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Script : Free Guest Book and comment box
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	if(defined('AGRIZ_FREE_SCRIPTS') && AGRIZ_FREE_SCRIPTS == 'agrizlive.com'){
<div id="rightnow">
	<h3 class="reallynow">
		<span>Script Version</span>
		<a href="http://www.agrizlive.com" class="app_add">Agriz Php Scripts</a>
		<br />
	<p class="youhave">
		<b>The script version is 1.0.0<br />
		Always check <a href="http://www.agrizlive.com">http://www.agrizlive.com</a> for latest version<br /><br />
		Need more features? Post a comment or request a new script in <a href="http://www.agrizlive.com">http://www.agrizlive.com</a></b>
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