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Guild DKP Tracker v1.4.0 Beta 1
1) Create a MySQL database that the DKP Tracker will use.
2) Edit the 'config.php' file and update the username/password/database name.
3) Upload all the files to your web server with an FTP program.
4) Browse to the file '/install.php' ex. 'www.yourserver.com/dkp/install.php'.
5) The username/password that you specify is to login to the DKP System, not your
   MySQL database.
6) Presuming that you have setup your database properly, and setup the login
   information inside config.php file, you can now "Create Database Tables and Login".
7) Delete 'install.php' and 'install.sql' from your server.
8) Enjoy

- This DKP System should be much easier and less confusing then version 1.2.0 that I recently
  programmed. Same goes for the installation. If you have any questions, you know where to
  go -> http://forums.dkptracker.com.
- The awards are still under construction.
- The annoucenments are still under construction.
- The raid history is still under construction.

- Written and Programmed by Dexter Brock
- hide@address.com
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