $name)
	$audio .= "<option value=\"$id\">$name</option>";
$audio .= "</select>".
"<select name=\"audio_codec\"><option value=\"0\">Choose codec</option>";
foreach ($audio_codec as $id => $name)
	$audio .= "<option value=\"$id\">$name</option>";
$audio .= "</select>".
"<input type=\"text\" name=\"audio_kbps\" size=\"5\" value=\"\"> kb/s";

<form action="takeindex.php" method="post">
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5">
tr("Release name", "<input type=\"text\" name=\"name\" size=\"50\"/><br />Example: Death of the President(2006) DVDRip\n", 1);
tr("Poster", "<input type=\"text\" name=\"poster\" size=\"50\"/><br />Upload picture on <a href=\"http://www.imageshack.us\">ImageShack</a>", 1);
tr("Genre", "<input type=\"text\" name=\"genre\" size=\"50\"/>\n", 1);
tr("Director", "<input type=\"text\" name=\"director\" size=\"50\"/>\n", 1);
tr("Actors", "<input type=\"text\" name=\"actors\" size=\"50\"/>\n", 1);
tr("Description", "<textarea name=\"descr\" rows=\"10\" cols=\"40\"></textarea>", 1);
tr("Quality", $quality, 1);
tr("Video", $video, 1);
tr("Audio", $audio, 1);
tr("Duration", "<input type=\"text\" name=\"time\" size=\"30\" value=\"hh:mm:ss\" /><br />Exemple: 01:54:00\n", 1);
tr("Torrent number", "<input type=\"text\" name=\"torrentid\" size=\"60\" /><br />Exemple: $site_config[SITEURL]/torrents-details.php?id=<font color=red>346</font><br />Allocated red color - and the number is the torrent\n", 1);
tr("URL IMDB", "<input type=\"text\" name=\"imdb\" size=\"50\" /><br />Exemple: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0408306/\n", 1);
tr("Category", $categories, 1);
<tr><td align="center" colspan="2"><input type="submit" class="lbutton" value="Add" /></td></tr>

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